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Need to buy traffic? – Then check these places

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There’s no arguing about it . Everybody working online needs traffic.

The best traffic is the organic (The one generated by your own efforts). So you’re often advised not to buy traffic.

But a time comes when you can’t do otherwise. And some of the circumstance which may oblige you to do so is when you have to drive traffic to a campaign. And also to a promotion, seminar, conference, etc.

It is in this sense that I’m giving you these traffic sources and ideas.

They are Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), and Pay Per Text (PPT). Others are Media Buy, Contextual Pop Ups, Retargeting, Domain Traffic, and Mobile.

That said, let’s see the sources of the different types of traffic you can purchase to achieve your online dream quickly:


Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

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Pay Per Click, usually designated as PPC, is also known as Cost Per Click (abbreviated to CPC). It is an internet advertising system. In it, an advertiser places their ad on a publisher’s website or network of websites. Then they pay a specified amount anytime their ad is clicked.

Generally it is a means of buying visits to your site rather than “earning” clicks organically through search engine optimisation to direct traffic to your website.

You can buy pay per click traffic at:


Adblade – Online Advertising and Monetization Services

AdClickMedia –  Advertising Network – Pay Per Click Advertising, online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising.

AdManage –  affiliate and advertising network – PPC, CPC Banner, In Text, AdMarketplace – Performance-Driven Search Advertising | – Online Advertising Company : PPC : Email Traffic : Remarketing : Display Advertising : Online Ads : Pay Per Click Advertising :

Bidvertiser – Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice.

Clicksor – Contextual Online Advertising and Behavioral Marketing Company Display Ads, CPV, Domain Parking

Ezanga – The trusted onlne marketing firm.

Facebook Ads – | Facebook

Findit-quick – Pay Per Click | Pay Per Click Advertising | PPC | PPC Advertising | Pay Per Click Search Engine

Google Adwords

Looksmart – -> Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

Marchex –  : Pay Per Click

MSN Adcenter

Rubicon Project





Pay Per View Traffic Sources

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Pay Per View is frequently called PPV. It simply means pay per view traffic. That is, you pay the advertising network when your website or advertisement is displayed to a viewer. Of course, you are not paying for a click on your website. You are paying  for one on your ad. This will lead the prospect to your site where the visitor may or may not click anything.

CPV traffic is the one served via a third party software installation on the web surfer’s computer. It may be pop-up or pop under.  

The said software sits unnoticed on the surfer’s machine monitoring web site visits and waiting for queries. When the web surfer visits a site or types in a query which matches that of the publisher, the pop-up or pop-under appears on the client’s machine.

Typically the publisher is charged either per impression. Or, when the software matches a target and serves up the publisher’s ad.

Those who know Google AdWords’ very popular pay per click model will see that this is similar to it. But there is a difference. With Google AdWords, you pay every time someone clicks on your Google Ad located on the side of Google search results or on a related web page.

If you fancy pay per view traffic, here are places that you can buy it from:


DirectCPV – Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network

Media Traffic – CPV PPV Contextual Advertising


Pay Per Text Traffic Sources

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Pay Per Text, often shortened to PPT, is a form of Payperview (PPV). It is a type of pay television service in which a subscriber of a television service provider purchases events to view via private telecast.

The events can be bought through an on-screen guide or an automated telephone system. It can also be purchased from a customer service representative.

Go get your Pay Pay Traffic here:


50onRed – Performance is Paramount | 50 on Red

Infolinks – Pay Per Click Advertising – In Text Ads for Websites by Infolinks

Inlinks – In Content Link Market Place


Linkworth – Search Engine Marketing – Text Link Advertising

Vibrant Media – The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising


Media Buy Traffic Sources

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Media Buy begins with research into the best new venues for ad placement. Then the advertising is purchased from the chosen media company. This can be a television station, a newspaper, a magazine, a blog or a website. The process also includes price negotiation and placement of ads.

These are the places to go to for media buys:


Ad Pepper

One By AOL


Casale Media

Google Marketing Platform

Ex potential


Conversant Media

Digital Remedy


Contextual Pop-ups traffic sources

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Contextual advertising is a form of targeted online advertising for advertisements. These appear on content-based websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. They make targeted ads appear on a web page based on the page’s actual content.

A contextual advertising system thus scans the content of a web page someone is viewing for keyword phrases. It then automatically serves ads similar to that content along the top and/or the right side of a page.


We can distinguish three types of Contextual Advertising:

► Inline Contextual Advertising: Do you remember the “Sponsored Links” you see on the right side of a home page? Those are the inline contextual ads.

► In-text Contextual Advertising: You have also noticed ads appearing within the actual page content of a website. That is in-text contextual advertising. They are hypertext links which figure throughout the text and are links to contextual ads.

► Pop-Up Ads or Pop-ups:

Pop-up ads or pop-ups are forms of online advertising used to display advertisements. A pop-up is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area. It is usually a small window which appears suddenly (hence the name “pops up”) in the foreground of the visual interface. 

A variation on the pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement. This rather opens a new browser window under the active window.

Unlike the pop-ups, they do not interrupt the user immediately. They appear when the user closes the covering window. This makes it more difficult to determine which website created them.

Pop-up and pop-under ads are the most unpopular of all the contextual ads. This is because they interrupt the web surfer’s browsing experience.


Find more info in


If they appeal to you, check these websites:


Infinity ads – /contextual-advertising | Pop Under – Pop Up Ads – Targeted Internet Advertising Services

BidVertiser On-Site Bid Per Click

Chitika robust comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision

Chitika | Shoplincs

Clicksor a wide range of decent media such as Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-Under advertisements, Search box, Contextual inline links, Layer ads and XML feed

GoogleAdsense with JavaScript displays relevant advertisements from the Google inventory of advertisers.



Vibrant Media Two possibilities: Vibrant Meida IntelliTXT and Vibrant Media Smart Ad

Yahoo! Publisher (The new) deliver products and services based on the needs of the publishing community.


Retargeting traffic sources

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Only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit to most websites. Do you leave the others alone? No.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising. It can help you keep your brand in front of these people after they had left a website (Called bounced traffic).

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology. It drops a simple anonymous Javascript code (sometimes referred to as a pixel) found on your website on a browser’s computer. This will anonymously ‘follow’ them all over the Web.

Later, when the “cookied” visitor browses the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know. Then they will serve the ad. This ensures that your ad are served only to people who have previously visited your site.

Retargeting is therefore a marketing tool designed to help advertisers reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.


Interested in wooing those prospects you would normally miss? Use these:


AdRetargeting – Ad Retargeting – Behavioral Retargeting – Behavioral Marketing – Search Retargeting

AdRoll – Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll Retargeting

Recrue Media – Retargeting Advertising | Retargeting Companies | Recrue Media

Google Adwors Remarketing Campaign – 

Retargeter – 

Facebook Retargeting with Custom Audiences –    

Perfect audience – 

SiteScout – 


Twitter Remarketing Campaign – 

Criteo – 


Domain Traffic traffic sources

Drawing of man running towards website as part of Need to buy traffic? – Then check these places
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Organic search engine traffic: is the one generated when someone doing a search on the internet clicks on a link displayed in a search engine results page (SERP). They are such as those provided by Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Type-in traffic: on the other hand is generated when someone types in the exact domain into their browser window. So they don’t reach the page via a search engine link or other means. 

Also known as “direct navigation”, type-in traffic is the most valuable type of traffic coming to a parked page.

Expired traffic: however is the one that was originally linked to a site of which the domain was formerly a developed website. It’s also considered natural traffic.


Would you like to profit from such domain traffic? You’d be served here:


Elephant Traffic

GoDaddy –  


Mobile traffic sources


A blue mobile phone held in front of a red world map as part of Need to buy traffic? – Then check these places
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You know that mobile is the new PC. Its internet usage is posing serious challenge to PC and laptop internet usage.

This is why recently Webmasters adjusted their websites or blogs to make them compatible for mobile browsing. This is to enable to serve mobile traffic to avoid mobile visitor bounce rate.


Looking to buy mobile traffic? Check the mobile traffic sources listed below: 


Admob – Mobile advertising with AdMob: Google’s advertising platform for mobile devices.

inMobi – Global Mobile Ad Network

Targeted Web Traffic – 

NetOTraffic – 

Easy Visitors – 

Real Traffic Source – 

Business of Apps – 

Web Traffic Geeks – 


Now that you know the different types of paid traffic and where to buy each type, go ahead and do so. Use them to drive traffic to your offer and make that sale and get the commission now!


But before you go, let’s hear what you have to say about this post. Yes, leave them in the comments box below.



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