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Nefful Review

Today’s article will be a Nefful review.

This company is very interesting in that they have an interesting product they call “negative ion clothing” and we are really interested in checking them out.


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They come in at number 36 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world and they boast an annual income of 0.75 billion dollars.

We are going to check out all the details of where the company came from and how they do business. We will also look at their product line and business plan for their distributors.

We will also check out the pros and cons of doing business and working with this company. And at the end of the review, we will give you our views of what we think about this company.

So let’s get started with the company details!


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The company


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Information on this company is hard to find. But we did some serious digging and found a bit to report on them.

Hisami Kamijo founded the company in 1973 in Japan.

The ’80s brought the beginning of the expansion of the company first to Taiwan in 1989, then again in 2002 to the United States. Again, in 2005 to Hong Kong China, Malaysia in 2006 and finally into Singapore in 2010.

The current CEO of the company is Toshiya Kamijo.

We concentrated on the United States division based out of City of Industry, California as it had the most information available.

Nefful is a member of the Direct Selling Association of the US and claims over 600,000 direct sellers worldwide.

The products


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This is the part of the review we really enjoyed researching.

We had never heard of negative ion technology in a clothing line until we ran into this company. And we just had to know all about it.

Back in 1979, the company introduced a line of undergarments that conformed to the body. They were created with a product called Nefflan, created with negative ion technology. They claim it enhances vitality and good health along with improved focus according to their website.

The claim is the Nefflan fibers create a negative ion wrap around the body.

They have since introduced product lines under their Natures Clean, Nefflan, Neuron, newell, and Nesse.

These products are anything but cheap. And the company does not provide any studies proving that these products do indeed make the wearers feel better and improve their health. But the customers who buy them swear by the results.

You can view a complete product line on the company’s website and for the sake of this review we will list some of the products we took a look at.

  • Leg warmers $135.00
  • Woman’s panties $110.00
  • King size blanket $1800.00
  • Cardigan $550.00

You get the idea. These are not for the frugal spenders for sure. But people are buying them like crazy and swear by the results they are seeing.

They also offer a secondary line of products that include a product called Optibrain, a nutrient made just for your brain. There is also dishwashing detergent and a thing called “Veggie Wash”, an organic all-natural laundry detergent.

One thing we really like is that these products are made in house and distributed in house through their MLM distributors.

This to us is a perfect set up for a successful multi-level marketing company to be able to take care of their distributors the right way!


The business model

It looks like they use a standard binary multi-level marketing business model.

We do not care for the binary part of this plan. But we have to say they do make up for it on the other side of the model by offering plenty of incentives and bonuses. And this helps in case you have a leg drop on your downline.

You make commissions from product sales and sales in your downline.

We found six different levels of ranking for this program starting with a $55.00 sign up as a consultant.

The next level is a manager, then an area manager then comes an area manager + followed by an area general manager.

Each level has requirements to qualify that are explained in detail on their website.

There are also other incentives like their leadership bonuses, incentive bonuses, and a net pool.

These last incentives are what makes up for the binary model. So we can get behind this compensation plan and feel good about it.


The pros

  • Long-established company
  • In house product production
  • Focus on product sales first and foremost
  • Unique products
  • Good compensation plan
  • Affordable signup
  • Great reviews

The cons

  • High priced products
  • No scientific studies available

Our view

This company has been around forever and a day. It has a very well established reputation of producing quality products and treating their marketers with respect and fairness.

They have a unique product sold exclusively by their distributors and they put the emphasis on sales, not recruitment.

All winning signs to us and we are giving them a big thumbs up. We feel both the beginners and the experienced multi-level marketing workers would do well with this company.

We hope our Nuffel Review covered everything you were wondering about this company but we understand questions always linger.

So please feel free to leave us any questions you may have. Or, if you just want to leave us a comment on the review that would be awesome as we love talking to our readers!

You can check out our many reviews posted under our reviews tab at the top of this page and feel free to share them so others get a chance to check them out!

Until next time, happy marketing!


Did you know there is a place that will show you how to build a successful business from home with a hands-on step by step training program? You can take a look at it for free by visiting our number one recommendation!


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6 thoughts on “Nefful Review”

  1. Wow, this company has been around for a long time! That speaks well of them. I am not a big fan of MLM’s, but this company indeed looks like it has a solid basis to be a successful MLM company, since the products are made in house. And the high sales speak for themselves. If I were to join an MLM company, then it would probably be this one. 🙂 Even if there are no scientific studies that may prove the health benefits of their ion negative clothing, the many positive customer reviews are also a great reference 

    • Hello Christine,

      Yes, Nefful is a long-standing company. If somebody like you who is not a big fan of MLM’s appreciates this company, then others can join it with peace of mind. Yes, positive customer reviews are a great reference.

  2. It’s a little sketchy to me that the company has been around for so many years and there are still no concrete evidence that their products are actually intended for their said purposes. Not to mention, as you stated, it was hard to find information about this company. The prices are extremely high and I for sure would not give that amount of money to something that has no evidence of working.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Have you heard the expression, “It’s easier said than done”? That can explain why the company claims one thing for its products but has no concrete evidence for them. I also would not give high amounts of money for such products.

  3. Thanks for doing this review, I hadn’t heard before about negative ion clothing nor had I heard about Nefful. I was genuinely surprised that they are ranked 36 out of the top 100 MLM companies in the world and I hadn’t heard of them before your post. Can you help to verify – I have heard that in addition to the health benefits, the clothing provides excellent heat insulation and wicks away moisture from the body? I am very interested in the product, while I understand that Nefful has a great reputation – is there any equally good supplier who is not as expensive? Does Nefful have a line of bedding products? I look forward to your responses, again I really appreciate you bringing this very promising technology and company to my attention. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Goad,

      Thanks to you too for commenting on this review. Yes, both negative ion clothing and Nefful exist. In fact, if you knew all the top 100 MLM companies, I’m sure you’d have known of this one. For any product you’re interested in, the best thing is to contact the company directly. I’m sure if you Google, you might find a less expensive supplier. It was my pleasure bringing my reades this information. Keep coming back to comment on more posts because we love hearing from you our readers.


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