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NHT Global

Today we will explore the company NHT Global.

They are number 54 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world and they boast an annual income of $288 million.


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We enjoy exploring MLM companies and this one sounds like a pretty good one on the surface.

So many companies look good but end up being very hard to make money when working in their program.

Let’s hope this one is a keeper!

We will take a look at who they are, where they came from and where they may be headed. And we will also look at what they sell and how they sell it.

Lastly, we will give you our pros, cons, and our views of this company.



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The company


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Located in Rolling Hills Estates, California, this company was founded as Lexxus International. It later changed its name to NHT Global in 2006 due to some legal issues with the former name. These were resolved woth the rebranding in 2006.

The founder of the company is Terry Lacore and the president is Chris Sharing.

Chris comes from the background of having high positions in the company’s NHTC, Mattel Inc, North Pole Limited, and Ultrak Inc.

Their products are in the health, nutritional supplements, and wellness niches.


The products


Images of NHT Global products
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The beauty niche is where most of the high selling products lie.

They have products under the categories of personal care, herbal, lifestyle, and wellness.

Let’s break this down a bit further and take a look at some specific products under each category.


  • The “FibeRich” Product
  • The “Enhanced Essential Probiotics” Product
  • The “Triotein” Product
  • The “Premium Noni Juice” Product
  • The “Glucosamine 2200” Product
  • The “Trifusion Max” Product
  • The “ReStor Silver” Product
  • The “CurcuMore” Product
  • The “ReStor Vital
  • The “Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids” Product
  • The “Energin” Product
  • The “StemRenu” Product
  • The “OcuFocus” Product
  • The “Cluster X2” Product


  • The “LivaPro” product
  • The “Purus” product
  • The “Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4” product


  • The “Alura Lux” Product (women)
  • The “LaVie” Product

Personal Care

  • SkinDulgence BioCell Mask
  • Complete Renewal 8 Age-Defying Hair Mask
  • Skindulgence BioCell Mask
  • Skindulgence Facelift
  • BioCell SC
  • Skindulgence Time Restore
  • Botanical Hand Protector

Feel free to visit their website for a more in-depth breakdown of their product line and how they are made.

You can find their products here. There is a drop-down menu that lists their categories.

The products are priced reasonably but we did find them all listed on Amazon. We consider this a letdown.

We really like it when the products are exclusively sold by members and distributors, not in the general market.

The business plan

They call their business plan the Global Compensation Plan.

You have two options to join this company’s compensation plan.

The first option is paying a $50.00 business builder pack which will grant you access to your back management and support office. There is also your own personal website for 1 year.

The second option is you become a rep only. Here, you must pay a $75.00 registration fee followed by a $9.95 fee to be paid every 3 months to maintain active status. You will also have access to your support center and back-office and collect commissions.

They offer 3 ways to earn commissions: retail sales, generational bonus, and Two-Team Infinity Compensation System.

The first is easy to figure out: you sell products at retail prices and buy at wholesale and keep the difference as a profit.

The second is set up like most multi-level marketing models. That is, you earn commissions on your downline distributor’s sales up to three levels deep.

It looks like you will have to qualify for earnings on each level starting with bronze for level one at 3%, silver is second at 5% and the third can be either platinum or gold or both at 10%.

So by achieving all three levels you would be then earning at all three percentages which are 10%, 5%, and 3%.

This can add up very quickly but reports indicate it is hard to move up to earning all three levels in commissions.

The pros

  • Good company
  • Your own website
  • Affordable signup fees
  • Multiple ways to earn money
  • No inventory required

The cons

  • Hard to achieve upper levels of earning
  • Recurring membership fees
  • The compensation plan is hard to understand and can be very confusing
  • Support is reported to be lacking

Our views

This is a legit company that has good quality products and puts its emphasis on retail sales instead of recruiting and we like this.

However, we do not like the fact that their products are all over Amazon and similar websites since this could affect sales.

For the fact that earning good money with this company would take some serious experience, this is not for the beginner. That is, unless you are up for a serious challenge. If you feel you are up to it, then certainly go for it!

We give it a thumbs up but there are many better multi-level programs available that have a much easier business model to understand.

We still believe you can make money with this company if you know what you are doing and you are driven for success.

Thanks for checking out our article on NHT Global and we hope we answered any questions you might have had about this company.

If we have not, please leave them in the comments section below and we will address them right away.

We also welcome any general comments you would like to leave or suggestions for reviews.  We love talking to our readers!

Before suggesting a review however, be sure and check out our many reviews posted here. It may already be there!

Thanks again readers for checking out our article.

Without you, this simply would not work!

Until next time, happy marketing!


Do you know how to build a successful online business from home? Most people do not but we can show you how to do it by following our number one recommendations step by step hands-on training and we can show you for free!


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6 thoughts on “NHT Global”

  1. I honestly haven’t heard of NHT Global, but I’m generally not a fan of Multilevel marketing. You have described the company very well, as well as its good and bad sides, so potential members can decide if they want to get involved. As for me, I have had bad experiences with several MLM companies, and I know with certainty that this type of marketing is not for me.

    • Hello there,

      It’s not strange you hadn’t heard of NHT Global since you are a fan of multilevel marketing. Yes, a well-balanced review is the best basis on which people can take good decisions. Well, once bitten twice shy, so I understand why this type of marketing is not for you.

  2. Correct woth (with), I believe that back mangement & support office & collect commissions could use a little more explaining. With amazon being the elephant is the room, is there anyway that high volumn traffic & keywords could tip the balance for beter odds? Or is there another distributor so to speak coupling with this could provide somewhat better balance to offer a 2 punch solution to help offset Amazon.  In reading your pro’s and con’s, it just seems that too many negatives are there because of you’re honesty. Wish you the best.

    • Hey Edward,

      I must confess that with so many spelling mistakes and hard to understand sentences, I couldn’t make anything of the first parts of your comment. Maybe you will come back and explain it. If a company has more negatives than positives, we cannot say otherwise.

  3. The products are the thing that set companies apart.  I like the look of the products, but, as you suggested, I would have to read up on the product ingredients and efficacy to make any kind of a decision about purchasing or working in the program.  The compensation plan seems fine.  Thanks for the introduction to this company.  I am going to do more research on the products and the known track record of the company.  

    • Hi Anastazja,

      Yes, products can set companies apart. Sure, don’t let the look of products fool you. The product ingredients are not on the packaging for nothing but a purpose. That is, to help you decide if it’s right for you. I wish to encourage you to research this company more before dealing with them.


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