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Nu Skin Distributors Review

Today we will talk about Nu Skin Distributors and see if they are making money by being a Nu Skin distributor.

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When looking at multi-level marketing companies we thought we would look at a Nu Skin distributor opportunity and in doing so we were looking for several things.

We want to make sure they have a good product that they stand behind that is reasonably priced, a good compensation plan that offers a good commission and opportunities for advancement, and what kind of reviews are available from people who have been involved with the company. With this in mind, we researched this company and our findings are as follows.


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Nu Skin Enterprises

Nu Skin Enterprises is a company based out of Provo, Utah and was created in 1984 by Steve Lund, Blake Roney, and Sandi Tillotson and they have built the business into a 2.28 billion dollar a year entity.

This company develops and markets skincare products under the Nu Skin label and also through their Pharmanex label, they develop and distribute dietary supplements and boasts over 200 personal care products.

Nu skin has over 1.2 million distributors and does business in 54 markets worldwide.

The Products

Nu Skin has over 200 personal care products that have scientifically developed and marketed as products that make people feel and look younger and more vibrant.

They label them under different categories including Nutritionals, Body Care, Face Care, Epoch, and Age Loc.

Popular products include Herbal Mineral Bath, Liquid Body Lufra, Liquid Body Bar, Body Care Essentials Package, and many others.

They also have a large line of supplements for everything from weight loss to immune system boosters.

Their main moneymaker is its anti-aging products.

Nu Skin has also developed what is called the BioPhotonic Scanner which measures and scores carotenoid skin levels that the customer can monitor themselves.

There are scores of reviews, well over two million alone at consumer affairs on the internet about how these products actually do make you look younger and almost instantly at that and many beauty therapists actually use these products in their businesses.

The products are not cheap but they are very popular and the company stands behind its products with a 100 percent money-back guarantee and if a customer does ask for a refund after 30 days Nu Skin will allow the distributor a 90 percent commission, which is pretty amazing.

Nu Skins Compensation Plan

This company has a very advanced compensation plan that has many levels and at first glance is very confusing.

They call the program Velocity and it is stocked full of so many different ways of making money it is easy to get lost trying to get a handle on it.

They break it down to categories of share, build and lead and they have mountains of material on their website to help their distributors make money.

There are many different levels within the network and they all involve recruiting fellow distributors and building a solid downline.

To qualify seems to be easy and you can qualify as a distributor for as little as $25.00 and then you must reach certain sales goals to advance. You must be sponsored by another distributor and then start building your customer base as in order to start earning commissions requires buying products wholesale and selling them to your customer base and you also must recruit other distributors to be put in your downline.

You get a 25 percent discount on all products purchased wholesale and you keep the difference of the retail sales starting out until you have reached certain sales goals and your distributors under you reach their sales goals.

legal Issues

Nu Skin has had a series of legal issues throughout the years and has been sued by several states claiming false sales reports for its distributors and has even been labeled a pyramid scheme by one state.

Nu Skin has settled several lawsuits by paying out millions of dollars from trouble with false claims by the FTC and has a bad reputation in the skincare niche.

The Pros and Cons of this program

As in any MLM program, you will have pros and cons to consider when thinking about investing in both time and money into building your own business.

The pros of working in this program would be:

  • The products are sold only through distributors
  • They have a good customer base that believes in their products
  • There are many different ways to make money
  • A solid based company with a proven track record of backing up their products.

After digging deeper into the company’s history we found considerable red flags and these are hard to look past.

The cons would be:

  • Too many legal problems
  • Difficult to understand sales goals and downline requirements
  • Products that are very high priced
  • Bad reviews by former distributors

Our Take on Nu Skin

Considering the high cost of the products and the complicated sales goals and its legal problems this program has a lot of red flags.

They have been sued many times for making false claims and have had a rocky track record of distributor results as many former distributors claim working for them was a waste of time as they never really made much money compared to the amount of work they put in building their customer base and selling requirements by their downlines.

We have to give this multi-level program a thumbs down and can not recommend working this program.

Thanks for checking out our review and please check back for our reviews posted daily on the current multi-level marketing programs available today!

Please share us on your social media as we would like to reach as many people as possible who may be interested in this company.

Happy marketing!


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8 thoughts on “Nu Skin Distributors Review”

  1. I like their refund policy and the fact that the sales person still gets the commission even if a product is refunded. That speaks well of Nu Skin. I must say that I was a little shocked when I came to the paragraph of legal issues. I didn’t expect that from Nu Skin, since I at first had such a good impression of them, but you mentioned that there were false claims. Is it possible that they were falsely accused due to envy or greed or were all the claims justified? The cons do outweigh the pros though. It’s a shame, but one has to be careful nowadays and that’s why reviews like yours are so important. If former distributors give bad reviews about this company, that is definitely a red flag. Are there any other skin product distributing companies that you would recommend?

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes, a refund policy whereby the sales person still gets the commission even if a product is refunded is great. And I also agree that speaks volumes of Nu Skin. Sure, reading all those great things and then coming to the paragraph on legal issues is shocking. Especially for a reader like you who had had good impression of them up to there. A company, especially an mlm one, can be accused for various reasons. Some will be justified, otherwise wouldn’t. It all depends on how good or bad the company is. That’s enough grounds for one to choose mlm opportunities very carefully. And, as you observed, that’s what we’rehelping them to do with our reviews. Kindly check here for a list of other skin product distributing companies.

  2. Thank you so much for this well thought out and well-balanced review.  It’s a shame that a company that actually provides its people with training resources has had so many legal difficulties.  As these legal difficulties are on being a pyramid scheme and also types of fraud, I would have to agree with you to steer absolutely clear of it.

    • Hi Feochadan,

      Thank you also for coming to read and comment on my review. Yes, it’s incomprehensible that a company that spends money training people should be embroiled in legal problems. The more legal issues an mlm company has, the more it’s a pyramid scheme.

      I would like people to read a certain number of reviews to form a good opinion about this company before trying to deal with them.

  3. I have heard a lot about this company. I was happy you got into the nitty gritty facts of yet another MLM company that states less, rather than more, about their compensation. 

    I have been involved in another MLM and have found it to be difficult to receive my commission which are solely based on recruiting and keeping down line.  If I hear one more time – “its ok if you don’t understand the payment process yet – your new, it will come”.  NO IT DOESN’T!  I have been in it for over 6 months and still can’t get what they call the binary income without down line individuals.   

    Thank you for helping to warn others of these types of companies.  If you get it, and still sign up – that’s great for you.  Not all of us get it and then its too late.  Appreciate the information within the article.  Love and Light

    • Hello Dorri,

      I’m happy that you have heard a lot about this company. Yes, the aim of all my MLM company reviews is to reveal who they really are. 

      I’m this time sad to hear that you have been involved in
      another MLM which you found difficult to receive your commission based just on recruiting and keeping down line. My aim, as you said, is to warn others of
      these types of companies.  You’re right. Even if all this warning some people will still go ahead and still sign up with such companies. Well…?

      I also appreciate
      your comment. Please do come back again.

  4. hello Akoli;
    I was recently traveling with my wife and curious coincidence she offered a naked skin pack I do not say the satisfaction once returned home and tested all the more that the report quality price was excellent. she talks about it all the time and I think it would be a nice oportunity for her who is crazy about cosmetics to get into business with the brand? we will subscribe to not miss anything from your next posts.
    thank you.

    • Hello Moi MOI,

      Passion is what drives a business. It appears to me that your wife is exactly that about the skin pack. Especially that that there was satisfaction, there is the excellent report quality price and she talks about it all the time. Those to me sound like she has a nice oportunity. Even you also say she is crazy about cosmetics. I therefore think she can get into business with the brand.

      Yes, please do subscribe so that you don’t miss anything from my next posts.

      Thank you too.


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