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Omnilife of Mexico

Todays’s article will be an Omnilife of Mexico review.

This company comes in at number 45 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world.


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Posting an annual income of 375.93 million dollars puts Omnilife Group (This is the USA website, the company’s main website is in Spanish) in good company with the more successful MLM companies. And considering how they started, this is quite an achievement!

What started out as a 3 employee and six distributor crew and an investment of $10,000 has become quite the force in the dietary supplement and personal care niche with over 961 thousand distributors worldwide.

Let’s look at how they did this along with what their products are and also what kind of business plan they offer in the multi-level marketing model.

We will also look at the pros and cons of working with them and give our views at the end of this article. So let’s get started!


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The Company


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Based in Mexico, Omnilife was founded by Jorge Vergara, the owner of the Deportiva Guadalajara football team.

The company was actually named Omnitrion USA in 1989 and owned by Vergara and two American business partners who sold him the rights to the company in 2000.

At this time he changed the name to Omnilife.

As stated above, he started on a shoestring budget and built the company into a world force with operations in the United States, Spain, and Latin America.

They currently distribute over 100 products.

Jorge is the chairman of the board and has built and run his company using the philosophy that “People take care of people” and promotes empathy with his clients.

He boasts better vitality and health through using his supplements and other products and even boasts some have healing powers and offers testimony of miracle cures.

The company was involved in a scandal in 2014 when the tv program called En su propia hid a camera and recorded the company’s distributors’ presentations.

These presentations made claims that the products do not live up to the above-mentioned miracle cures and such.

They also determined from these recordings that the company promises huge profits to their distributors when in reality they charge excessive incorporation and business fees.

After more research, we found out that the founder of Omnilife is a former distributor at Herbalife. And this company is called the Mexican version of Herbalife, with very similar products available.

He was caught smuggling millions of dollars of Herbalife products over the Mexican border at one point and has a pretty dark reputation as a businessman.

Some unsettling findings so far have raised a few red flags but let’s keep going and check out their products and business model.

The Products


3 Omnilife Mexico products likeOMLfocus, OMLshake supreme and OML strong supreme for the omnilife products
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As stated above the products to choose from are over 100 strong and cover dietary supplements, skincare products, detox, and weight loss products among others.

Mexico has awarded this company with certification meaning they abide by all of the country’s laws regarding environmental issues.

Their products are exclusive meaning you can only buy from them through a distributor.

These kinds of products are easy to sell and there are many good reviews posted online about their products and how well they work. So if you are thinking about becoming a distributor these are all good signs for making money.


The business plan

As in most multi-level marketing business models, this one is set up on a points basis and is very similar to Amway.

To join, you must go through a current distributor and buy a starter kit for $39.00. This consists of a bottle of supplements, a catalog and two DVDs for promotion, a training manual, and a backpack.

You will sell products and recruit new distributors who will be placed under you with commissions in exchange for points earned.

Promises of huge commissions and full-time income are made but we have had trouble finding any proof of this. Besides, their website is so hard to get around it is almost impossible to get any usable information from it.

We did find a breakdown on another review online of how their business model works. You would have to be very experienced in MLM to even begin to understand the many different levels and ways to earn money.

In a way, it seems the company prefers that their new distributors do not understand their model. We can understand this thinking because if they did they would more than likely pass on it.


The pros

  • Good products
  • Established company
  • Great product reviews

The cons

  • Scandals involving false product results
  • Shady founder and owner
  • Similar to Herbalife
  • Minimum purchase of products to stay active as a distributor
  • High priced products
  • No clinical studies
  • No FDA approval
  • No BBB rating
  • Less than 1 percent of distributors make any real money

Our view

This company was built by a hustler that makes claims that are simply not true about his products and workers. And this really bothers us.

Their products are average with many side effects warnings and they are high priced.

We like that they are sold exclusively and they have a very detailed business plan. But then again it is too complicated to understand. And their website is almost impossible to navigate.

We have to give Omnilife of Mexico a thumbs down. Besides, we have to point out that they are nothing special in terms of both product and business-wise. And there are many better MLM companies to work for that you can make money with.

Thanks for checking out our article and be sure to check out the many other reviews we have posted under our reviews tab.

Please leave us any feedback below in our comments section. We love hearing from you!

Until next time, happy marketing!


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4 thoughts on “Omnilife of Mexico”

  1. Now this company’s main website is in Spanish, how do I navigate with this language barrier? 

    I’ve seen some wonderful reviews about this company before. They are making nice profits but I am always very skeptical 

    when it comes to making money online. 

    Now the products you sell, are they organic? 

    What are their side effects if any? 

    I hope one gets value for their money as the owner of this company doesn’t really command a high level of integrity in some quarters. 

    • Hello Samikingss,

      Websites normally have a translation element that one can use to navigate around the language barrier? If that does not exist, then you have to look for information on it in your language.

      Oh, you’re skeptical about making money online? Why? Nowadays it’s not easy to make money only offline.

      One of the important elements in determining the legitimacy of a company is the founder. In the case where the owner doesn’t really command a high level of integrity in some quarters, can you expect the company to be different?

  2. Omnlife is a very nice company I have tried out the product and they were great but the issue I had with them was the side effects although I wasn’t much on me because I am younger but it had very distinctive effect on my mom who is a bit old in age..but thank God they have a nice compensation plan.

    • Hey Feji,

      Oh so you’ve tried out the Omnilife product and found them great? Ah, now I see you had side effects. Fortunately they weren’t too bad on you but rather on your mom because of her age. Do you think the nice compensation plan offsets for all the discomforts? Take care.


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