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Online awareness creation 2 & 3: Create a Facebook Group and Fan Page

This is the second part of the online awareness creation post. It is about the nine marketing strategies to use to create awareness for your online business to succeed. Specifically we will discuss creating a Facebook Group and a Fan Page.

Editor’s note: This piece is part of a guest post I did for High Paying Affiliate Programs. I’m posting it here for people who don’t like long posts.


Online marketing as part of Online awareness creation 2 & 3: Create a Facebook Group and Fan Page
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If you read part 1, you know that we talked about building your email list. But in case you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to see it. Another link at the end will bring you back here.


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This strategy is probably the most powerful yet the least-costly marketing technique. It also has the advantage of paying you very well. Yet it doesn’t demand much effort on your part.

When you create a Facebook group that you invite only your visitors and customers to join and connect with each other, you rise above a mere blogger or affiliate marketer. You are now a leader in your field. You are also a channel for people to meet and engage with each other.

When you have thousands of members in your group who interact with each other, ask questions, get answers and solutions to their problems, get feedback on blogging and affiliate marketing ideas, and others, needless to say that you might start changing lives.

Now you might ask why add this headache of managing all those numbers of people to the one of running your business.

No, be assured that it won’t be too much work. The group takes care of itself!


Let’s see how a Facebook group functions.

First, you set up the group and invite people to join.

In the beginning you may spend some time promoting it. The few who join invite their friends to join too. Eventually, the group gets large enough. Then you’d find many members inviting others to join. And the group starts growing exponentially on its own.

All you have to do is moderate the group. This usually consists of deleting spam posts and banning spammers from the group.

What about the numerous queries and other matters group members post and to which you have to answer? Wouldn’t these take you hours to answer them all?


A Facebook group isn’t about the moderator alone. Its functioning concerns the community. And you will find community members taking care of each other’s problems.

Better still, you will find many members volunteer to be moderators of the group. So eventually you will have people help you delete spam posts and ban users who violate the group’s rules.

So, effective use of Facebook groups brings you popularity and makes you money. This is because it will enable you to have a network for your blog and customers for your affiliate products.

Just take care to be a selfless leader. Don’t be the one who plasters their products or services all over the group pages. Your dedication to duty will make them reward you with their custom.


First, head to

Next, click “+Create Group” at the top right hand corner.

Now, name your group and you’re all set to invite your friends to join.

The best way to get people to join is to add a link at the end of your blog posts. This could be something like:

Want to take your blogging and affiliate marketing to the next level? Then come join our Facebook group created just for bloggers and affiliate marketers like you. In this group we’ll be sharing blogging and affiliate marketing tips and strategies to help members grow their businesses. It’s also a great place to get any blogging and affiliate marketing questions answered. Join us


You can also promote your Facebook group to your email list, on other social media, and in your email signature.


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Facebook offers you the opportunity to create three types of groups: Open, Closed and Secret.

In an Open group, anyone can join and anyone can see what members post.

In a Closed group, people can join only on the approval by a moderator. Only members can see each other’s posts.

In a Secret group, membership is by invitation only by existing members of the group. Approval is granted only by a moderator. Only then can one know who the other members of the group are and see what they post.

For bloggers and affiliate marketers, a closed group is recommended. This is because such a group helps limit spam and provide some privacy and protection for members. It also makes it easy for new members to find the group and join.

The advantage of such a group for yourself and the members is that you can connect and collaborate with each other in a friendly, almost “family atmosphere” without it costing anybody any money or too much time.



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Sometimes it is necessary to promote yourself to your growing number of fans. So, you need a place where they can leave comments, and like and share your posts.

A Facebook Fan Page is indicated for this purpose.

It is similar to a Facebook group. The difference being that while the former is a many-to-many communication platform the Fan Page is more of a one-to-many communication one. Which means that there won’t be as much communication between your fans as in a group. But the advantage is that it enables you to get your message out to more people.

Meanwhile, can you go to the comment box below and tell us about your Facebook Group and Fan Page? We will join in the dialogue. Thank you.

Interested in reading the whole stuff? Click here.

Click here to go to the fourth part of the second major division of this post which is Get On Twitter.



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A special thanks to Tom Corson-Knowles, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and Secrets of the Six-Figure Author whose teachings inspired me to write this piece.

Tom, who loves educating and inspiring other entrepreneurs to succeed and live their dreams, uses these same strategies to market his books to high sales.

Get his 10 Ways to Sell More Books pdf Free Report here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.



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