Online awareness creation 5: Pinterest

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This is the fifth part of the online awareness creation post. It is about the nine marketing strategies to use to create awareness for your online business to succeed. Specifically we will discuss Pinterest.

Editor’s note: This piece is part of a guest post I did for High Paying Affiliate Programs. I’m posting it here for people who don’t like long posts.

If you read part 4 of the online awareness post, you know that we talked about getting on Twitter. But in case you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to see it. Another link at the end will bring you back here.



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Pinterest’s specificity as a social network is the sharing of photos. Thus the site is ideal for blogs or affiliate products that handle intrinsically photogenic topics to connect with your audience. Some are blogs or affiliate products about cooking, recipes, travel, or lose weight, dieting, etc.

The second thing to note about Pinterest is that most of the users are women. They have kids and earn $100,000 or more a year. If your target audience is naturally such people, then Pinterest is probably a great place for you. That you can use to build your audience and get more visits to your blog or sell more affiliate products.        

To use Pinterest to get more visits to your blog or sell more affiliate products, you need to create boards.


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Log in to Pinterest. Look for the + button at the top right corner. Click the + button and “Create a Board.”

Concerning a blog, you may design a single board for all your posts. But since variety is the spice of life, a different board for each blog category wouldn’t be a bad idea. For affiliate products, you could have a board for each category (like email marketing, affiliate training, work from home, SEO, etc.).

It’s now time to start uploading relevant photos to your boards. In the text description, think Twitter and write a powerful teaser and add a link back to your site or affiliate product for those who might want to check you out.

Those who pin gorgeous photos tend to get a lot of viral traffic and shares on Pinterest. So if you share great pictures and visual content on Pinterest, it can make you get a lot of traffic or sell a lot of affiliate products. And don’t forget: a pin without a link won’t get you any traffic or make sales.

Meanwhile, can you go to the comment box below and tell us how you use Pinterest? We will join in the dialogue. Thank you.

Interested in reading the whole stuff? Click here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.

Now, let’s move on to the sixth great marketing strategy: Pinterest.


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A special thanks to Tom Corson-Knowles, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and Secrets of the Six-Figure Author whose teachings inspired me to write this piece.

Tom, who loves educating and inspiring other entrepreneurs to succeed and live their dreams, uses these same strategies to market his books to high sales.

Get his 10 Ways to Sell More Books pdf Free Report here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.



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