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Online awareness creation 9: Create Valuable Videos

This is the ninth part of the online awareness creation post. It is about the nine marketing strategies to use to create awareness for your online business to succeed. Specifically we will discuss creating valuable videos.

Editor’s note: This Online awareness creation 9: Create Valuable Videos piece is part of a guest post I did for High Paying Affiliate Programs. I’m posting it here for people who don’t like long posts.

If you read part 8 of the online value proposition post, you know that we talked about blogging. But in case you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to see it. Another link at the end will bring you back here.



Video production in a room as part of Online awareness creation 9: Create Valuable Videos
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Do you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? That should tell you something about the importance of using videos to create awareness about your company.

Video creation used to be the preserve of professionals or businesses with huge budgets. No more. If you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a digital camera, you can easily make videos from home.

Video is a great marketing tool. It is also a very helpful medium for your blog visitors and affiliate products customers.

Finding topics for your videos is also simple. Take the top 10 FAQ’s from your blog visitors or your target audience and answer them in a video recording. Then mention your blog or your business at the end of your video. Then link to it in the description section.

Another way to find topics for your videos is to browse through the posts on online forums. Also in Google+ Communities and groups on Facebook and LinkedIN.

There you would find what kinds of questions your audience is asking. You would also discover problems they are having, and frustrations they are facing. Then you offer them solutions in your videos.

As a blogger you can also read excerpts from your blog posts. Or even share your personal story of why you became a blogger. Don’t forget your daily schedule or how you go about writing your blog posts. You can also share and teach what you learn about writing blog posts, and the marketing of affiliate products.

Many people have difficulties with aspects of blogging and affiliate marketing. You could create an educational video that they could learn from.

Many people are also looking for ways to earn money online or from home. A video teaching them how to do so could help you expand the reach of your blog. In so doing, you will attract new loyal readers. More people coming to your blog will help you sell more affiliate products.

Each of the affiliate products you’re promoting are designed to solve a particular problem. And people on YouTube are looking for such answers. If you can upload videos with such solutions, they will happily reward you with their custom.

Video is one of the ways and maybe the most powerful for your audience to connect with you. So if you create helpful, fun or entertaining videos for your target market, they will love you for it. And they will end up patronizing your blog posts and affiliate products.

You may be wondering how a simple video that took you only 5 minutes to record with a simple device and uploaded to YouTube could bring immense benefits into the life of your audience and a big change into your business.

Remember, every little thing counts. And it is little drops of water that make a mighty ocean. So go on uploading videos on to YouTube and see it change lives and take your business to the next level.

Now, we’ve come to the end of the second great marketing strategy: creating awareness for your online company.

Meanwhile, can you go to the comment box below and tell us how you find out what your target audience wants? We will join in the dialogue. Thank you.

Interested in reading the whole stuff? Click here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.



A special thanks to Tom Corson-Knowles, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and Secrets of the Six-Figure Author whose teachings inspired me to write this piece.

Tom, who loves educating and inspiring other entrepreneurs to succeed and live their dreams, uses these same strategies to market his books to high sales.

Get his 10 Ways to Sell More Books pdf Free Report here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.



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