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Online entrepreneur certification course training videos level 2, Intro & lesson 2

A green board showing details of the online entrepreneur certification course, level 2
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Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2

Course Description

A list of the 10 lessons offered in the online entrepreneur certification course
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Traffic is the root of success in all online businesses. If you can master how to effectively drive traffic to your website, you can experience an extraordinary amount of success.

The course benefits listed
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This 10-lesson online entrepreneur certification training is going to walk you through cost free traffic generation techniques that will make you to capture highly relevant traffic in any niche you choose to work in.

Click this link to the lesson Your own domain – your brand traffic


Sorry, lesson 1 has no video, so we move to lesson 2

Online entrepreneur certification course training videos level 2, lesson 2

Lesson 2 of 10 – Building out your website theme-based content

An important fact that most people totally lose sight of is that each and every website is created not as some obscure process to get traffic and earn money, but rather a medium for your visitors. Your visitors who buy from you take that action based on your recommendations, and are the ones that engage in your content, not any robot, be it even the Google search engine.

So if you cannot provide a quality experience for THEM at your site, then you are also not going to appeal to Google. This will not let you build a successful site.

And driving traffic all starts with an initial framework of content.

Here is the video walk-through for this lesson Setting up your initial website theme-based categories that you can watch by clicking this link.

Click this link for the lesson Building out your website theme

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