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Online Entrepreneur Certification – The Business of Content, Level 5, Lesson 9

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Lesson 9 of 10 – Bing and Yahoo, they are still the 33%

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The first thing to do is set-up your Bing Webmaster Tools account. This will let Bing know about your website and help you understand how well your website is conforming to Bing.

There is a video walk-through showing you how to set-up your Bing Webmaster Tools account.

Click here for the link to the video How to create a Bing webmaster tools accounts

Submitting Your SiteMap to Bing

Your next step is to submit your SiteMap to Bing. What this essentially means is handing over the directory of your website pages/posts to Bing and allowing them to instantly find it and rank it appropriately within their search.

As Bing is slower at indexing new content naturally (they are not quite as good at finding new content as Google), submitting a sitemap can definitely speed up the indexing process.

Submitting a sitemap to Bing is quite easy. And there is a video to walk you through the process of submitting a sitemap.

Click here to view the video How to submit a sitemap to Bing webmaster tools

Click here to for the Bing and Yahoo – they are still the 33% course page

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