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Online value proposition 3: Find out what your target audience wants

This is the third part of the online value proposition post. It is about how to offer value in your online business to succeed. Specifically we will discuss finding out what your target audience wants.

Editor’s note: This piece is part of a guest post I did for High Paying Affiliate Programs. I’m posting it here for people who don’t like long posts.


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If you read part 2, you know that we talked about finding your one best target niche and focusing on it.

But in case you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to see it. Another link at the end will bring you back here.


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To succeed online, you’ve got to find out what your customers want. This is common sense.

People only buy what they need.

Tell me. When did you spend money on what didn’t appeal to you?

So, once you know what your customers want, you can look for it or create it. Then offer it to them. And they will buy. What can be so simple?     

For someone just starting out, you could at best sort of guess what your audience wants. You’ll have to combine your own personal experience with some research.

You can refine this guess a little bit more. From publishing more blog posts and/or selling more affiliate products. And then get more feedback from readers and reviews from customers.

With time you can pinpoint what your audience wants with some degree of accuracy. And the closer you get to offering your audience what they want, the more they’ll buy from you.

So it’s crucial to listen to and take stock of what your customers are saying about your business and products.

It’s in your interest to read all the comments on your blog posts and the reviews on your products. You can agree or disagree with the opinions expressed, but read them all the same.


If some reviews make you feel like changing your offers, redesigning your products or changing the way or what you write, go ahead and do it.

But don’t go arguing with people about their views. Especially don’t make a great issue of it. That will only destroy your reputation.

However if your audience feel that you’re all ears to what they’re saying, they’ll gladly tell you more of what they want. In sweet words, they’ll make you rich.

You must also read reviews for the best blogs and affiliate products in your niche. Note both the positive and the negative reviews. They’re two sides of the same coin.

What are readers and buyers saying about the blog posts and the products?         

Such comments on influencers’ blogs in your market can be a goldmine. You can exploit it to create new, unique and even better articles and/or products than the competition.

For a blog, you may write a longer piece on a topic many people want more details about. You may also write a shorter, more actionable piece. From it readers can learn the key steps without boring them stiff with a longer piece.

You may also use your blog to answer questions that people are asking. These can be on authority blogs, on social media or in forums. People will hungrily devour them and happily share them. This will spread your fame far and wide.

For a product, create one designed to solve only one problem for your target audience.

Many info-products are created to answer every possible question anyone in your market could ever have. They are often long and tedious to read. So, many readers avoid them.

Instead, you could write a series of e-books. Each could be focused on solving only one problem for your audience.

So, instead of writing an e-book on 100 ways to make money online at home free, you could write:

  • one on ways of making money online at home free through writing;
  • then another on means of making money online at home free through marketing;
  • yet another on methods of making money online at home free through getting paid for accomplishing certain tasks;
  • a fourth on procedures of making money online at home free through (buying and) selling;
  • a fifth on steps of making money online at home free through renting out things; and
  • a final one on moves of making money online at home free through using your skills.

Segmenting your market this way is a great strategy. This is because not everybody may be interested in all the ways to make money from home.

So you can market all your books to the same niche audience (how to make money from home). And then they will pick the book that solves their urgent problem. Then, if they like that book, they’ll likely buy your other books.

Meanwhile, can you go to the comment box below and tell us how you find out what your target audience wants? We will join in the dialogue. Thank you.

Interested in reading the whole stuff? Click here.

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A special thanks to Tom Corson-Knowles, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and Secrets of the Six-Figure Author whose teachings inspired me to write this piece.

Tom, who loves educating and inspiring other entrepreneurs to succeed and live their dreams, uses these same strategies to market his books to high sales.

Get his 10 Ways to Sell More Books pdf Free Report here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.


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