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Online value proposition 5: Focus on adding value, not on selling

This is the fifth part of the online value proposition post. It is about how to offer value in your online business to succeed. Specifically we will discuss focusing on adding value but not on selling.

Editor’s note: This piece is part of a guest post I did for High Paying Affiliate Programs. I’m posting it here for people who don’t like long posts.


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If you read part 4, you know that we talked about continuing to give your target audience what they want.

But in case you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to see it. Another link at the end will bring you back here.


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Many people think asking themselves: “How can I sell more products?” is the best route to success online. But it isn’t.

A better question will be: “How can I add more value to my customers?”



People don’t buy products. Or anything for that matter.

Rather, they buy benefits or value.

Let’s use cars to illustrate this point.

The practical value of all cars is that, among others, they take you from one point to the other faster than your feet can.

But how much does a high-end spectrum car like the BMW 750 LI for example costs? About 300% less than a Rolls Royce-Ghost that it’s not really too different from!

How come?

The answer is in the intrinsic value.

Rolls Royce is positioned as the better of the two cars.

In the same vein, when you create a $6.99 book that your customers see as worth ten times more to them, they will buy it without any qualms.


That being so, how do you go about achieving that?

It all boils down to combining the two magic ingredients to marketing: value and awareness.

Value is the perception or ideas, thoughts, beliefs or image customers have of your product.

It isn’t real or tangible. But it’s there all the same. In their heads.

Awareness is letting people know that you have a certain product.

Both are important for your success.

Thus if you offer all the value on earth but no awareness, no one will know about your product. And of course cannot buy.

And if you drum up lots of awareness but give no value, no one will also buy.


Because your buyers are not dunces to throw their money down the drain.

People recognize value when they see it.

It’s therefore in your interest to continue adding more and more value to your offers.

For example, when selling some product, throw in some bonus videos or offer three for the price of two.

The marketplace will patronize your offers because they see that you’re offering them value. And they believe that they will get that value for their money.

This decision comes from information and ideas they have of you and your product.

And how were they formed?

From marketing: the title of your writings, product covers, pertinent videos, social media posts, and what buyers and readers are saying about you.

Your marketing goal should therefore be to make the message you’re beaming to your marketplace create a buzz. This way people will be talking about them.

And don’t forget that people love to talk about value!

And when they do this, Word-of-mouth, considered as the most effective form of advertising, will be the #1 reason why people buy your products.

That being so, what should your marketing goal be?

To build so much momentum with your promotions that your custom can’t help but share them with others. This creates a snowball effect of positive sales growth, and why not, let it go viral.

One thing to remember though is that adding value isn’t just about having a great product.

It’s about everything else you do too.

It’s all marketing.

Like how you respond to emails, to comments on your website, to your social media posts and more.

Strategies outlined here will help you add more value and gain more awareness through using multiple marketing strategies.

For resounding success, adding more value and creating more awareness must be done at the same time.

Meanwhile, can you go to the comment box below and tell us how you focus on adding value but not on selling? We will join in the dialogue. Thank you.

Interested in reading the whole stuff? Click here.

Click here to go to Online value proposition 6. Keep it up since it works.




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A special thanks to Tom Corson-Knowles, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and Secrets of the Six-Figure Author whose teachings inspired me to write this piece.

Tom, who loves educating and inspiring other entrepreneurs to succeed and live their dreams, uses these same strategies to market his books to high sales.

Get his 10 Ways to Sell More Books pdf Free Report here. The ideas will help you sell about anything.


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