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Organise your team with this impressive project planning app

Organise your team with this impressive project planning app
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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Timelinr Personal Plan is on sale for £23.97 as of July 3, saving you 93% on list price.

Completing a project is hard enough, but leading a team? Forget about it.

Between delegating tasks to colleagues and making sure the project is done in a timely manner, the entire thing is stressful. And the last thing you should have to worry about is letting anything slip through the cracks. 

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That’s the exact concept behind a service called Timelinr, a solution built to make spearheading any task easy. Start by entering all your project’s pertinent data, and Timelinr will spit out a detailed, high-level plan of action for you and your team to follow. If you’re looking to get into the weeds of your project, you can take a granular look at each step.  Read more…

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