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Our view or take of 50 MLM companies we reviewed and recommended

We always round up our MLM reviews with our view or take of the companies. A summary of the review, we avoid bias by basing it on the elements discussed in the review.

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There are so many opportunities in the MLM field today. When choosing one to invest in we must make sure to take a look at all areas of performance and check whether it is a good choice for our money.

We may even recommend a company with some reservations.

Then we will give them either a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the end of this review.

And lastly we give our view of the company.


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N.B.: The companies are presented in alphabetical order.  


We couldn’t help falling in love with this company while researching it. If selling and communicating with people either through group settings or through blogging is your thing, then 4Life could be a good fit for you.

What really impressed us about this company are the popularity, the quality and the prices of their products. We therefore consider it unfortunate that they are present on Amazon and other websites. But since in spite of that they seem to sell well for everyone, maybe we can overlook that as an issue.

So we give 4life a thumbs up. We recommend it for both the beginner (on condition that they study and understand the business model) and the experienced multi-level marketing worker.

Members can make either a part-time or a full-time income with 4Life. And we recommend blogging as the best way to sell to customers and to recruit new distributors to build your downline.

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Visit the 4Life official website


This is a company that has great products and is well established in its niche.

ACN has its own dedicated servers for their branded voice over internet protocol. This is only available through the company. So we have an exclusive product to sell.

The compensation plan is second to none with many different variables that can be chosen by the members. This is a sort of build your own compensation plan so to speak. And we really like that.

We have to give ACN a huge thumbs up and we recommend this company to anybody looking for an MLM company to make money with.

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Visit the ACN official website


We saw negative reports about Ambit Energy but we are not too concerned with them as every company has growing pains. What they did in every situation they faced seems to us to be the right steps to take. Thirdly, they are a very strong and well-respected company.

Furthermore, the company’s products look impressive. Then, their history and their compensation plan set up to help people make money are commendable.

Lastly, Ambit Energy reviews we reviewed are positive so we give them a thumbs up!

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Visit the Ambit Energy official website


With this company, our take is not only based on our review but also on personal experience.

In effect we grew up using Amway products. So we saw firsthand how the products work, and how eco-friendly they are.

Our use of Amway products came from living next door to a highly successful independent business owner for the company. And our appreciation of the company stem from how much we saw our neighbor constantly flying off here and there on trips and business ventures.

In our research we found Amway’s product line outstanding. We also saw that they back their distributors better than any other MLM company we have reviewed. No wonder they hold the number one spot on the most successful MLM companies in the world.

We can’t but give this multi-level marketing program a huge thumbs up!

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Visit the Amway official website


If writing these MLM company reviews was an easy task, that of Arbonne gave us a hard time.

Arbonne is a legitimate company and it does have a good product line. Unfortunately it does also have some areas of concern. Some of them are pending lawsuits and recalls. Besides, many of its distributors do not make any profits.

Going back to its positive sides, the company has a good business plan in place for experienced marketers. What else is impressive about them is their very affordable start-up cost topped with great discounts. What attracts many of the hard-hitting marketers in search of a MLM company to work with.

However, we cannot hide our concern about the lack of information on any hidden costs that we could not find. The company assures there are no hidden costs and we give them the benefit of the doubt.

We recommend Arbonne for the experienced marketer. But for the beginners the company gets a thumbs down from us as such businesses tend to eat up the inexperienced marketers.

Check out our Arbonne review

Visit the Arbonne official website


If you were reading our review, you do not have to reach this point to know that we are going to give this company the biggest thumbs up yet. And they deserve it!

Our advice to anybody wishing to join an MLM company is to get to the Ariix official website below and check them. You would not be disappointed. Then don’t hesitate to get signed up as quickly as you can. For working in this multi-level marketing program can be profitable.

A word of warning though.

Ariix are not for everyone. But if after checking the website you fall in love with it, then this is your opportunity we believe!

Check out our Ariix review

Visit the Ariix official website


Can you make money with Avon?

Avon have the reputation of a leader in the MLM field and they deserve it!

In effect, not all MLM companies are known to care as much about their members as they do their profits. Avon is different on this score and it shows.

Now, can you make money with Avon?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Even not only can you make money with this company but you can make as much as you wish.

This company has been on our list of top MLM programs to review. Having done that, we are now completely sold on their products and their compensation plan. So we give them a huge thumbs up!

Check out our Can you make money with Avon review

This question deserves to be asked because sales at Avon have been down and the company is in the middle of a reorganization of sorts. Yet they still remain the number two direct sales giant in the industry.

One thing is sure: the company takes care of its distributors, even up to the point of granting them scholarships.

Now, what about the question: “Do Avon distributors make money?”

The answer is yes, they do. In fact, Avon distributors who are good at direct sales can even make all kinds of money.

Therefore being an Avon representative is a wise move for people who have what it takes to succeed in the world of direct marketing.

They therefore deserve a thumbs up from us.

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Visit theAvon official websit


On studying this company and all about it, we conclude that it has every ingredient necessary to be an awesome multi-level marketing program for people to work with.

First, the compensation plan is based on the sale of products. Second, the product line is exclusive. That is, it is only available through Captain Tortue’s consultants. And finally, they have set up a great MLM model.

It goes without saying that they do not focus on recruitment. And what is praiseworthy about them is they treat their consultants like family.

All these go to make them a great place to work. This, for both newbies to marketing and veterans alike.

As long as you can organize home parties, you should be able to take this opportunity as far as you want.

Reason why we give Captain Tortue a huge thumbs up!

Check out our Captain Tortue review

Visit the Captain Tortue official website


Cutco is a very old company that has established great training. It has also managed to make a single-level direct sales program work well.

Yet this MLM opportunity is not for everyone. It is for people who are comfortable doing warm sales.

Cutco is assailed with legal issues. We feel this is just a normal process of changing times and ideas. It is our hope that they will get it all sorted out.

The negative reviews from former workers also seem normal in this setting because the warm selling business model is not for everyone. Therefore this situation does not raise any red flags with us.

We don’t think this company is in any way running a pyramid scheme; they are really legit.

As a commendable way for young people to get into the sales force and get their feet wet, Cutco Cutlery gets a thumbs up from us.

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Visit the Cutco Cutlery official website


Doterra Essential Oils had to battle through storms to be created.

Their former company tried to take them to court and sue them. According to many sources they reportedly had a negative review campaign going. But none has been confirmed.

Every single negative issue brought against them has been disproved. So, the company has not only survived but they continue to grow at an astounding rate.

The quality and purity of their products have withstood numerous scientific studies and analysis.

The company has their own purity program in place to ensure the purity of their oils and products.

We give this program a big thumbs up and highly recommend them to any and all interested in making money working a legitimate MLM program!

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Visit the Doterra Essential Oils official website


Dubli is that one company that does deliver what it promises to its distributors and customers. Sure, at times they have some kinks in their payouts. But they do make them right. We further appreciate the fact that they claim they are working on bettering the system every day.

What we also like is the Dubli MLM program and the way it is set up. The cashback is a very good way to keep the cash flowing from two sources.

Consider this program if you love shopping or just want to save money shopping from their website. You can also make this a full-time income. The company is set up for success. And the only element missing to make all this come true is you.

We give them a thumbs up and recommend them.

Check out our Dubli review

Visit the Dubli official website

DXN Reviews

This is another company we fell in love with right from the start.

We found in them every element we look for in a successful multi-level marketing company: –

  • They are an established company
  • They have a great reputation
  • They put their products first
  • They take care of their workers
  • All of the tools and training needed to make the business work are provided
  • It is free to join!

On reading all the DXN reviews online we found that we had to give this company a huge thumbs up. Consequently we recommend it to people who are ready to do some hard work to make this work.

However you must take note of one thing: DXN has a large number of distributors and their products are available on Amazon. To be successful in this program, you will therefore really need to understand what you are selling and put in the time.

Check out our DXN review

Visit the DXN official website


We checked the many online reviews posted about this program and found most of them positive.

This is always a good sign. For if people were not satisfied with the program, they would not have hesitated to post negative reviews about it.

This therefore encouraged us to take a good look at everything offered with this program. What we found was that this company looks legit in every way. We will therefore propose it as a good place to make some money.

Other reasons why we are satisfied with this company are that they have:

  • The necessary tools to help their members make money
  • A product that is not only respected in the industry but also works
  • A proven track record with many positive reviews
  • Their products for sale on Amazon, which is a good sign of their quality.

Considering the preceding, we give this program a thumbs up. Let’s say that we would not hesitate to give Enersource International a try ourselves. We therefore warmly recommend it to anyone keen on entering the multi-level marketing business. The investment capital is really affordable.

Check out our Enersource International review

Visit the Enersource International official website


This company shows a few red flag concerns with legal issues. The biggest one is high levels of lead in their products. Still, Forever Living appears sound and the possibility to make money with them is intact.

A person who is sold on their products and who is an aggressive distributor could go far with them. But know that to succeed huge commitment levels would be needed in addition to being highly focused.

We give Forever Living a thumbs up because they are not a scam and are a legit investment. But our advice is to look for the many other MLM companies out there where one can make a living with much less work and without the legal issues hanging over the program.

Check out our Forever Living review

Visit the Forever Living official website


We found ourselves liking everything about this company and therefore highly recommend them as a viable way to make money.

Is it therefore to add that they are a good investment and very much for real?

It is with pride that we announce Gano Excel International as a winner.

No doubt, we are thrilled to give this company, its products, and its compensation plan a big thumbs up!

Check out our Gano Excel International review

Visit the Gano Excel International official website

GNLD (NeoLife)

While we are not happy with the sugar and protein levels of GNLD NeoLife’s products, on the contrary we have no other complaints to make with the overall company. We even like the way this business is run.

We found the business model and the support for their promoters far superior to that of many of their competitors. And if you would ask us we feel they really do care about their workers and will not hesitate to go the distance for them.

That support assures us that GNLD NeoLife is a viable option for making money through their multi-level marketing program. So we wholeheartedly give them a big thumbs up.

Check out our GNLD NeoLife review

Visit the GNLD NeoLife official website


We found the lawsuits filed against the company a bit disturbing. Happily, the company’s response has been quick and upfront. More happily, for the most part a large number of the suits have been dismissed.

It is not surprising that a company as large as Herbalife has some detractors. Personally we found nothing that would keep us from exploring this MLM business opportunity.

Imagine that Herbalife’s diet programs have received extremely high rating and been found effective. Besides, there are so many reviews posted by people who have had success with a product!

After reading countless reviews from many different sources we had no choice but to give Herbalife a thumbs up.

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Visit the Herbalife official website


While checking Immunotec, we found the same old claims about scientifically-backed wonder products. Logically we thought we would find the same old story as we have with most companies that make such claims.

But were we wrong on this one!

First, the company appears to be everything they claim they are. Then there are many positive online reviews about their products and their multi-level marketing program.

We therefore think Immunitec are a good fit for the marketer keen on making some money and who is good at recruiting. The same argument is true for those who just want to save money using this company’s products. So we give them a thumbs up.

Check out our Immunotec review

Visit the Immunotec official website


What we found while researching this company is that they are exactly our idea of what a multi-level marketing company should be! Which means that Jewels by Park Lane is an outstanding company offering a great product and proposing a superb business model.

If you are therefore looking to work with a company that cares about you and will ensure your success and also put at your disposal everything to achieve that success, this one is it!

We assure you that you will get to sell the best quality products and work for people who really care!

Imagine that they go out of their way to make sure their sellers are taken care of! This is a refreshing action we really appreciate as most companies are just out for the buck!

All these lead to is a huge thumbs up from us!

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Visit the Jewels by Park Lane official website


This is another company we like all we see about. We are also highly impressed with the management and their incentive program.

Kannaway’s signup costs and the training offered do them credit. Add that to a product that is in demand worldwide, and what you have is a winner.

However the pricing practiced in the USA does not satisfy win our approval. But this should not worry the people in that country as the company’s market is available worldwide for all ambassadors. So direct sales can come from anywhere the company is set up.

We therefore give this company a huge thumbs up. We of course recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own MLM business with a solid company.

Check out our Kannaway review

Visit the Kannaway official website


We found their business plan average. It is set up like most popular multi-level marketing plans. We also like the commissions paid.

As for the products and the training program, they are both acceptable. But we wish there were fewer restrictions on the legal help Legalshield offers.

We think both the beginners and the veterans of multi-level marketing experience can sign up with this company and make money.

For that reason, they get a thumbs up from us.

Check out our Legalshield review

Visit the Legalshield official website


This is one of the finer multi-level marketing companies we have reviewed. Our excitement about what we found about them is beyond description.

We think LR Health and Beauty Systems are the real deal as far as MLM companies go. This is because:

  • They put their products first
  • They put their emphasis on their members by setting them up for success.

This is a company which recognizes that their own success depends on the success of their members. And this idea is commendable.

For that, we give them a huge thumbs up. As usual, we highly recommend working with this company. This goes both for beginners as well as well-established MLM marketers!

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Visit the LR Health & Beauty Systems official website


What do you think will be our take on a company that has a proven track record, an outstanding product line, years of success and seems to be very eco-friendly in their business dealings?

Add to those an incentive plan with the cars program and many other perks they offer, and you will agree Mary Kay are a very desirable Multi-level marketing investment.

When considering investing your time and money in an MLM opportunity, what you must keep in mind is how much work will be involved and if you can be up to the constant pressure to make sales.

We say that because these are usually the reasons why people give up. But if you feel you have what it takes, Mary Kay is then a winner for sure.

They can’t but get a huge thumbs up from us!

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Visit the Mary Kay official website


Unfortunately we couldn’t find more information about the business model Natura’s direct sales team is using, but we are still very impressed by everything else we found about them.

This company is eco-friendly and concerned about the environment. That is why they insist that their products be safe and healthy for the users and the earth.

With Natura we are going to do something ambivalent. We give them a thumbs up on their business practices and products but unable to do the same on their MLM business model because of the lack of information.

However, any company as well put together as this one is worth checking out. Just go to their website and see if you can find a way to check out how to become a consultant and if the business is indeed worth pursuing.

Check out our Natura review

Visit the Natura official website


With Naturally Plus, we have the deep feeling that we have found a very rare company that really cherishes every aspect of doing business. And they really practice what they preach!

We found this company to be:

  • honest
  • hard-working
  • very customer- and distributor-minded
  • offer an outstanding compensation plan.

They get a huge thumbs up from us. And we therefore recommend them to people searching to work with a top-notch multi-level marketing company that really cares.

Check out our Naturally Plus review

Visit the Naturally Plus official website


If you are looking for a great place to do business and make a good living, this company has everything it takes for it. This is even truer, if you choose to become a member and advance up the ladder selling their products.

We like this company’s business plan as well as their reputation. We think they really care about their distributors and customers. Further they do more than necessary to make it all work together.

Therefore we give them a big thumbs up and recommend Nature’s Sunshine as a legitimate multi-level marketing program!

Check out our Nature’s Sunshine review

Visit the Nature’s Sunshine official website


If an MLM company has been around forever and a day, it is this one. Nefful has a reputation of producing quality products which is pretty well established. They also treat their marketers with respect and fairness.

The company has a unique product sold exclusively by their distributors. Luckily they put the emphasis on sales, not on recruitment.

All of these are winning signs to us. So we give them a big thumbs up. This is because we think both the beginners and the experienced multi-level marketing workers would do well with Nefful.

Check out our Nefful review

Visit the Nefful official website


We find this to be a legit company that has good quality products. We like the fact that it stresses retail sales to recruiting.

However, what we do not like is the fact that their products can be found on Amazon and similar websites. This is because this could interfere with distributors’ sales.

This opportunity is not indicated for the beginner for the fact that earning good money with them would call for some serious experience.

Our intention is not to discourage anybody. Despite all that we have said, we still believe that you can make money with NHT Global if you know what you are doing and especially if you are driven for success.

While everybody can try it, a beginner will certainly be up for a serious challenge.

That is why while giving it a thumbs up, we wish to point out that there are many better multi-level programs available that have a business model much easier to understand.

Check out our NHT Global review

Visit the NHT Global official website


If you would like to know our opinion on Optavia, it is that it is a good company with a great reputation and a really effective business plan.

But we have some concern about the high prices of their products. But when one looks into all that is included in their meal plans in terms of products, support, and coaching, that is not a big concern. Apparently they sell well.

We like the training and the many different ways of making money offered by Optavia. Consequently we give them a thumbs up for both the beginners and the veteran multi-level marketing marketers.

Check out our Optavia review

Visit the Optavia official website


This is another company we like a lot. This is because they have everything to make a successful multi-level business work.

For example, Oriflame Cosmetics’ pay structure is great. Besides, they really care about their products and their workers.

In addition to doing in-house testing on all of their products to make sure they are natural, the company also has a strong guarantee policy.

We are happy to give this company a big thumbs up. As usual, we do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting to try out their MLM plan.

Check out our Oriflame Cosmetics review

Visit the Oriflame Cosmetics official website


This is an old school company we really like because it has a proven track record. They also offer great products through a proven business model.

This multi-level marketing program is not for everyone. It is a good fit for people who love to cook and understand the workings of a kitchen and all of its components.

The compensation plan is solid. We do not find the warm selling aspect of the program worrying. We believe that is a personal thing and many people like this way of getting started.

So we have to give this company a big thumbs up. We recommend this for those who meet the qualifications listed above.

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Visit the Pampered chef official website


Partylite is another company we like very much.  We are also really in love with their product selections too.

Four things about Partylite’s products are that they are made in house, exclusively sold through their distributors, reasonably priced and safe.

This company gives priority to their products and the sales over any kind of recruitment of new distributors. Which goes to show that they are a bona fide multi-level marketing company that puts its distributors first.

We give them a big thumbs up.

We recommend this one to anybody who likes having parties and making money from them.

We cannot stress enough that you really must like to throw home parties. It is very important to understand that in order to really excel in this company.

Check out our Partulite review

Visit the Partylite official website


Overall we have to express our satisfaction with this company.

We have problem with the binary part of the business model. Plexus Worldwide however make up for it in several areas, such as:

  • exclusive product availability
  • multiple different discounts and levels of commissions
  • a large overall commission percentage.

Another notable feature of this company is that it provides its ambassadors their own personal quality website for a $35.00 fee a year. An amount we see as acceptable.

We are giving Plexus a thumbs up and as it is out habit, we would recommend it for both the beginner and the expert multi-level marketers.

Check out our Plexus Worldwide review

Visit the Plexus Worldwide official website


Primerica images of happy families
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We found Primerica to be a very well established company which has a proven track record and set up a proven sales method for their reps.

It is a multi-level marketing program really indicated for those who like doing warm selling. It is also excellent for marketers who love the financial niche and can excel in it.

We give this program a big thumbs up for such marketers whom we encourage to give it a try.

Check out our Primerica review

Visit the Primerica on Wikipedia (None of the Primerica official websites work)


How surprised we were by what we found out while researching this company!

Why not when QNET’s focus on products, their incredible reputation and a very generous business model all go to make them a very desirable place to want to work at.

We are however not sold on the binary business model they use. This could be a big setback.

It is never a good sign when the first commission you get is for recruiting people rather than from making sales. Yet if you work this model very carefully you could make good commissions.

A word of caution for those who may want to make money working a good multi-level marketing program like this one. You will need to be seriously committed to keep both legs working in the business model.

Therefore we give them a hesitant thumbs up and only recommend them with conditions.

Check out our QNET review

Visit the QNET official website


Scentsy offers you the number of tools and the support you need to succeed. You also have a good product and a solid company.

What else you get is the backing of the company for both the products and the distributors. And you even have an exclusive way of marketing the product!

However, to make a good living with this company, you have to be able to sell one-on-one in a party setting, like to be a people person and be creative in your selling and recruiting,.

Although there are small success numbers, for the right person Scentsy is an awesome company to get involved with!

We therefore give it a big thumbs up. We encourage people with the right kind of skills to jump on in and get started!

Check out our Scentsy review

Visit the Scentsy official website


Shaklee officialwebsite homepage showing product being squeezedinto lemon water of glass, with words 'Don'tletthe heat zap your zest hydrating electrolyte drink'
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What we have towards this company is a really good feeling. Should you be wondering why, it is for two reasons:

  • how long they have been in business
  • the quality of their products.

We also like Shaklee’s business plan and how they put the quality and sales of their products above everything else. A good sign of a successful multi-level marketing company for sure.

We are happy to give them a thumbs up for both the beginners and the veterans of MLM marketing.

Check out our Shaklee review

Visit the Shaklee official website


We found that Southwestern Advantage is not your ordinary MLM company at all! But it could just be the ticket you’re looking for to get into the world of direct selling if:

  • you like warm sales to family, friends and strangers
  • door-to-door selling does not bother you, and
  • you do not mind working your tail off,

It not only looks like a huge commitment for unguaranteed monies but that is exactly what it is. Yet a lot of people adore the life lessons learned and many others also make good money with this program.

We like it that independent contractors who display leadership and success in their sales could be offered the opportunity to climb up to a sales team leader for the following summer season.

When that happens, they enter the MLM program with commissions on the contractors in their group’s sales. Other perks also come their way.

Independent contractors for Southwest Advantage have included some very successful people. These are federal judges, senators, governors, and even a federal prosecutor.

In view of all that precedes, we give Southwest Advantage a big thumbs up!

Check out our Southwestern Advantage review

Visit the Southwestern Advantage official website


When we learn that the company has been losing money, it was no brainer that they were going to get a big thumbs down from us.

All the proof we found that the company was bleeding financially came from former distributors that have worked in that area.

However we couldn’t verify this through the company. We therefore fear that this could possibly be a competitor’s ploy to create negative reviews for the company. This is not far-fetched as it has happened to other companies before.

To the company’s credit, all the reports that we have consulted show that they are strong. Stella & Dot are still growing and show a very good financial health.

One may wonder about the company’s poor BB rating. Many reasons can be assigned for this happening to good companies. So it cannot so much as affect our overall decision.
Under the circumstances, the thumbs up we give Stella & Dot Jewelry is based only from reports and on the information we could find about them.

This company looks like a great option for both beginners and veterans of the multi-level marketing niche.

Check out our Stella and Dot review

Visit the Stella and Dot official website


Unfortunately we could not find more information on this company so we worked only on what we could find.

The same goes for the business model on which we could not get a better look.

Getting their text to translate into English also posed major problems for us. Obviously we really cannot say anything about that part of the company we couldn’t get a translation of.

What can we do in the face of this dilemma?

The lack of information prevents us from giving them a thumbs up. We can also not give them a thumbs down because they have an outstanding reputation. They earned this fame both as a good multi-level marketing business and a company having outstanding and well-respected products.

Finding ourselves in the impossibility to classify this company, we will have to leave this to each and everyone to make their own decisions if this company is a viable MLM investment. It’s a pity we couldn’t be of appropriate help in this case but you would agree the circumstances were beyond our control.

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Visit the Sunhope official website


It’s true Team National has a good reputation overall. It’s also true they have been around a very long time. But we think succeeding with this company as a distributor would take a real pro who knows how to do hard selling.

Team National is a legit company and their business plan looks good. But two facts worry us about them? One is the high cost of the memberships. The other is that with a little shopping most of the items offered on their website at a discounted price can be found cheaper elsewhere.

We will give them a thumbs up but with a warning: this is not for the beginner. But a beginner who really wants to get into this must really apply themselves. Besides, they must tackle learning how to hard sell high priced memberships.

Check out our Team National review

Click here to get information about Team National


This company is not a good fit for everybody.

It seems to be geared in every area towards weight loss to which all of their products have some connection. It is therefore indicated for experienced marketers who master how to work with people in the weight loss niche.

These people must also be very good at recruiting and working with new distributors. That’s why it is a no brainer that a person experienced in this area is going to have a hands up on success here.

We give them a thumbs up and recommend them to people described earlier on. There is a good potential to make considerable money with Total Life Changes if the program is worked correctly.

Check out our Total Life Changes review

Visit the Total Life Changes official website


This is not your usual multi-level marketing company.

Right from the start you will be required to do a lot of face to face work with your potential customer base. That is a refreshing idea and could be a lot of fun only if you are an outgoing type of person who likes to host things.

This is another company which has been around forever. They also have a proven track record and product line.

We will give Tupperware a thumbs up but with a bit of a hesitation. This is because it will take a certain flair for hosting people in your home. And doing this takes special kinds of people.

Are you one of them?

Then this may be the place to invest in your future.

The investment levels are affordable. But should the business not work out, you will still come out ahead on the products you get with your kit alone!

Check out our Tupperware review

Visit the Tupperware official website


Vestige Marketing is an excellent choice for both the beginning and the experienced multi-level marketing people. And for two good reasons: they are growing fast and their business model is outstanding.

This company cares about their image, workers and distributors. And all the pointers indicate that they are headed for worldwide success in their niche.

It is no exaggeration that we give Tupperware a big thumbs up.

Our advice is to get on the bandwagon now so that you can get to work and grow along with the company.

It is for the simple reason that they will be witnessing huge success in the very near future. And one must beat the metal while it is still hot. This is the way to go for us on this one!

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We fell in love with this company even while doing the research for its review (link below). We feel they have a well-established track record in the multi-level marketing niche.

It’s not to their credit that their numbers are a bit down from past years. Fortunately they introduced their jewelry line. Besides, they expanded into the USA. These show they are investing in their future in which they believe.

These investments are also in their distributors’ future, distributors that they treat well. This is a wise move because their success is linked up to those of their distributors.

Yanbal of course gets a thumbs up. We recommend them to people who have three qualities: who like giving parties, meeting new people and giving advice on how to use these products.

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The reputation and the commitment of this company to both its workers and customers is admirable indeed.

What is also commendable is their community-mindedness and the support they give many great causes around the world. Indeed, Yofoto have a well-respected charity branch and supply food to the FDA and APAC. The company is currently even working on the development and implementation of stem cell research and treatments.

In view of the preceding and of the fact that they put their workers first, we cannot say a bad thing about them but give this company a huge thumbs up.

We recommend them to anyone who is career-minded. Such people should not hesitate to check out this place that claims you will be treated with the respect you deserve and given all the tools you need for success.

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We like the company, the compensation plan, and the products. On the contrary we abhor the emphasis placed on building your downline over the sale of their products.

Preferring building a downline to product sales puts a bit of a downer on MLM companies. It is also an ingredient for failure of distributors. This is proven by the percentages of distributors who are not making their monthly minimums.

Yet you can still work this company’s compensation program and make money with them. But this, only if you excel recruiting to build a downline. Those who have this acumen should not hesitate to join Young Living. You could just become one of the million-dollar distributors in the company!

Because of this, we have to give this program a thumbs up. We recommend it to those who understand the concept and want to move ahead with them.

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If there is a company which has it all covered as far as multi-level marketing companies go, then this is it.

How can Youngevity be a good fit for you?

There are two reasons.

One, if you like to sell quality driven products that are priced well.

And then if recruiting people on a daily basis is a pleasure for you.

Because those two qualities are what it takes to be successful in this program.

We give Youngevity a big thumbs up. We recommend them for both the starter and the experienced MLM marketer alike. Get on board folks!

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This company passes all the requirements needed for a good MLM company, some of which are

  • The company must be solid
  • The products must be in demand and reasonably priced
  • The business model must allow all distributors to make money
  • The pros of working with the company must outweigh the cons.

That said, we found Younique a time tested company with a good reputation. They not only offer quality products but they do also stand behind them 100 percent.

The company has a strong business model. In the sense that it offers generous commissions on the sales of their products before commissions on recruiting others.

What we deplore is that they have their products all over the internet. Despite that we feel they are still a moneymaker. With them people should be able to build their own customer base in a short period of time.

We give Youique a thumbs up and recommend them as one of the safest multi-level marketing companies to get involved with as a distributor.

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We not only really like this company but their business model too. And who wouldn’t like the fact of Zurvita’s products being in demand but also almost sell themselves?

This doesn’t mean this business opportunity is good for everybody. To make real money as a consultant, you will need to be experienced. You will also have to know how to work the multi-level marketing system to your advantage.

Is such a person you?

Then this is the place for you. And of course we give them a thumbs up.

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  1. Thanks for the list. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to put it together. I have a lot of experience of some of the companies, a little general knowledge of some companies and others I have never even heard of. In relation to the ones I know very I was a little surprised to see they got a big thumbs up when they have a reputation of poor customer service, and pressurising people to purchase training materials.

    • Hi Castle,

      It was my pleasure bringing readers this post. Yes, it took a lot of time and effort to put it together. Even posting it on the site with adding links and images took me countless hours. You were surprised mlms with a reputation of poor customer service, and pressurising people to purchase training materials got ahugethumbs up from us. We don’t base our take on just one factor but on 10! Thanks foryour contribution.

  2. helloo dear thanks alot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, i really want to commend your effort in bringing such site, it really has enlightened me alot, i did some of these schemes then, and i can testify that they do pay, i already saved these post so as to come back for referencing purpose, thanks alot for the info

    • Hello there,

      It was my pleasure sharing this content with you all. And thanks for appreciating my site. Yes, do come back for more. Thanks a lot to you too for your time and comment.


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