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Our view or take of 50 MLM companies we reviewed and recommended

We always round up our MLM reviews with our view or take of the companies. A summary of the review, we avoid bias by basing it on the elements discussed in the review.

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There are so many opportunities in the MLM field today. When choosing one to invest in we must make sure to take a look at all areas of performance and check whether it is a good choice for our money.

We may even recommend a company with some reservations.

Then we will give them either a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the end of this review.

And lastly we give our view of the company.


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N.B.: The companies are presented in alphabetical order.  


We couldn’t help falling in love with this company while researching it. If selling and communicating with people either through group settings or through blogging is your thing, then 4Life could be a good fit for you.

What really impressed us about this company are the popularity, the quality and the prices of their products. We therefore consider it unfortunate that they are present on Amazon and other websites. But since in spite of that they seem to sell well for everyone, maybe we can overlook that as an issue.

So we give 4life a thumbs up. We recommend it for both the beginner (on condition that they study and understand the business model) and the experienced multi-level marketing worker.

Members can make either a part-time or a full-time income with 4Life. And we recommend blogging as the best way to sell to customers and to recruit new distributors to build your downline.

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This is a company that has great products and is well established in its niche.

ACN has its own dedicated servers for their branded voice over internet protocol. This is only available through the company. So we have an exclusive product to sell.

The compensation plan is second to none with many different variables that can be chosen by the members. This is a sort of build your own compensation plan so to speak. And we really like that.

We have to give ACN a huge thumbs up and we recommend this company to anybody looking for an MLM company to make money with.

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We saw negative reports about Ambit Energy but we are not too concerned with them as every company has growing pains. What they did in every situation they faced seems to us to be the right steps to take. Thirdly, they are a very strong and well-respected company.

Furthermore, the company’s products look impressive. Then, their history and their compensation plan set up to help people make money are commendable.

Lastly, Ambit Energy reviews we reviewed are positive so we give them a thumbs up!

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With this company, our take is not only based on our review but also on personal experience.

In effect we grew up using Amway products. So we saw firsthand how the products work, and how eco-friendly they are.

Our use of Amway products came from living next door to a highly successful independent business owner for the company. And our appreciation of the company stem from how much we saw our neighbor constantly flying off here and there on trips and business ventures.

In our research we found Amway’s product line outstanding. We also saw that they back their distributors better than any other MLM company we have reviewed. No wonder they hold the number one spot on the most successful MLM companies in the world.

We can’t but give this multi-level marketing program a huge thumbs up!

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Visit the Amway official website


If writing these MLM company reviews was an easy task, that of Arbonne gave us a hard time.

Arbonne is a legitimate company and it does have a good product line. Unfortunately it does also have some areas of concern. Some of them are pending lawsuits and recalls. Besides, many of its distributors do not make any profits.

Going back to its positive sides, the company has a good business plan in place for experienced marketers. What else is impressive about them is their very affordable start-up cost topped with great discounts. What attracts many of the hard-hitting marketers in search of a MLM company to work with.

However, we cannot hide our concern about the lack of information on any hidden costs that we could not find. The company assures there are no hidden costs and we give them the benefit of the doubt.

We recommend Arbonne for the experienced marketer. But for the beginners the company gets a thumbs down from us as such businesses tend to eat up the inexperienced marketers.

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Visit the Arbonne official website


If you were reading our review, you do not have to reach this point to know that we are going to give this company the biggest thumbs up yet. And they deserve it!

Our advice to anybody wishing to join an MLM company is to get to the Ariix official website below and check them. You would not be disappointed. Then don’t hesitate to get signed up as quickly as you can. For working in this multi-level marketing program can be profitable.

A word of warning though.

Ariix are not for everyone. But if after checking the website you fall in love with it, then this is your opportunity we believe!

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Visit the Ariix official website


Can you make money with Avon?

Avon have the reputation of a leader in the MLM field and they deserve it!

In effect, not all MLM companies are known to care as much about their members as they do their profits. Avon is different on this score and it shows.

Now, can you make money with Avon?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Even not only can you make money with this company but you can make as much as you wish.

This company has been on our list of top MLM programs to review. Having done that, we are now completely sold on their products and their compensation plan. So we give them a huge thumbs up!

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This question deserves to be asked because sales at Avon have been down and the company is in the middle of a reorganization of sorts. Yet they still remain the number two direct sales giant in the industry.

One thing is sure: the company takes care of its distributors, even up to the point of granting them scholarships.

Now, what about the question: “Do Avon distributors make money?”

The answer is yes, they do. In fact, Avon distributors who are good at direct sales can even make all kinds of money.

Therefore being an Avon representative is a wise move for people who have what it takes to succeed in the world of direct marketing.

They therefore deserve a thumbs up from us.

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Visit theAvon official websit


On studying this company and all about it, we conclude that it has every ingredient necessary to be an awesome multi-level marketing program for people to work with.

First, the compensation plan is based on the sale of products. Second, the product line is exclusive. That is, it is only available through Captain Tortue’s consultants. And finally, they have set up a great MLM model.

It goes without saying that they do not focus on recruitment. And what is praiseworthy about them is they treat their consultants like family.

All these go to make them a great place to work. This, for both newbies to marketing and veterans alike.

As long as you can organize home parties, you should be able to take this opportunity as far as you want.

Reason why we give Captain Tortue a huge thumbs up!

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Visit the Captain Tortue official website


Cutco is a very old company that has established great training. It has also managed to make a single-level direct sales program work well.

Yet this MLM opportunity is not for everyone. It is for people who are comfortable doing warm sales.

Cutco is assailed with legal issues. We feel this is just a normal process of changing times and ideas. It is our hope that they will get it all sorted out.

The negative reviews from former workers also seem normal in this setting because the warm selling business model is not for everyone. Therefore this situation does not raise any red flags with us.

We don’t think this company is in any way running a pyramid scheme; they are really legit.

As a commendable way for young people to get into the sales force and get their feet wet, Cutco Cutlery gets a thumbs up from us.

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Visit the Cutco Cutlery official website


Doterra Essential Oils had to battle through storms to be created.

Their former company tried to take them to court and sue them. According to many sources they reportedly had a negative review campaign going. But none has been confirmed.

Every single negative issue brought against them has been disproved. So, the company has not only survived but they continue to grow at an astounding rate.

The quality and purity of their products have withstood numerous scientific studies and analysis.

The company has their own purity program in place to ensure the purity of their oils and products.

We give this program a big thumbs up and highly recommend them to any and all interested in making money working a legitimate MLM program!

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Dubli is that one company that does deliver what it promises to its distributors and customers. Sure, at times they have some kinks in their payouts. But they do make them right. We further appreciate the fact that they claim they are working on bettering the system every day.

What we also like is the Dubli MLM program and the way it is set up. The cashback is a very good way to keep the cash flowing from two sources.

Consider this program if you love shopping or just want to save money shopping from their website. You can also make this a full-time income. The company is set up for success. And the only element missing to make all this come true is you.

We give them a thumbs up and recommend them.

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