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Pain is an essential element of life and spirituality. Instead of avoiding pain look to make sacrifices and embrace hardships intentionally and with purpose.

This might be a hard concept to grasp however here me out. Most people live their lives avoiding all types of pain. When you’re hungry and you finally eat something you feel a level of satisfaction that you otherwise would not if you’re just snacking all day. Working out with weights is difficult however it’s less painful when you are calling on your body to do something that requires you to physically exert yourself. That same lies true with emotional pain. When you sacrifice and give things up intentionally you develop your ability to be disciplined and be focused so that when it does come time to sacrifice / give something up / deal with real hardships and etc… it’s less painful.

It is my belief that today’s ‘first world’ society emphasizes living an easy life without hardships and heavy on creature comforts. I believe this is making us soft both physically and emotionally. I started fasting last week (I am not religious at all BTW) and I can’t believe how much more empathetic it’s made me and it’s helped me with being more disciplined also. Now you might say – why in the world would you create your own hardships? It’s because pain is the great equalizer and an amazing teacher. It’s something that everyone experiences and you either direct it or it directs you.

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