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Pampered Chef Review

Today’s article will be a Pampered Chef review.

Here is a company virtually everyone has heard of and has been around for a very long time.


Pampered Chef showing products and words Go ahead, have a cupcake
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This is a storybook kind of company that got its start in a basement. And it has grown into over 35000 distributors and 400 corporate workers.

We are going to take a look at who this company is, what kinds of products they offer, and how their business plan is set up.

We will then take a look at the pros and cons of becoming a Pampered Chef distributor. And last we will give our views on this company.

So let’s get going on checking them out!


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The company

Founded in 1980 in River Forest, Illinois, PC deals in kitchen tools, cookbooks, and food products. They also carry a line of food transport items and gardening tools.

Doris Christopher is the founder. And as we said earlier, she founded this company in her Chicago, Illinois, home in the basement.

Doris founded the party plan where she sold products during cooking demonstrations. And she has grown the company first into Canada in 1996, then in 1999 into the UK. Next, off to Austria in 1999 and lastly Germany in 2000.

The UK division has since been shut down as of 2015 and is no longer in business.

In 2002 Warren Buffet bought the company through his Berkshire Hathaway Corporation. He installed Tracy Britt Cool as the CEO of the company.

They are traded as a subsidiary and are active in 4 countries today. These are the United States, Germany, Canada, and Austria.

Pampered Chef are number 64 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2019. They have an annual income of 0.20 billion dollars.


The products



Products offered by Pampered Chef are stoneware, cookware, and kitchen tools. Others are garden tools, cookbooks, bakeware, food products, and cutlery.

Their line of product are well known and of the best quality. And they stand behind them with a 100 percent money back guaranty.


The business model

This company is set up in what we call the old fashioned way as far as MLM goes.

You put on parties and sell products at them for a commission while recruiting others to do the same.

Building your downline can increase your commissions quickly. And the company claims that with about 25 hours of work a week you could make on average 45 k a year part-time.

The more you work the more you sell. And the more you make that a full-time effort, it could bring consultants around 100 k a year. And that is not bad money at all.

Starting commissions are 20 percent of sales with a cap at 27 percent as you grow.

You get paid with two deposits a month into your bank account.

To start out with this company you are required to buy a starter kit.

There are two kit options, the $99.00 kit and the larger $159.00 kit.

The kits include products and the sales pitch you will use to sell said products.

You must get to know all of their products and how to best use them to make sales. And they do offer training in this area.

You will also get a personal website that you can sell from. This was a treat to find out as many similar companies promise you all kinds of things but do not deliver. But this one does, with an easy site to get around.

If you enjoy cooking and like to make money, the combination of the two will work well together in making you a good profit. Should that be your case this is the path you want to take.

Another great upside for people who love their products is by being a rep for the company. You do get a great discount on personal purchases, and this stuff is not cheap!

One downside of this kind of business plan is that the company wants its members to start by selling to family and friends. But this is a very limited and personal market that does not last.

In no time a person is out of these types of leads and who wants to practice on your friends and family?

This has always looked cheap to us. But it is used by many multi-level marketing companies. And we know why.

Because it works.

Still we do not like it.

The pros

  • Great company
  • Great products
  • Great business plan
  • Proven business model
  • Personal website
  • Easy to navigate the company website
  • Great discounts on personal products
  • Good commissions
  • Ability to build downlines
  • Affordable start-up cost

The cons

  • Need to love to cook
  • Must understand cookware and kitchenware
  • Do not like the warm market selling to friends and family

Our view

We really like this old school company and feel it has a proven track record. We also think it offers great products for sale through a proven business model.

While this multi-level marketing program is not going to be for everyone, people who love to cook, and understand the workings of a kitchen and all of its components will fit nicely in this company.

The compensation plan is solid. So we have to give this company a big thumbs up. Which means that we recommend it for those who meet the qualifications listed above.

We do not care for the warm selling aspect of the program. That is a personal thing and many people actually do like this way of getting started.

Thanks for checking out our Pampered Chef review and be sure to check out our many other reviews posted under our reviews tab.

We hope we have answered any questions you may have had about Pampered Chef. But we know there are always questions. So feel free to leave any you may still have in the comments section below.

We always want to hear from our readers and until the next time, happy marketing!


Take a free tour of our number one recommendation and see just how easy it is to build your own successful home business!


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6 thoughts on “Pampered Chef Review”

  1. I’m not a fan of most MLM companies, but I have actually heard not many bad things about Pampered Chefs. Like you said, they’re reputable and legit, but it’s more for people who actually love cooking and people need to know about kitchenware and cookware. The earning potential isn’t that bad either! 

    • Hi Nate,

      You’re not the only person who is not a fan of MLM companies. Yes, it’s hard to hear bad things about Pampered Chef. Yes, this company is intended for people who love to cook and who know about kitchenware and cookware. Sure, the earning potential with this company is good indeed!

  2. Hey, While reading the review I found that Pampered Chef is specializes in creating and selling cookware and kitchen accessories. They offer hundreds of products for the kitchen in an affordable price. The company have a positive track record from long time.It offers great products for sale through a proven business model like multi-level marketing program.
    Due to its solid compensation plan I also like it but multi level marketing is not for all in my own views. It need our full efforts.

    • Hey Harish,

      Sure, Pampered Chef’s products are cookware and kitchen accessories. And of course, they are for the kitchen and especially for people who love to cook. If we take the company, the products, the business model, one would find things to the honour of Pampered Chef.

      Yes, the compensation plan is another of its positive points. Yes, despite these, you find that “multi-level marketing is not for all.” To which I agree.

  3. Hello, I enjoy your each review because you provide each details regarding to make a decision. Today while reading on Pampered Chef I got any awesome ideas. Pampered chef uses a multi-level marketing ( MLM ) structure to grow their business. It is also a grate news for Pampered Chef members that Pampered Chef are number 64 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2019. They have an annual income of 0.20 billion dollars.

    I found it is a legit program. Anyone with positive mindset can become successful . Thanks for sharing the info on Pampered chef.

    • Hello Parveen,

      I’m happy that you enjoy each of our reviews. With them, we help our reads decide which one is good to join and which one should be avoided. Pampered Chef, as you observed, is good in its multi-level marketing (MLM) structure, they are among the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2019, and they have a good annual income.

      We found it legit and therefore proposed it as a good program for our readers. Thanks too for commenting this post.


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