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Today’s article will be a Partylite Review.

Coming in at number 83 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world, they report an annual income of 0.273 million dollars.


Partylife image with words 'New Fresh home fragrance' shwoing candles in glasses
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This review will be a bit different from our usual reviews as the products this company supplies are in a niche we have not explored too much: the candle and home decor niche.

Let’s take a look at who they are and where they came from. Then how they started and where they are going.

We will also look at their products and marketing plan, and the pros and cons of doing business with them. Then, lastly, we will give you our opinion of this company.

We will begin with the company itself and move on down the list from there so let’s get started!


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The company

Partylite is a subdivision of Blyth, Inc, and company out of Greenwich, Connecticut. They sell personal and decorative products through both their Partylite and their Visalus divisions.

They were founded in 1976 by Robert B. Goergen Sr, who is the current CEO of the company.

The company is now owned by the Carlyle Group and have over 1700 active employees.

In 1909 a cape cod school teacher crafted a candle recipe that led to the eventual formation of Partylite. And that formula is still used to this day.

Martin Kohler is the current president of the company and he comes from 6 years of running the parent company’s most important division: their European division.

Partylite is sold in 24 countries and has over 45000 sales consultants.


The products


Partylife products labelled 'homestyling', 'signature', 'fresh home', 'find your passion', and 'party our way'
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The product line of this company in our opinion is the best of quality, choice and cost as the lower quality companies like Target and Walmart are not in the same league as these products and cannot compete with them.

Likewise, the more expensive lines like Yankee Candles and the likes are really not any better quality. So their higher prices keep them from affecting Partylite sales.

This makes them a cost-competitive company and we like that!

All of their candles are made from food-grade wax and have pure cotton wicks that do not produce any toxins. And they are billed as clean burn.

The company is cruelty-free and we can get behind this!

Partylite also have an excellent line of flameless fragrance products and essential oils that are second to none. They have some of the most pleasant fragrances we have ever experienced.

In checking out their Home Styling tab, we found a whole line of home decor products that are stylish and really inviting.

They also have a product line called Bebalanced that must be checked out!

You can order products from their catalog or through their distributors. And that makes them exclusive and we love that!

You can become a preferred customer for free by filling out their form on their website. This entitles you to rewards worth 15% of all purchases. You also get monthly offers along with sneak peeks of new collections and upcoming sales.


The business model

The company uses the standard multi-level marketing model most used in this business.

You can become a consultant by choosing one of three kits available for purchase.

  1. 1. The $49.00 kit. This kit is designed for immediate profits and has one decor piece and all the tools you will need to get started.
  2. 2. The $99.00 quick start kit. All of the above plus special quick-start tools.
  3. 3. Delux starter kit. This kit is for those who want to do a large presentation and have a whole assortment on hand. This kit comes with no upfront charges if you hold a minimum $350.00 party

You can see these kits in detail on the company website.

Their compensation plan is hard to find in detail as they keep that information reserved for people who sign up so we recommend maybe doing some readings of reviews from people who work there now by making a Google search.

What we have found are many satisfied distributors and a whole lot of happy customers that will openly recommend this company’s products over anything else available on the market.

They are very passionate!


The pros

  • Established company with a strong parent corporation behind them.
  • Great products
  • Great compensation plan
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Exclusive customer base
  • Exclusive products
  • Eco-friendly products

The cons

  • Home shows required for sales (Not for everyone)

Our view

We really like this company, and we really like this company’s product selections.

They are made in house, exclusively sold through their distributors, reasonably priced and safe.

They put the emphasis on their products and the sales of them over any kind of recruitment of new distributors. And this shows us they are a bona fide multi-level marketing company that puts its distributors first.

We give them a big thumbs up and recommend them to anybody who likes having parties and making money. But keep in mind you really need to like to throw home parties. I know, we just repeated that but it is really that important to understand in order to really excel in this company.

We hope this Partylite review gave you enough information to make a good decision about working with them and investing in their business opportunity.

If you have any lingering questions or just want to leave us a comment please do so below in the comments section as we love hearing from you!

Be sure to pop over to our reviews tab and check out the many other reviews we have posted there. And until next time, happy marketing!


You can build your own home-based business using our number one recommendations step by step hands-on training and you can start today for free! This is the most successful way to build a business offered on the web today and it is waiting for you right now!


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4 thoughts on “Partylite”

  1. It’s quite uncommon I would say to find an MLM that is worth joining and reading this review of Partylite makes me think that they may be worth a try.

    The start-up costs aren’t too bad and learning about there history that there established in the trade, makes me believe that it could be worth giving a shot as like you say the products are also of a good quality.

    Thanks for sharing this review, 


    • Hey Josh,

      Yes, Partylite is one of those rare gems that we don’t hesitate recommending.

      I would encourage you to give them a shot.

      Don’t hesitate to come back here and tell us your experience of them. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a good review to know more about Partylite.

    I’m currently looking for a way to start making some extra money and a friend told me I might could be interested on Partylite as her sister is working on it and it looks like everything is working good for her.

    I thank you for sharing great information about this business and I agree with you, it looks like its a good opportunity for many as a way to make some extra money, but it requires to organize some home parties and I’m not too good at that.

    As I’m looking for a way to work from home and build up an online business, (passive income) I think I will take a look to your recommended way to start making money online.

    Do I need to organize some home parties with it or not?

    • Hello Alejandra,

      Thanks to you also so much for commenting on this review.

      Since you are currently looking for a way to start making some extra money, I think trying Partylite wouldn’t be a bad idea. Besides this review, you have another personal testimoney.

      Unfortunately you’re not good at organizing home parties.

      If you check the site, I think they have consultants who can teach you to organize home parties. Everything in life needs to be learnt. And with passion, what can be impossible?


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