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PennyPays – how to share and earn money


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 Get Your Posts Shared. Get Paid to Share Ads

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Do you want your posts and advertisements largely shared on Facebook? Or do you want to earn money by sharing posts or advertisements on Facebook?

Then PennyPays’ marketing and advertising and earn money program is for you.

PennyPays’s members purchase “shares” for social media marketing and advertising. You get paid to share these posts and advertisements to your social media page and earn.

You make more when you upgrade, yet, you can still get paid to share EVEN AS A FREE MEMBER!

Facebook sharing posts                                                                               

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PennyPays’ facebook share posts and advertisements and earn program uses word of mouth advertising.

Why word of mouth?

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Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. That is great for “Word of mouth” advertising. Imagine having an advertisement that you wish shared to many people’s pages on the world’s premier social media; imagine also having a system that enables you to do that; couldn’t your message go viral?

How does it work?

When you buy shares from your back office and complete the form for the post, any of PennyPays’ members that qualify can “pick them up” and be paid to post them to their “friends” on their social media account as a “share” if they have over 50 followers on their social media account. They are required to leave it posted for 72 hours. Sharing is great advertising because it is based on the old adage “word of mouth is the BEST advertising”.

As you can see from the chart below, the more friends a sharer has the cheaper the share prices.

Does it work?

Yes. PennyPays’ revenue sharing advertising works because people know that Facebook marketing is very powerful. On the other hand, people are very eager to earn online. And PennyPays pay them to “pick up” advertisers’ Shares and send the message out to their social media pages.

Check out below how much you earn depending upon the number of your followers.


Paid Member

Free Member

Share Cost per amount of
friends publisher has.


50 friends


200 friends


500 friends


750 friends


1000 friends



Is the system reliable?


Sure. Each share is not only secure but also verified automatically through PennyPay’s software which is integrated with Facebook. Not only does this software do all of the work for you but also it gives you the statistics.


How much do you get paid?

Purchased “Shares” are put in a queue. You can then pick up those shares from the queue of purchased shares and send them to your Social Media Page. You must have at least 50 friends to qualify to participate. The more friends you have, the more you can earn, as illustrated below:


Paid Member

Free Member

Share Cost per amount of
friends you have.


50-199 friends


200-499 friends


500-749 friends


750-999 friends


1000-2999 friends


3000-4999 friends



Let’s say you have 200 friends on Facebook. And let’s say you share 10 Posts from the Purchased Shares Queue. You just made $2.50. Imagine how much you can earn if you have a large following and if you share a lot each day! Create Account

Paid Members earn commissions (See list below) and their sponsors get a matching pay of 10% of the earnings of the respective Paid Member’s earnings. The sponsor above their sponsor (the second sponsor – or sponsor’s sponsor) will get 5% of the respective Paid Member’s earnings. In the case of Free Members, the sponsors will not earn matching commissions for the Share and Earn commissions accrued by the respective Free Members in the Share and Earn Program.

Eager to start? Good. But mind these rules first

You MUST leave the post on you Facebook wall for 72 hours. If you delete if before that time, you will receive one (1) “Penalty Point” and the commissions for that particular “Share and Earn” will not be paid.

If you total up to 20 Penalty Points then you are disqualified from participating in the Share and Earn Program entirely.

If any purchased Share is picked up and sent out but later, before the 72 hours required is expired, the purchased Share will be re-credited back (as “not yet sent”) and that Purchased Share will still be eligible.

Create Account today for how to advertise and earn money on the internet


Marketing – PennyPay’s 2 X 14 Paying Matrix

PennyPays also offers you the Best 2 X 14 Paying Matrix in the World.

And it costs only $9.95 to start!

Now Earn by Simply Sharing. (Start for F.REE). And the New “Share and Earn” Program Will Pay YOU Month After Month For Years and Years to Come.

Life guard in red, yellow and green
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This is a profitable 2 by 14 paying matrix with a 100% matching pay for referrals. It tops out your earnings at $9,618.80 monthly (Better still, this doubles and triples, etc. as you sponsor more people)! (See the chart) 

1. Upgrade and participate in the World’s Best Paying Matrix Program!

Earnings Potential with 1 Referral: $19,237.60 Per Month!
Earnings Potential with 2 Referrals: $28,856.40 Per Month! (See the chart) 


As you see, you can earn 2 ways with PennyPays. And both are as easy as a pie! The share and earn program is free but when you upgrade, you automatically get to participate in the World’s Best Paying Matrix.


After upgrading, you can refer others using lots of marketing tools in your back office for promotion.

As your matrix grows, you earn a monthly income 2 ways:

Matrix Earnings (See the 2 X 14 Chart below.)
100% Matching Pay (You match by 100% of the Matrix Earnings for All Your Referrals!)


Silhouettes shwoing three men at the top, two below them and one below the two to signify matrix positions.
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(This is in addition to your earnings from the “Share and Earn” Program)


This 2 X 14 Chart displays the MONTHLY MATRIX EARNINGS:


Create Account today for advertising and earn money 2 ways 

Need more information before deciding?

Okay, here are some FAQs

How do I create a Share or Post for Sharing?
Simply log into your back office and click on Create/Purchase New Share. It will be explained as you go through it. If you have questions just mouse over the question mark (?) in the small circle by that particular input text box.
What link do I use for referring?
Your personal link for advertising is found in your back office in “Settings”.
What is the Matrix Earnings?
You make earnings on ALL Active Members on each of the Levels of the 2 x 14 Matrix below you each month. That is called the Matrix Earnings. You earn $0.20 for each member in the matrix below you on levels 1 through 6. You earn $0.25 on members in the matrix below you on levels 7 through 11. You earn $0.30 on members in the matrix below you on levels 12 through 14. (There is also a 100% Matching Pay – of these earnings – on each of your Personal Referrals.)
How much does it cost?
To become an upgraded member, it is only $9.95 USD per month using a credit card or bank debit card or a prepaid debit card. You can also subscribe using, We also have FREE memberships available that can produce earnings through our exclusive Share and Earn Program.
How does the 100% Matching Bonus work?
You match 100% of the Matrix Earnings that all of your Personally Referred members earn. You will be paid 100% (matching) of everything that all of your referrals earn as Matrix Earnings. This is only applied the earnings in the Matrix Commissions (and does not apply to the Share and Earn Commissions).
Do you accept Paypal for the monthly fee of $9.95?
We do NOT use Paypal for collecting the monthly fee of $9.95. That is against the rules of Paypal. You can be paid commissions through Paypal if you select it in your back office.
How does the compensation plan work?
If someone below you remains inactive for 90 days, their spot will be removed from the matrix and the server will compress the lower members upward according the time stamps (the oldest gets moved up first).
What is the 2 in 2 Challenge?
It is only a “verbal” challenge to try to get 2 people signed up below you in 2 days. The “2-in-2 Challenge” states: Get 2 people signed up in 2 days! Get them to do the same in 2 days and so on – AND – in 28 Days, Voila… $28,867.20 PER MONTH is your income now! (Get more than 2 others and this amounts goes much higher with our 100% Matching Pay!)
Is there an age requirement to join?
You must be 18 years old to join if you reside in the USA. You must be of legal consenting age listed for your country of residence. 18 years of age is the minimum in either case.
How does the spillover work?
If your sponsor (or a sponsor above them) brings in someone and the first available spot in that sponsor’s matrix is under you, they will land your YOUR first or second level or beyond (on a subsequent level).
What is the 100% Matching Pay based upon?
You match 100% of the Matrix Earnings of each and every one of your personal referrals. It is not based on their entire income. You do not match what they earn from matching others referrals that they have. You do not match their earnings in the Share and Earn Program.
Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes we do have a Facebook page. It is found at Facebook if you would to go there.


Who can I contact if I have technical issues?
You can contact the developers on their Facebook Page – to get help.
If I buy Local Shares, who gets to pick them up and post them to their Facebook Wall?
As you build your advertisement, or Share, one page there will show you a list of the qualified publishing members, their Facebook names and the number of friends they have. You simply go through and select them by clicking on the ones to whom you want that your ad, or Share, sent for publishing on Facebook. It is placed in their back office and that member is (those members are) emailed with a message telling them that they have a Share to post on their Facebook wall for earnings. They have 48 hours to respond. It they do not respond within 48 hours, it will be sent to another qualified local publishing member with the same or greater number of friends listed on their Facebook page for publishing.
If I buy a Web Share, who gets to pick it up and publish it?
Our software will select the most qualified members ready to pick up and publish your ad, or Share. It is placed in their back office and they are emailed with a message telling them that they have a Share to post on their Facebook wall for earnings. They have 48 hours to respond. It they do not respond within 48 hours, it will be sent to another qualified local publishing member with the same or greater number of friends listed on their Facebook page for publishing
How do I know those publishing my Shares will have a real Facebook page and will not cheat?
Our software is very smart. A member, in order to be eligible for publishing Shares, must qualify their Facebook page from within their back office. All members participating are required to re-qualify each 30 days because status’s change on Facebook all the time. Some people add friends and some people may move. When someone moves, or relocates, our software needs to know their new location for the Local Shares they would be publishing. Our software, which is integrated with Facebook, will know if someone adds 500 friends in one month and it may not allow that because it looks nefarious. Our software reads everything such as how long you had those friends, how often you post on your Facebook wall and how many posts you have posted onto your wall recently and more. Our software will also give Penalty Points for anyone that tries to cheat. It will give one Penalty Point if a publishing member deletes the shared Share in under 72 hours. It will give one Penalty Point for a publishing member that changes the status of the Share/post (i.e. from Public to Private or from Public to “me only”). Our software will remember those points and it will look for qualifying members with the least Penalty Points for publishing your ad, or Share. Our software will also remember who responded the fastest for publishing Shares when they are assigned Shares for posting. It will reward them with more Shares rather than choosing a member(s) that took much longer to respond to previous Share publishing offers.
How do I qualify my Facebook for publishing Shares for earnings?
That is simple. It takes just a minute. Just log in, go to the Share and Earn menu tab and follow instructions for qualifying your Facebook page for publishing Shares.
What can I advertise in a Share? Are there any limitations?
We do not care what you advertise ad long as it is “G” rated; that is, it cannot contain pornography, hatred, violence or other obscenities. It must conform to what we understand to be “family values”. We reserve the right to refuse any Share purchased for any content we deem inappropriate. If a Share is “rejected”, the amount charged for it will be canceled and/or refunded entirely.
How do I purchase a Share?
You must have an account set up first. After setting up an account, you can log in and go to the Share and Earn menu. From there, simply follow instructions. You can select a Local Share or a Web Share. The upgraded members can purchase Shares for lower prices. You can create a free account and use the Share and Earn Program.
Can I sell these Shares to the general public for the advertising?
Yes, you can do that. It is great advertising, indeed, and highly sought after advertising. You can charge a much higher price for your service to make extra money. Businesses everywhere love this kind of advertising and will pay good prices to have their advertisement posted on thousands of local Facebook users’ walls.
How do I know it worked? How do I know that my Share was published?
After you purchase a Share the statistics for that Share are right in your back office showing the number of views you get for each Share.
Does the Share and Earn proceeds get paid to the sponsors at all?
There is a two-tier commissions structure that is applied to the up-lines of both the Purchase of the Shares and to the Publisher of the Shares. The sponsor of the member that purchases the Share gets 10% of the price and their sponsor (the sponsor’s sponsor) gets 5% of the price. The same applies to the member who earns commissions for publishing the Share. The sponsor of the member that publishes the Share gets 10% of the price and their sponsor (the sponsor’s sponsor) gets 5% of the price.
What are the requirements from me to participate in the Share and Earn Program?
You must have at least 50 friends on Facebook to qualify for publishing Shares. That is it. Once you register, either as a free member or as an upgraded subscriber, you must wait 30 days. After that, you will be eligible to qualify your Facebook account for publishing Shares.
Is there a minimum price for purchasing Shares?
There is a $10.00 minimum for purchasing Shares.
Can I edit a Share (ad) after it is already created?
Yes you can. Log in and go to “Share and Earn” then click “My Shares” and hit “Edit” on the Share you wish to edit.

For more FAQs, please click here and click on FAQ.

Create Account today for share advertising 

Now, let’s keep posting and sharing for visibility and profits.


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