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Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools

To take a pictorial tour of Wealthy Affiliate, first you type into your browser window. You will land on the affiliate marketing platform’s homepage.


Wealthy Affiliate home page saying a platform designedfor affiliate marketers of all levels for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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Then you login at the top right hand side and come to the dashboard.

Wealthy Affiliate activity dashboard forwealthy affiliate pictorial tour
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As you see, your dashboard gives you links to all parts of the Wealthy Affiliate site. This is where the tour begins.


The aim of this post is to show you the activities available at Wealthy Affiliate. These are features put at your disposal as affiliate to help you succeed online and make money easily.

So, let’s begin without further ado.

Dashboard, Top Side

First, let’s look at the top side.

To the top left hand side, you can contact your sponsor.

Image of my personal coach that I can contact from the activity dashboard
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I find this recently introduced feature great. Recently I was wondering who my sponsor was for I had forgotten all about them. I asked in the community and someone showed me how to find out.

Now, it’s right there on the dashboard! No more wondering or guessing.

At the extreme top side, you see six icons in the forms of a pencil and W inside a circle. Others are $ inside a circle, reclining airplane with 300 in a circle, bell, and envelope.

I blogged about it here: Details of the 6 Wealthy Affiliate icons at the top of the dashboard

To the top center side, you see your next lesson and can continue working right from here

3/10 shwoing my next lesson: Payingfor Traffic on Bing & Yahoo
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At the top right hand side, you can learn about Wealthy Affiliate.

I blogged about it too here: 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System

Dashboard, right hand side

Now, let’s go to the right hand side of the dashboard.

Live Chat showing some conversation
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This is the live feed of people asking questions and getting answers. You can type in a message at the top and receive feedback from the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Dashboard, Center

The middle side of the dashboard shows many things such as the latest Wealthy Affiliate blog posts of members.

Scrolling down will let you see comments on the blog posts and new premium members to be welcomed by the community. You will also find another area to continue your training, the day’s top 10 posts, and New questions. Finally come New blogs, members’ accomplishments, etc.

Example of a WA members' blog post
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Dashboard, left

The left hand side of the dashboard is the richest area. It has so many activities which we‘re going to look at.


Training is the first activity and maybe, the most important.

Clicking on it gives us:

Training tab showing Online Entrepreneur Certification course, AffiliateBootcamp course, My Training Activity, Training HQ, Classroom  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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Let’s see the different activities you can have under training

Online entrepreneur certification

Online Entrepreneir certfication course details  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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The first wealthy affiliate training is the Certification Course on 5 levels.

Free members can do only phase 1 of the course.

Here you create a site based on your passions.

Every new affiliate starts the learning process here.

You can see I began the course but immediately abandoned it for the bootcamp one (more on this later) for personal reasons. I wouldn’t advise you to do that. In any way I will be going back there soon to create my second website.

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate free starter account to begin your Certification Course.

Affiliate bootcamp course image

Affiliate Bootcamp course phases 1 to 5  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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Affiliate Bootcamp course details phases 6 and 7
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The 7-phase Affiliate Bootcamp course enables you to create a site based on a niche already chosen for you: affiliate marketing. The main aim is to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate free to start your Affiliate bootcamp Course.

My training activity details

Training activity  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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Training HQ details

Training HQ details  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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Training classroom details

Training classroom details
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Websites platform showing the 7 sub-platforms  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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This is where you do everything website.

Free members can have up to two free WordPress sites on the sub-domain.

Premium members can create 50 websites: 25 on your own domain and 25 on a free domain.

As you see, the website also has many sub-platforms.

Let’s see them one by one.

Site Manager

SiteManager shwoing details of my website  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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This is where you have information about your website(s).

Things like the website(s) you are building and many details about it/them. These are Site health, Google Index, Number of pages, Number of posts, your WordPress version, etc.

Site manager enables you to access your website, check the site health and others (more on this later).

Site Manager – Build My Website

SiteManager Build my websites  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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This is where you can build websites.

Site Domain

SiteDomain for registering your domains, transferring them and pointing to them
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This is where you find domains, register them, transfer them, point domains registered outside of Wealthy Affiliate to its Servers, and host your websites.


SiteContent  shwoing details of my writing of blogs  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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SiteContent is where you write and publish your content. It has optimized images and content published here ranks very fast in Google.

In SiteContent you can also see your writing stats.

SiteContent showing my stats and goals
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You can have templates in SiteContent too.

SiteContent writing templates
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SiteComments showing my certified commenter status
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This is where you request comments on your blog posts or offer some on fellow members’.

You buy a real comment from real people at $1 and when you comment, you earn $0.50.

This feature is very good for SEO as this shows Google that your site interests people.


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This is where you Request Feedback on your website(s) from other members and check Offer Request from other website owners.

To request a feedback you must give one to earn 1 credit for that feedback.

This is great for improving your website.


SiteSupport where you can submit a ticketfor support
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This means what it says: technical support for your website issues.

Click here to build your FREE website(s) using SiteRubix.

Live Events

Live Events showing past and upcoming webinars  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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This is where you are informed about upcoming weekly webinars and follow them. You can also follow replays of past webinars here.


Research also has several sub-domains each of which we are going to look at.

Research platform showing 7 sub-platforms  for Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools
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SiteRank showing part for checking site's rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo!
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This is where you track historical rankings and monitor your website authority.

My keyword lists

My stored keyword lists
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This is where you create and manage powerful lists of keywords.

Search analysis

Search analysis
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This is where you analyze your competition and discover SEO trends.

Alphabet soup

Alphabet soup
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This is where you uncover millions of keywords and niches.

Brainstorm HQ

Brainstorm HQ
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This is the place to find trending, popular and lucrative ideas.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs
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This is where you search and find relevant affiliate programs in your niche.

Niche keyword lists

Niche keyword lists
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This is where your searched keyword lists are stored for you.


affiliate program search
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This is where you look for affiliate programs to promote and earn money.

Let’s see an example.

When you click on health and fitness, below is what you see

health and fitness affiliate programs
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Live Chat showing some conversations
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This is where you can chat in real-time to get answers to matters stumbling you on your path to securing your future online.


Help center
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The Help Center has several sub-domains. Let’s look at them.

As you see, this can take you to SiteSupport and Live chat we have already talked about. The others are:

Ask a question

Ask a question
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Is something stumbling you? Simply ask and get answers from the community members in minutes, if not seconds.

Private message

Private message  tab
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Now, Your Turn

Now, having seen all the activities that you can carry out as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, do you think the platform is a good site?

Let us know your comments in the box below.

My Suggestion

Whether you find Wealthy Affiliate a good site or not, testing is believing.

Click here now for your free 7-day trial of the training. No credit card is necessary. There’s absolutely no obligation on your part.

If, after the 7 days, you like what you see, then upgrade to begin your journey to a rewarding career and financial freedom.

On the contrary, just walk away as if nothing had happened. Nobody will bother you.


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