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Plexus Worldwide Review

Today’s article will be a Plexus Worldwide review.

Plexus comes in at number 39 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2020. It has an annual income of $532 million dollars.


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This company is into healthy living. It offers a whole line of some pretty impressive weight management products.

They have been in business for over 60 years and we are excited about taking a look not only at their company and products but especially at their business plan!

How they treat their distributors and what kind of reviews they may already have out on the web will all play into this review. So let’s get started and see what Plexus is all about!


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The company

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Plexus was founded in 2006 by Tari Robinson, who is also the CEO of the company. The co-founders are Alfred Petterson who is the international president, and Alec Clark who serves as the chief marketing officer.

They are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Between them the founders have over 60 years in direct sales and marketing experience in the weight loss niche.

The company is privately traded and has 200 employees.

They are officially listed as being in the health and diet industry.

We are very impressed with their company website, Plexus, as it is easy to use and full of all kinds of information about the company and its products.


The products


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The product line of this company is of the best quality and are 100 percent vegetarian.

They are non-GMO, and for the most part gluten-free. And they carry a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

These products are focused on better digestive health. And according to their website they are on the cutting edge of science.

They are geared to make you all-around look, feel, focus, and live healthier and better.

One example of their products is TriPlex, a formula of probiotics to give you a happier and healthier gut.

Another product is called Nourish One, which are meal packs with a twist.

Not only are they great for you but for every one you buy one is donated to the company’s global charities. This is done through their philanthropic organization Plexus Charities to be given to those in need.

Joyōme Family of products are for anti-aging results that work and work well.

The last example is their newly launched Joyōme™ Multi-Action Collagen Complex. A drink mix to make your skin radiant and younger-looking.

Plexus also claims that their products will help lower cholesterol and also help with blood sugar levels, along with lipid levels.


The business model

The one thing we have found about this company that we were not happy about was that their business plan is a binary MLM plan.

This is set up like most binary plans, with a strong and a weak leg. This is the weakest of the MLM plans used as it tends to keep the people on the top in cash and most of the people below them the workers.

To combat this they have created many different levels for their ambassadors (distributors) to make commissions from, along with many discounts and the likes.

To become a distributor, which the company calls ambassadors, you will first need to buy a starter kit which the company calls a slim pack.

To do this you must create an account on their website and pay the yearly maintenance fee of $35.00 which covers your replicated website.

You will then have 30 days to purchase your welcome package.

You have two welcome packages to choose from, one at $99.00 and one for $199.00.

To qualify to start earning commissions you must sell $100.00 in products. Once that threshold is met you are on your way!

We do really like the size of the commissions.

For example, if you sell one slim pack at retail pricing you will make $100.00. You’d agree that is a nice figure.

If you have a downline selling for you the money adds up real quick. But, and yes, there is always a but: it seems their prices are very high.

Now they do combat this by only offering their products through their ambassadors. So this is exclusive. Meaning, they do not allow any pricing on the internet besides their ambassador’s websites.

You can only sign up to be an ambassador through an ambassador.


The pros

  • Well established company
  • Well respected company
  • Great prices
  • Good business plan
  • Great customer service
  • Exclusive product availability
  • Many different products to choose from
  • Affordable signup
  • Personal website

The cons

  • High prices
  • Binary business model
  • Many different side effects from the products

Our view

Overall we are happy with this company.

While we do not like the binary part of the business model, they do make up for it in several areas. Like, exclusive product availability, multiple different discounts and levels of commissions, and a large overall commission percentage.

We also love that the company provides its ambassadors their own personal quality website for a 35.00 fee a year. This is about as inexpensive as could be hoped for.

We are giving Plexus a thumbs up and we would recommend it for both the beginner and the expert multi-level marketers.

We hope our Plexus Worldwide Review helps you in your search for a good MLM company to invest your time and money with.

Be sure to check out our many other reviews that are posted under our reviews tab above.

If you feel the urge to ask any questions or leave any comments, please do so in our comments section below.

We love to hear from each and every one of our readers and, until next time, happy marketing!


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4 thoughts on “Plexus Worldwide Review”

  1. The common thing I find with multi-level marketing companies is that the products are normally very inflated in price. However I think that plexus has done so well for themselves and the quality of their products is second to none, and their customers become repeat customers buying from them again and again.

    I have also tried some of their products and loved them, but can’t afford to use too many of them. I was interested to learn they had a collagen product, and I wonder if drinking collagen really makes a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels?

    • Hi Michel,

      You’re right, multi-level marketing companies usually sell their products at very inflated prices. Why not when they have to pay their members high commissions which can come from nowhere except the sales? So they work the commission into the prices. But when people become repeat customers, it could be due to the two factors that you mentioned: affordable prices and quality products.

      You have tried some of their products and loved them, but can’t afford to use too many of them, why? Because of the price? I have never used collagen products and don’t have any idea if drinking collagen really makes a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels.

  2. Thank you for this review of Plexus worldwide!

    I know a lot of MLM companies in the fitness & weight loss management field, but unlike some companies like Nutricellex that make false promises, it seems that Plexus Worldwide is a well-established company that provides quality service to its clients. This is no doubt if they have been able to resist the competition all this time.

    However, (I don’t know if it’s because I failed to make the grade) I am not a fan of this business model for reasons that many know such as lack of adequate training, no independence and often poor quality of service.
    All these make the process of making real money difficult. This is why I prefer affiliate marketing where my earning lonely depends on my work and not someone else or my team.


    • Hello Sebastian,

      Thank you too for your comment on this review.

      Sure, Plexus Worldwide is a well-established company for the fact that they provide quality service to their clients. They have also been able to resist the competition. Both positive points that you raised.

      You are one among many that do not like the MLM business model for the same reasons you gave.

      Contrary to the MLM opportunity where it’s difficult to make money, affiliate marketing however enables you to earn, as you remarked, solely on your work and not someone else’s or your team’s.


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