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Poverty kills people: after coronavirus we can no longer ignore it | Polly Toynbee

Even before the virus struck, life expectancy was in decline for those at the sharp end of Britain’s growing health inequality

Nothing is surprising about the latest figures showing that people in deprived areas are dying of coronavirus at double the rate of affluent areas. Shocking, perhaps, but the ONS findings follow a pattern that is familiar to those who research the impact of wealth on health.

So far they have been raising the alarm to deaf ears. The governments of the last decade have widened the health and wealth divide. The recent Tory era is defined by its most measurable outcome – the abrupt end to increasing life expectancy. For the first time in a century, women in poorer places are dying younger than those born before them. For the first time in anyone’s lifetime, infant mortality has risen. The country entered this crisis in social reverse.

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