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Primerica Review

Today’s post will be our Primerica review.

This company is not talked about much but is a very strong multi-level marketing company.

Primerica review for communication & training, licensing, marketing
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People think that they are specific to insurance agents and the likes. But that is not true at all which you will see as we get into the specifics of this program.

As always when we do these reviews, we are looking for the strength and integrity of the company. We also check if they are profitable as an MLM program. Lastly we consider if they take care of their customers and their distributors.

With those guidelines in place, let’s go see if Primerica meets these requirements and also if they are indeed a good MLM company.


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The Company

Primerica is a publicly-traded company that was founded on February 10th, 1977 by Arther L. Williams Jr. and is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.

The company is number 15 on the list of the top 100 MLM companies in the world and boasts an annual revenue of 1.69 billion dollars.

It employs 2154 full-time employees and another 614 that are on call. They deal with debt management plans, insurance, credit monitoring, and investment funds.

Primerica are the largest company in America that deals with independent financial services.

They are listed on the New York stock exchange and pay out an average of 3.8 million benefits daily.

The company is well respected in the financial industry and stand behind their services 100 percent.


The Compensation plan


It was very hard to find specifics of their program. Their website is very vague and speaks in general terms. It is also not very professional looking. This kind of surprised us.

We had to dig deep and read many reviews to get the following information. This is because they seem to want you to create an account and sign in to get any real information from their website.

They have an eleven tiered multilevel marketing system. This system pays up all eleven levels through commissions of sales of their products and services.

Primerica are not a pyramid scheme. And it is possible to make 95 percent of profits on sales as one grows in the company. But it takes a serious commitment to making these kinds of profits.

There is a $99.00 one time fee to join Primerica. Then comes a $25.00 monthly fee from that point on.

The company calls their sales force investment representatives. They ask these people to make warm sales calls with family and friends.

The reps are also encouraged to set up over the kitchen table meetings with anyone they think they can turn into customers.

Primerica supplies sales meetings and training meetings. This is for the purpose of learning the products and teaching you all the information you will need to become licensed to sell life insurance.

They also ask for lists of friends, relatives, and acquaintances and their phone numbers. It is to help set up sales calls for their reps.

As you see, this started out looking pretty good at the beginning. But now it is starting to sound like a very specific way to make a living. This system is reserved for those who excel in these types of businesses.


The Pros


Primerica sales approach
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There are many pros for the right kinds of people. And of course, only you know if you have what it takes to work under these conditions.

You can make a lot of money with Primerica if you are the kind of person that can sell to your family and relatives. This is also true if you can make cold-call sales.

It is a solid company that is well respected by others in their industry. Besides, they are willing to walk you through all training and licensing that are required.

Primerica has weekly training meetings and plenty of support available. It is to make sure you succeed. Because without you the company would not work.


The Cons

One thing we did not have any trouble finding is plenty of cons for this multi-level program from the average marketer. But keep in mind these cons are coming from people who could not make money doing this type of marketing. One would expect them to give a negative review of this company.

The first thing we found is they do not put their representatives first. This comes from the fact that many former sales reps report they were constantly telling them that they did not need to understand the product, they must just sell it. This tells up they put the product first which is a huge red flag.

Many reps complained of higher prices on renewals. Besides, their products and services run an average of 25 percent higher than their competitors’.

The company targets low-income households and they load down their reps with services they really cannot afford.


Our Take on Primerica

We understand Primerica is a very well established company with a proven track record and a proven sales method for their reps.

But we feel this is really a multi-level marketing program for those who like doing warm selling. It is also for those who love the financial niche and can excel in this type of setting.

If this person is you, then we give this program a big thumbs up and encourage you to get to it!

But if you are an average marketer looking for a reliable way to make money without the pressure of selling to your friends, we recommend to keep searching. There are many other programs to choose from.

We hope this review helps you in your search for an online business opportunity.

Should Primerica be what you are looking for, we wish you all the best. But if it is not, then check out our reviews tab and see if you can find something else that interests you.

Be sure to check back daily as we post a review a day. We would really love to help you find a good investment in your future!

Please give us some love and share this article so others get a chance to check it out!

Happy marketing!

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16 thoughts on “Primerica Review”

  1. Thanks for this post on the Primerica reviews, this is good online marketing i have on the platform for some months now and trust me it has been a good one for me, am doing warm selling and i excel in this type of settings it’s a very good settings for a business marketer like me ,thanks if you are into warm selling get in contact with this company it’s a good business for you 

    • Hello Rose,

      Thanks too for commenting on this post. Oh, so you have been using warm selling in your online marketing for some months now? And it has been a good one for you? I’m happy you excel in this type of settings. Yes, I’m into warm selling too, because cold selling freezes me in my tracks.

      Thanks for your contribution to this discussion.

  2. I think it’s really irresponsible of a company to advise that their reps merely sell the product without making them extensively familiar with it. This makes it sound to me like they know that their product isn’t worth what they’re charging. It sounds like they would expect their representatives to drop out if they really knew what they were selling. Also targeting people with low income sounds highly suspicious as well. MLMs really just use their reps to make the owners more rich. It’s a really unfortunate situation.

    • Hi CJ Greene,

      I would rather say it’s unethical a company to push their reps to just sell the product without getting them to know them. As you suspected, maybe the company’s products have red flags so they don’t want people to get familiar with it. Exactly! Once you find out a product is bad, the next thing is you run the other way. But if they keep you in the dark, then you can run around making money for the owners and the big boys. We’re living in a wild world.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Thanks for this post on the Primerica review, I have been hearing about this company for some months now but really don’t get a better view on them, but this post has made me more on what they are really into, am into marketing warm selling i hope this company would be a better one for me am trying them out soon , thanks 

    • Hello Rose,

      Thanks too for your valuable comment on this post. Oh, so you  have been hearing about the company for some months now but really did’t get a better view on them? Then I’m tickled that my post has made you more aware on what they are really into. Since you are into warm selling, why not try and see if this company would be a better fit for you. Yes, try them at all cost. And let us know how things turn out.

  4. hello primerica is a very well established company with a proven track record and a proven sales method for their reps but Some insurance experts criticize Primerica for its multi-level marketing structure and lack of life insurance policy choices. Primerica doesn’t provide life insurance quotes on its website, making it hard to compare its prices with other insurers

    • Hello Jennifer,

      There’s no doubt that Primerica is a very well established company with a proven track record and a proven sales method for their reps. It isn’t surprising that some insurance experts criticize it for its multi-level marketing structure and lack of life insurance policy choices. Experts are like that. As soon as something is offered outside the model that they know, they begin to lose their focus. But sometimes too they are correct. You yourself said that “Primerica doesn’t provide life insurance quotes on its website, making it hard to compare its prices
      with other insurers”. Isn’t that worrying? Transparency is a huge factor in that industry. And any departure from the norm could be a red flag.

  5. thanks for this review I have taken the time to read over a lot of these reviews and I think that it is so absurd what so many of these people have claimed. Many reps complained of higher prices on renewals but the fact that You can make a lot of money with Primerica if you are the kind of person that can sell to your family is nice. dont you think?

    • Hello Dolapo,

      Thanks too for your comment on this review. The mlm companies claim what they wish. It’s up to the customers to open their eyes. I think that price hike applied to reps on renewals sounds like a red flag. Yes, if you have what it takes to market Primerica, then you have the future cut out for you. Are you one of these people?

  6. A very fair review on Primerica. My parents were Primerica reps about 10 years ago. They did all of the training and “warm called” all of their family. They did not do very well in the business as it really wasn’t the model of business that they truly enjoyed. My husband and I did sign up with them, but did not renew with them once the agreement expired. Like you stated in your review, Primerica is more expensive then other non MLM companies. Thanks for this review.

    • Hi Anna,

      I’m happy that you found my review on Primerica fair. Having read your comment I found that you’re qualified to make that judgement. With your parents having been Primerica reps, and you having watched them do all of the training and “warm calling” all of their family and still not doing very well in the business, and worse you and your husband signing up with them and giving it up, speaks volumes about this business.

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. Hello I was looking for a Life Insurance and I did my homework thru internet and local agents. Finally I met an agent of Primerica and she explain the different types of policies. there are too many concerns with primerica and it is troubling i think they need to do a check on their entire process especially the multi level marketing. thanks for the review.

    • Hello Benjamin,

      Oh, you got a Primerica agent to explain the different types of policies to you? From the rest of your comment it appears as if you weren’t satisfied with their explanation. I hope you can come back and explain some more.

      Thank you.

  8. Thank you for your honest post about Primerica. Possibility of earning 95 percent of profits sounds amazing! And the facts that they offer support and trainings. I love how you stated that negative comments are coming from the ones who tried and failed earning money by working with Primerica.

    I knew they are not for me when I read that it’s for the ones who love financial niche and can make sales to family and relatives. But I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who can relate to this, and will be happy to read information you provided.

    • Hi Katja,

      Thank you too for your comment. It was a pleasure serving readers this information. Yes, 95 percent profits is a dream figure. Coupled with support and trainings, then you have a winner. Of course, people who try and fail earning money by working anything will whine and complain about it, be it their own faults or the company’s.

      Yes, the financial niche is not for everybody. I guess anything financial or mathematical puts a lot of people off even before they give it a try. I’m not an exception either. We are all different people so others may find this business model interesting and go into it. For these, I wish them good luck.


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