Promote your blog post by emailing them

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Got a blog?


Did you know that you could use RSS to email your blog posts to your readership? (Check RSS down here)

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Why must you email your blog articles?

By transforming your most recent blog posts into a newsletter and automatically delivering them to your readers, AWeber is promoting your blog articles to help boost your blog’s readership.

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So, feed Your Newsletters

Since you have a blog, probably you have an RSS feed also.

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What’s RSS?

RSS enables your blog to talk to other services and newsreaders.

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How do you go about it?

To transform your blog posts into a newsletter, you simply give AWeber your feed and let them know how often you want the message sent.

AWeber will automatically take your feed and convert your RSS into email marketing newsletters!

Can AWeber broadcast from My Blog Platform?

Which blog software do you use?

Don’t worry.

AWeber has got you covered. Their RSS to email feature is available for all major blogs with an RSS feed.


Wireless, LAN, ethernet broadcast represented by yellow billowing waves from a circular point


Now, Broadcast From Your Blog

To keep your blog readership up-to-date not only on all blog posts on your blog but on everything else happening in your business. You’d certainly agree that there’s not been a better way to send fresh, new content regularly to your subscribers.

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Click here to watch the video “Create an email newsletter with Aweber”


Click here to watch the video “Email autoresponders from Aweber”


Click here to watch the video “RSS to email with Aweber”


Click here to watch the video “Manage multiple email campaigns”


Download email-marketing-guides/aweber-overview.pdf 


Click here to watch the video “Webinars/intro to AWeber’s affiliate program” 


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