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QNet review

Today’s article will be a Qnet review.

This is a multi-level marketing company based in Hong Kong and is number 51 on the list of top 100 MLM companies in the world.


QNET distributors ina group photo to signify QNET review
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We have wanted to do a review of one of these companies based out of China for a while. So when this one popped up on the list we jumped at the chance of doing this review.

We have so many questions concerning how an MLM company runs in China and how it would be possible to make money with a business based in this country.

Let’s get started.

As we would with any other MLM review, we write by starting out with the company, then work our way down the list of products, business models and the pros and cons.

By the end of this article, we may be able to give an honest opinion as to whether they get a thumbs up or a thumbs down.



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The Company

Qnet is a privately traded company based out of Hong Kong, China.

They have an annual income of 0.415 billion dollars and their products include weight management, energy, and home care. Others are personal care, nutrition, watches, health devices, education, beauty, and fashion.

Also offered are services in education, lifestyle, and travel.

Founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and named Goldquest, they first focused on small commissions. But they soon changed to MLM and became one of the largest MLM companies in the world.

QNet is owned by the QL group out of Hong Kong, China. It still employs its founder, Vijay Eswaran, who is the most sought after mentor and guide for multinational corporations.

He graduated from The London School of Economics and found himself interested in MLM.

He has become the go-to guy for anything and everything in the MLM niche and is a very successful and driven man.


The Products


Smiling family of 4 for Qnet's health & wellness product
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Qnet offers a huge line of products including many unbranded products that are sold worldwide under various labels.

They specialize in air and water purification systems and solid gold commemorative gold coins.

They also offer what they call aspirational products that deal with nutrition and health along with wellness brands, which manufactures Bio disc.

These products are distributed through many different outlets under many different names. And the potential to move large quantities of inventory is very good. This means the potential to make money is very good too.

Their products are very health-minded. Their water purification systems are noted for eliminating pollution in the home and it is a huge selling point for health-conscious customers.


The business model

The company is set up on a binary MLM model. It allows compensation
for sales from everyone in your group and gives its distributors 8 different ways to earn money.

They allow profits from:

  • Early payout
  • Repeat sales promotion
  • Travel incentives
  • First purchase profit
  • Step commission
  • Year-round rewards
  • Rank advancement bonus
  • Retail profit

With these eight different ways, money can add up rather quickly. And it does, according to what their distributors are reporting, despite the binary business model.

We will discuss this more shortly.

The fact that they are based in China really does not matter as they have so many regional offices throughout over 100 countries. So finding a branch that works where you live is pretty easy.

To become what they call an independent representative (IRs) you simply find a local office and buy a ten dollar starter kit.

You will then earn $250.00 for recruiting six people for your down line, three on the left and three on the right. These are called legs, and this is where our concerns lie.

The only complaint we have with this business model is it is binary and thus hard to maintain the legs. And if you are not careful they can collapse and you will then need to start all over again.

When using this model you must get both legs of your group to perform the same. But this is very hard to achieve. Thus what happens is the people who are put in line early make all the money and those that join further down the line end up coming up short. Hence the model will collapse.

This is borderline pyramid scheme material.

The Pros

  • Many different products
  • Unbranded products
  • Healthy products
  • Official coin supplier for most international events
  • Many different partners
  • 8 earning levels
  • Weekly payouts
  • Greatly respected company throughout the world

The Cons

  • Binary business model
  • Lots of legal problems


We want to point out that the legal issues we have researched all seem to be around their gold coin business. And considering how large this operation is, we are not surprised there are reports of issues.

It is hard to find any corporation that does not have some legal issues when doing business in so many different countries. So this does not worry us much.


Our View


We are very surprised by what we found out while researching this company.

Their focus on products, the incredible reputation they have and a very generous business model make them a very desirable place to want to work.

We are concerned by the binary business model which could be a big setback. But if you work it very carefully you could make good commissions. However it is never a good sign when the first commission you receive is for recruiting people rather than from sales.

We are going to give them a hesitant thumbs up and we will recommend them with conditions.

Anyone who may want to make money working a good multi-level marketing program can do so with this one but be warned. It will take a serious commitment to keeping both legs working in the business model.

Thanks for checking out our review and we hope it helps you in your search for a good MLM program.


Be sure to check out our other reviews posted at our “Reviews” tab and until next time, happy marketing!


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6 thoughts on “QNet review”

  1. I think you gave a fair review of Qnet. I have stayed away from it because of the cons you listed. I have had too many bad experiences with MLMs especially ones with existing legal problems. Certainly can make money with their products and business model but I don’t think this one is for me. I look forward to reading some of your other reviews and recommendations.

    • Hi Lee,

      I’m glad that you estimate my review as fair. I’m also happy that you identified the cons I listed as the same ones which made you stay away from QNET. Yes, if an MLM company has legal problems and you join them, chances are great that you will fall into some of the problems which sent them to court. If you feel you must avoid them, then it’s maybe your instincts speaking to you, so please do so. To read more of our reviews, you simply need to check our reviews tab or come here everyday for a new one and some recommendation. Thank you.

  2. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find pros in MLM companies, this review made a good attempt of finding the positives in QNet. I’m interested in finding out more about their unbranded products without having to be an independent representative myself and I’ll look for one locally. It would be a good idea if the company had a way of posting out product samples on request

    • Hu Lulukay,

      If you look at bad MLM companies, of course finding pros would be a difficult task and of course pretty easy to find cons. Should it be a good MLM, the opposite will be the case. Certainly if it’s an MLM which is between the two, then there will be pros and cons. I’m sure if you contact one of their distributors or the company itself, you’ll have the necessary information about their unbranded products. Regarding posting out product samples on request, I think it’s an idea which the company may consider if they feel it can help their business.

  3. I appreciate the review. She is good and honest. I checked and in my country has no offices. Anyway, in MLM I can’t handle it, I tried years ago. I don’t know how to sell products from man to man. I think you have to have some talent for that. It sounds like a generous MLM if you are serious about your work.

    • Hello Carmen,

      I appreciate your comment on this review too. Thanks for finding it good and honest. If there is no QNET office in your country, there certainly will be one in a country near to you. Unfortunately you don’t fancy MLMs since you can’t sell products face to face. Some people are very gifted for that. I also prefer to sell from a distance. I’m not very good with direct human contact. One day I want to learn to overcome this handicap.


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