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Resell Rights Weekly (RRW), A PLR and RR Membership Site

No time to read the whole Post? Or, do you love videos? Then kindly watch this one below:

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One of the easiest and fastest ways to start a business online is to look for private label rights and resale rights products to buy and sell. The best way to do this is to join a PLR and RR membership site. The aim of this blog post is to help you do just that. The site I’m going to suggest is Resell Rights Weekly, RRW.

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For the moment I want you to watch the short video below:

RRW is a totally FREE Membership site that offers its members hundreds of dollars’ worth of over 728 hot selling Private Label Rights (PLR) and Resale Rights (RR) Products. With them you can also download brand new products each and every week!

Not only that …

… But best of all you also get to pocket all the money!

Now, let’s see how a membership site works:

1) They offer you a product with resale rights to purchase.
2) You resell the product as many times as you want.
3) You keep all the money!

A fairly simple process, you’d agree!

But, there’s just one small catch …

Its’ that purchasing products with Private Label Rights (PLR) or Resale Rights (RR) can cost you a lot of money!

Let’s take the case of a friend called Sean Robinson … 

Sean confessed that he used to spend not less than $600 every month on resale rights products. All this in a bid to increase his online income — to get ahead.

But what really happened to Sean?

He was sinking deeper and deeper into debt. All because he was doing two things wrong: spending way too much time chasing down Resale Rights products and spending way too much money buying them!

But the inevitable caught up with Sean. He finally reached a point where he just felt like quitting. Sounds familiar, right?

Now, may I ask you a question …

How much have you spent on Resale Rights Products?

Nothing yet?

Lucky you!

Way too much?

Well, don’t feel too bad about it because you’re definitely not alone in that boat!  

There are several people out there who spend well over $500 each month just trying to make money with resale rights products! 

Let’s take a second to make the math … most resale rights products sell for anywhere from $27 on up to $197. For just a single product! Now, supposing you wanted to purchase rights to five products each month? Or a dozen? You would have to dish out at least $300 – $500 every single month! But …

What if:

 You could download two brand new digital products with private label rights or resale rights each and every week … for free? 

 You could instantly have access to over 728 ready to sell products … that’s hundreds of dollars’ worth of hot selling digital products with Private Label Rights and Resale Rights … for free? 

 You could have RRW’s Resource Toolbox with instant access to over 330 internet marketing tools that will dramatically help you generate more income on the internet … for free? 

 You could have instant access to the special Members Forum where you could interact with other members and access detailed reports on how to make money with PLR/RR products … for free?


When you sign up for your Free Membership in Resell Rights Weekly, you will be given free instant access to digital products. 

How much of them, you may be wondering.

Hundreds of dollars’ worth.

How many products?

728 products at last count in the membership, all ready for you to download. Plus …

… every week, 2 new downloadable products with either PLR or RR will be added to the membership. 

How wonderful is that?

Listen. Most memberships charge $20 and up per month, and all they stock in the members’ area are old outdated products!

That’s not the case at Resell Rights Weekly! You’ll have only fresh new quality products to download in the member’s area. No wonder, RRW is the membership that over delivers … like the Golden Rule says, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!’

Images of some private label and resale rights products from Resell Rights Weekly
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What Products Will I Be Able To Download?

The products available to you in the membership area include new software, new ebooks, new info products, new program scripts, new audios, new videos, new templates, new graphics, new PLR articles, and new niche products. Here’s a small sample of the products that were uploaded to the free member’s area recently:

What Else Will You Have Instant Access To?

Some PLR and RR products displayed around an order form with CTA Order Now!
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After signup, you also will have instant access to over 330 free tools to bring much more profit to your web business!

Here’s a very small sample of what is included in these 330+ free tools:

Free FTP software, free office suite application, free image editing software, free video editing software, free audio recording and editing software, free video and screen capture software, free antivirus/firewall, free SEO tools, free keyword research tools, free HTML editor, free PDF tools, etc., etc.

 So Why Pay For These Products When You Can Get ‘Em Free?

Click here now for your Free Membership in Resell Rights Weekly and get instant access to over 728 HOT Selling digital products you can start selling today for instant profits!

You can also use these products as lead magnets, lead generators, bonuses for other products, one-time-offers, upsells, downsells, or backend offers! 

Here are some of the benefits of your membership:

 You can sell these products over, and over again … as many times as you like!
 You keep 100% of the money! You pay nothing!
 Hot new products are added every single week (even Holiday weeks!)
 The products added to the member’s area are new … not old outdated junk!
 Get instant access to new products as they become available.
 Build yourself an online empire with many different products.
 Save yourself hundreds of dollars … never again will you have to pay for resale rights!
 Create multiple income streams … never again will you have to rely on just one product for income!

So join RRW and start Raking In The Profits Today!

Most of the products added weekly to the membership area come with a turn-key marketing kit. This consists of:

 Professionally written sales letter. 
 Professionally designed website. 
 Professionally designed download page. 
 Professional graphics. 
 The actual product (pdf, software, video, program script, MP3 audio, etc.)

If the product is a Private Label Rights product, you will also receive the source files, such as:

 Text file. 
 Word Doc file. 
 Audio file. 
 AVI video file. 
 Software/script source code.

How about downloading all this … for free? YES, you can! 

Now, why Is This Membership Free?

The answer to that question will shock you because it is surprisingly simple and honest. 

As corny as this may sound, Mark Austin (the founder of the site) really likes to help people. For him life is NOT always just about making more money, ‘climbing the corporate ladder’, and being super successful! While those things count in life, what’s most important to him are family and friends … in short, relationships. 

Mark has been very fortunate in life as he has been blessed with family and friends who have helped him to succeed … and now he wants to help you to succeed too! 

Secondly, Mark’s RRW offer has a Gold Membership level. Many Free Members later choose to join the Gold Membership (which you’ll hear more about later after you join). The income from the RRW Gold membership makes it possible for Mark to offer you this free membership.

But don’t worry, you are under absolutely no obligation to upgrade … you can stay a free member for as long as you wish!

Note, however!

Increasing hosting bandwidth costs will not allow Mark to continue offering free membership in RRW forever!

As more people join RRW, Mark’s hosting costs go up even more. To keep up with that he will have to revise that policy, though. 

So take advantage of this free membership in Resell Rights Weekly before it’s too late!

Special Membership Perk:

Instant Access To The RRW Members Forum!

In the RRW members’ forum, you will be able to interact with your fellow members to discuss important topics like making money online, getting traffic to your sites, and how to profit from Resale Rights and Private Label Rights Products! 

There’s no doubt at all that you will especially like the Free Detailed Marketing Reports where you will find special reports such as:

A list of PLR and RR digital products ready for download
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 Getting Traffic To Your Website 
 Creating Your Own Hot Product
 Profitable Niche Secrets Revealed
 Flipping Websites For Quick Cash
 Understanding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
 Basic Methods For Marketing Your Business
 How To Increase Your Income PER Sale
 Skyrocket Your Online Income With Backend Sales
 Build an Information Product Empire
 How To Get All The Free Traffic You Want 
 Getting Your Prospects To Read Your Emails 
 How To Make More Money With Information Products 
 Getting Greater Profits From An Opt-in Email List 
 Unlocking The Secrets Of Search Engines 
 Web Copywriting Made Easy 
 Profitable Squeeze Page Tactics 
 Using Webinars To Increase Your Profits
 Setting The Price On Your Product
 Track Your Ads
 Where To Find Hot Product Ideas
 Quick Ways To Boost Your Profits
 Search Engine Optimization 101
 How To Make Money Online!
 The Power Of Testimonials
 Creating A Profitable Website
 Building Relationships Through Email = Increased Profits
 Spike Your Income With A Firesale
 How To Monetize PLR Content & Create Multiple Streams Of Income
 Turning PLR Products Into Cash Machines!
 And many other details reports!

Special Gift Just For You:

To wish you a special “Welcome To RRW”, you will also be able to instantly download over 10,740 Private Label Rights Articles covering 320 different niches!

These are quality PLR articles that you are free to do with as you please … such as:

� Combine multiple articles to easily create an eBook!
� Use them as content for your website!
� Use them as blog posts!
� Use them for your newsletter!
� Rewrite them and submit them to the article directories!
� Use them to promote your own products!
� Use them to promote affiliate products!
� Use them as “opt-in bait” to build your list!
� Use Audacity to record them – sell the MP3, or package with an ebook!

You have been dying to make money online at home free, haven’t you?

Now the opportunity is within a mouse click away!

Selling digital products is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the easiest and quickest ways to make serious money online.

As more and more people venture online, the demand for digital products will continue to increase. Do you want to get your share of the pie? 

Join now for free! 


Need more information? Signup here now! 


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