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Some of the most frequent free resources a good program will provide you as an affiliate to promote the link for your online business are classified ad, flyer, and social buttons. Others are capture page, splash page, website banner, email swipes, blog post or blog review or press release, and customer testimonials.

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In the post, EasyCash4ads, a home based business that works, I detailed how to use classified ad, flyer, and social buttons to promote. In the present article we are going to look at the others for marketing your online business.

The aim of this post is to incite you to have a look at these resources because many newbie marketers neglect them and go about scratching their heads as to how to get signups for their business and how to recruit strangers into their new business. And completely disorientated, they go about whining that their business is not working.

No matter the resources companies provide you to promote your affiliate link, you should realize that, like any other thing, what you put in is what you get out. If you put in a mediocre effort, you should also expect a mediocre result, and if you put in      an outstanding effort, you should also expect an outstanding result. So before you blame the system, consider what you put into it.

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Capture Page

An affiliate link is meant to present a business succinctly to the person who clicks on it. Usually visitors click out of the page before or at the end. To avoid losing such prospects forever who may have an interest in the business now or in the future, they are directed to or asked to click to another page for more information. The page they land on is the capture page. (Or the landing page).

Why “capture page”?

In a capture page, the sales page is personalized for the visitor when they click through to it after opting in. The visitor’s first name and email address usually are captured, so they will be addressed by that name henceforth.

Capture pages are near guaranteed as to how to get more signups for your online business, to build your list and promote your offers.

When a visitor opts in to receive the information, the program’s system will follow up on your behalf and sometimes also send you an email containing the main lead details such as name and email, and sometimes IP address, date and time.

This is what easycash4ads does. And even in the near future they plan to deposit these leads directly onto your auto responder if you have an account with GetResponse and Aweber.

Like a car, a capture page does not work on its own. It needs traffic. The best source is solo ads.

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Buying Solo Ads for capture pages

A solo ad is a standalone email (meaning your message goes out without any others attached to it), a form of advertisement that ezine administrators send to their email subscriber base or list.

For those of you who haven’t been marketing on-line, this is the way to go.

Solo ads will give you an extremely high probability to get sign-ups. When you consider the joy that your first sale brings and how this is going to drive your business and make your income to increase, buying a solo ad could be the best investment you ever make for your business.

There are many solo ad providers out there but the one I can unreservedly recommend is Udimi


All of Udimi’s solo ad sellers are screened and rated by the buyers on opt-in rate and sales made.

Why should you trust that?

Being a lifetime rating, you are assured of getting only the best targeted traffic.


If you have money to throw down the drain, go ahead and buy that dirt cheap $10 solo blast to 10,000 people. But if you want real results, use only reputable suppliers from where you know.

Click here to use Udimi as one of the best ways market your online business

Don’t forget this

Track your opt-in sources.


To know which traffic source is bringing you the best result and concentrate on it. Who bets on a losing horse?

If you are promoting easycash4ads, simply add &rs=xxx to your link to have the referring source included in the lead email sent you.

Let’s say you are sending traffic to your capture page through Udimi from a solo provider Suzie. Add &rs=udimisuzie to your capture page link.

This feature also works on rotating capture page links.

N.B.: Make sure your source reference is made up of only one word with no spaces as below:

(Don’t click this, it won’t work. While the link is genuine, udimisuzie has been added only as an example.)

 Splash Pages

This is one of the best resources for online work.

If you love to use traffic exchanges for traffic, your sign-ups will now come in a lot faster with splash pages. If you have the sexiest splash pages, that will surely arm-twist even the most stubborn surfer to click on them. So carefully choose the splash pages your program proposes you. If one particularly appeals to you, it’s more than likely it will appeal to your prospects also.

Don’t simply promote your normal affiliate link via Traffic Exchanges (TEs) and co-ops

The worst scenario is for you to simply promote an affiliate link blindly on TEs.


Many people surfing TEs are doing so for free credits and traffic. And they have little patience for anything which will distract them from that. So you must have an irresistible page to hold their attention. Plus a system that will let them give you their details.

EasyCash4Ads’ members will find at their back office a 4-page guide on how to get the most out of traffic exchanges compiled by the member, Richard Daigle. This is worth consulting below as Richard gets regular EasyCash4Ads’ sign-ups from TEs.

Download & Read this now:
4_Page_TE_Guide.pdf by Richard Daigle 

Below is my rotator URL to the splash pages in easycash4ads.

An individual splash page looks like this:

Try them and see the magic.                  

Website Banner

A banner is a code as you see below:

<a href=’’><img alt=”The Easy Cash Phenomenon” src=”” style=”border: 1px solid #000000″/></a>

When you copy and paste it into the HTML editor on your website or blog, you would see the banner displayed as follows:

Alternatively you may use the banner url and the link url as below:

Banner URL:

Link url:

And this will give the same image as above.

The banner contains your affiliate link. When prospects click on the banner they will come through to the sales page/video. So should they sign up or make a purchase, it will be credited to you.

Banners come in different sizes and shapes. The one above is 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels tall and the one below is 125 pixels wide x 125 pixels tall:

Here below are other types of banners from my other programs

This is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall:

This is 250 pixels tall by 300 pixels wide:

This one is 180 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall:

This is 234 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall:

This one is 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall:

This one is 336 pixels wide and 280 pixels tall:

So you see, there are a wide variety of banners (some of them not listed here) for every purpose.

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 The program you’ve signed up to gives you email swipes. It is always recommended to send out such emails in your own voice/writing style. But if you are not inclined to or unable to write your own, then use the standard ones provided.

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Blog Post / Review / Press Release

If there is one, you may use the review for your review, blog, press release or anywhere else you can post articles.

It is a good idea to write your own or rewrite the one supplied for better SEO optimization. While you may use the review supplied, know that it may not be indexed by Google which does not like duplicate content.

The text may be in plain text or in HTML format with some formatting and images included.

You simply copy and paste it into your site or blog post editor. To post the HTML version, click Text in your WordPress posting editor. For the text, click visual.


CBSurge customer testimonials made up of a yellow strip What our customers say and a red image with photos and customers' sayings to show Resources for promoting your online work
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The above customer testimonial is for CBSurge.

Customer testimonials

Members of a program, satisfied that the promises made by the creators have been met, voluntarily send in messages to say so.

These are not meant to fool future prospects into signing up but to let them know that the program works: if it has worked for others, it will work for you too.

However, if you doubt that the testimonials are real, you can send a ticket to support asking them if you can contact some of the people quoted.

What if they refused, saying they are protecting the privacy of those people?

 Flee from them as fast as you could.  

Can you tell us in the comment box below which of these affiliate resources you use often and why. Thank you for your contribution.


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