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CBSurge review

Product Name: CBSurge


Visit the ClickBank site                

Price: FREE or $67 Elite Membership

Owners: Matt and Brad Callen

Overall Ranking: 95 over 100

CBSurge, Product Overview

The aim of this cb surge review is to help you succeed online with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways to generate an income from home free on the Internet today. Many people do so by promoting and selling products using ClickBank.

ClickBank is the largest affiliate digital networking company on the web. However, affiliates can only sell the over 35000 products singly. This is not easy for most affiliates to do. Besides, affiliate marketers face tough competition.

That is why people have come out with a couple of marketing tools to help ClickBank affiliates promote the company’s products easily. Most of these tools are designed to do too many things and are super-clunky…

On the contrary cb surge performs one specific function and does it exceedingly well: that of showing you how competitive any product-name keyword is. That enables you to know how difficult OR how easy it will be to rank that product name keyword in Google.

This tool is a simple Firefox plugin. If you are promoting ClickBank products, cbsurge is a must-have free ClickBank Affiliate software for you.

This great tool will not only save you time but above all help you make money online promoting by telling you if a ClickBank product is worth promoting with SEO traffic. That is, it provides easy to use ClickBank analytics right in ClickBank’s own website on the very page you’re viewing. 

Promoting any product with SEO traffic will always convert into more sales when the visitors are searching for the “product name keyword”. This is because such visitors are already in the buying mode. But the problem is how to know which products to do the SEO work for.

Combining the raw statistical power that people spend hours compiling in various spread sheets or online tools and merging it with the simplicity of a plugin, the creators of http www cbsurge com have come out with a powerful Free ClickBank Analytics Tool.

What this software does is it transforms your ClickBank marketplace experience by highlighting those products which have high profitability potential and little competition so enabling you to become a top ClickBank affiliate.

Knowing which ClickBank products have the most potential to make you money and knowing also which ones will not bring you up against stiff competition while marketing are two important factors which turn you into a ClickBank super affiliate straight away!

Simply install the CBSurge plugin in your FireFox browser and get amazed at what you see when you go to the ClickBank Marketplace.

Check the cb surge download here   

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

The CBSurge software:

  • Allows you to become a top ClickBank affiliate.
  • Shows you ClickBank product trends for you to choose the best products to promote. (Popular PAID products online have the same features but CBSurge is Yours FREE!)
  • Automatically brainstorms related keywords you could optimize for, to help you promote the product and get quick traffic.
  • Brings out the Daily Top Movers and Shakers in the ClickBank marketplace for you to start promoting these HOT products before the competition does!
  • Is compatible with both Macs and PCs…
  • Is an easy to install plugin which runs right inside your Firefox web browser. (N.B.: CBSurge software is only compatible with Firefox 3 or a higher version.)
  • Is totally FREE to download.

(Adapted from Matt and Brad Callens’ website)

Click to play the video now and download the CBSurge software

The Bad:

The bad does not concern the CBSurge software itself but CBSurge scams.

As with any good product, there will always be scams. A number of companies and individuals advertise applications that are supposed to be helpful in promoting affiliate products. Be aware that many of them are trial versions. And if you want the full version needed for the best results, they ask you for a fortune.

Who is CBSurge For?

CBSurge is for ClickBank affiliates who want to succeed big in promoting ClickBank products. The software is a good program for marketers at the beginners, intermediate, or advanced levels.

Check the cb surge download here   

CBSurge Tools & Training

The following Video Tutorials are available:

  1. How to Install CBSurge
  2. Overview of CBSurge features

 CBSurge Support

You can submit a support ticket to CBSurge’s dedicated support desk.

You can also contact CBSurge if you need help.

CBSurge Price

You can simply watch the video on the CBSurge homepage and grab your software free!

Check cb surge to download the software

But I will urge you to consider the OPTIONAL upgrade that puts your affiliate links on

16,000+ ClickBank Marketplace products!

My Final Opinion of CBSurge

Finally, is CBSurge legit or scam? It is certainly NOT a scam. If you do decided to upgrade from the free version and become an Elite user with all the additional benefits, then CB Surge has a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it. So, trying CB Surge (the standard FREE version or the registered Elite version) is completely RISK-FREE.

CBSurge at a Glance…

Name: CBSurge


Visit the ClickBank site                

Owners: Matt and Brad Callen

Price: FREE or $67 Elite Membership

Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100


Considering CB Surge is an absolutely free download, I don’t see how you can go wrong.

Anyway, watch the video at the link below and grab the free software!

Download the free software

Thanks for reading my review on CBSurge. Feel free to leave your opinions and feedback in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile

But here is a bonus for you …

Although CBSurge can make you succeed big with ClickBank, did you know that 97% of online workers fail and 90% of all new online businesses also fail?

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