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Review: Free ClickBank Mall, Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Free ClickBank Mall

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Price: Free or $29.95 pro
Overall Ranking: 90 over 100

Free ClickBank Mall, Product Overview

The aim of this cbtopsites review is to help you succeed online from home.

Numerous legitimate and profitable online home business opportunities not only exist but are growing every day. Also, a lot of systems for making money online at home free are available. The easiest way to succeed online at home free is to start an Internet home-based business as an affiliate and earn handsome commissions.

ClickBank is such an affiliate networking company selling millions of digital products. You can join ClickBank free as an affiliate marketer and promote their hot selling products. But as newbies have found out, not only is it tedious promoting ClickBank numerous products individually but also their lack of knowledge of internet marketing hinders them. This is where Free ClickBank Mall or comes in.

Free ClickBank Mall is a system which automatically organizes the over 35000 top ebooks, software, information and ClickBank digital products and services into an attractive storefront for affiliates to promote. It is a system which has a high earning potential since it enables you to promote all the ClickBank products easily at a shot and earn commissions of between 25% and 75%.

Earning money online at home with ClickBank is therefore made easy for you when you use Free Clickbank Mall. Once you are signed up as an affiliate, Free Clickbank Mall provides you two unique FREE search box codes and Clickbank Ads code which you paste on your website or blog. One is the simple search box with no categories and the second is the search box which enables searches by categories. So visitors can browse their favourite products with all possibilities. When they purchase products from the search results, you earn up to 75% commission. So the more visitors you send through your affiliate links, the more sales and commission you make.

You can customize your Ads any way you want. You may also select a keyword or a category, Ad format, horizontal or vertical type Ads, the number of sites to be displayed, the background colour, the colour of the text and links, the font size of the text, border colour, etc. in short, all the attributes can be customized to suit your tastes.




The Good & the Bad

 The Good:

51 reasons why Free ClickBank Mall is good for you

  1. On signing up to Free ClickBank Mall, you receive a Search box. If you are a website or blog owner, you simply place the Search Box on your sites. (You can use this search box on any number of web pages you want).

Note that the Free ClickBank product link has this format in When a visitor clicks on the link, it redirects to: Clickbank having tracked YourClickbankNickname in the link, they further redirect it to the product website.

When the visitor purchases anything from the product website, you will receive commission in your Clickbank account.

  1. All the technicalities of Free ClickBank Mall are managed professionally so there’s no need to do anything like maintenance, coding, web hosting, web designing, and even answering emails, doing customer service, and processing orders, etc. Since Free ClickBank takes care of all the tedious jobs for you, all you have to do is to promote by sending visitors through your links, banners or search box and earn commissions.
  1. Free ClickBank Mall is very transparent. You can access all the necessary information such as tracking visitors, clicks to the mall and its pages, details of your Sub-Affiliates and all the support stuff in your member’s area.
  1. Everyday, Clickbank adds and removes sites, updates the popularity ranks of sites and more.

Likewise, everyday, Free ClickBank Mall edit the titles, descriptions and Keyword tags for many of the sites from the ClickBank Marketplace Feed. Therefore, one finds no affiliate information in the titles and the descriptions of most of the sites. This is in contrast to the other ClickBank malls where affiliate oriented titles and descriptions such as “Affiliates make 75%,” “Make $37 per sale”, etc. can be seen. This is not shopper-friendly and can reduce sales, and therefore your income.

  1. Meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords are provided for all the sites.
  1. Based on their experience, visitors can review and rate the sites.
  1. The description of the sites is very detailed to attract shoppers and provide them more information.
  1. The Free ClickBank Mall Referral Program allows you to refer others to its affiliate program and if they join, you will get 5% links (over 4000 links) in each of their malls and search results under your ClickBank nickname.
  1. You can promote any type of products or services, categories or sub-categories or any page which interests you in the mall in addition to its main page.
  1. Visitors can search their choice of product by typing in all words, any word or exact phrase in the search box.
  1. You have the flexibility to search by Clickbank Vendor Nickname.
  1. Top searched keywords are listed on the left column of the main page of the Free ClickBank Mall so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.
  1. Your commissions are protected through the provision of PHP and .htaccess cloaking of your links.
  1. No frames are used.
  1. You get free link cloaking or shortening service and a hiding service to hide your affiliate links.
  1. The ClickBank Ads look like Google Adsense Ads. But while Google pays only a few cents per click when someone clicks on their ads, Free ClickBank Ads pays you up to 75% commission on the product per sale. So you can make more money with Free ClickBank Mall than with Google Ads.
  1. There is a daily sales snapshot letting you see how much you are earning each day.


  1. There is a fast loading thumbnail images of all sites.
  1. There is the flexibility of promoting the products using any keyword or key phrase.
  1. There is Wildcard * facility in the searches.
  1. You have displays of the category of each site and popularity rank in the search results.
  1. You are offered the possibility to rate all the sites from one to five stars.
  1. There is a Click Counter to count the number of clicks received by each site.
  1. The sites are structured according to their popularity rank.
  1. There is a free Trial Downloads, Popular Downloads and Top Downloads.
  1. There is a Member Area to provide all your link formats, codes, to Track your visitors,

Sub-Affiliates and the number of clicks to your Mall and other pages.

  1. You have a Tracking ID “D” with your Mall links to track sales in your Clickbank account Transaction search page (mall) and “A” for the sales through Clickbank Ads.
  1. The Clickbank Ads can be easily customized.
  1. You can promote the top Recurring billing products offered by some sites in ClickBank using a single link and earn recurring monthly or yearly commissions.
  1. All the clicks, sales and commissions are tracked by ClickBank which also makes your commission payments. The minimum payout is $10. You can receive your commissions weekly or bi-weekly through direct deposit or checks.
  1. Free ClickBank Mall is hosted on a dedicated server. You can send as many visitors through your links as you can since you enjoy unlimited bandwidth and CPU usage.
  1. There is no need to host the ClickBank Mall script on your own server. Doing so will only create more expenses for you and subject you to hard work. Besides, the script is not suitable for shared hosting or small VPS as most of the hosts place a limit on the total number of files, CPU usage, bandwidth, etc. Moreover, you need to update the database daily, add screenshots, edit titles, descriptions etc. All this hardwork is done for you at Free ClickBank Mall.
  1. There is no need to have your own websites or blogs as you can promote your links using many other methods.
  1. However if you have websites or Blogs with good traffic, you can earn automated income by pasting links, banners and search box on them. 

You can also paste your links anywhere online or offline. For example, on your Facebook page, twitter and other social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, online profiles, forum signatures, email signature, articles, classifieds, tell friends and more that you will learn on joining.

  1. You can promote the most popular products in Free Clickbank Mall using a single link and earn commissions!
  1. You can promote any single product using your Review page link.
  1. Free ClickBank Mall features only Clickbank Marketplace sites
  1. Visitors to your site can review and add comments.
  1. Free ClickBank Mall supplies you thumbnail images of the sites and products to make your Mall more shopper friendly.
  1. The sites are always ordered by popularity
  1. All the Main Categories are listed in the top menu on every page of the Mall to improve page views.
  1. There are tags or keywords and related categories on review pages to improve page views
  1. Free ClickBank Mall provides you PHP caching and browser caching for fast loading of pages.
  1. Free ClickBank Mall pages load automatically to make browsing effortless for visitors and thus assure you more sales.
  1. Valid HTML allow pages to load fast and appear correctly in all browsers.
  1. Being mobile friendly pages load fast and appear correctly in mobile devices.
  1. A feature coming soon is visitor statistics: you paste any visitor statistics or hitcounter codes like and track visitors.
  1. You can customize your search box any way you wish. Keep any text in the place of ‘Search’. You have the possibility to modify the size of the search box. You can use any image in the place of the search button and more.
  1. There is NO need for any skills, experience, or investment.
  1. Very low lifetime fee of $29.95 for Pro members! No monthly fees or yearly fees! This is a one-time non-recurring fee!
  1. In Free ClickBank Mall Pro members get 100% of the clicks and commissions.      

The Bad:

Free members get only about around 60% of the clicks in The rest go to your referrer and the webmaster. Some people don’t see anything bad in this since if you become a pro member, 100% of the clicks and commissions come to you.

Who is Free ClickBank Mall For?                                        

I highly recommend Free ClickBank Mall for all affiliate internet marketers, work from home moms and dads, students looking for some income, 9-5 workers wishing to earn extra revenue, the jobless, in short anyone looking to make money from home online free. It works for the newbie as well as the seasoned web marketer.

Free ClickBank Mall Tools & Training

  1. Free ClickBank search box.
  1. Ability to hide your Clickbank nickname from your visitors.
  1. Visitors can review and rate your site.
  1. You have customizable titles and description of the products.
  1. High paying Clickbank Ads unlike Google Adsense ads that pays per click.

 Free ClickBank Mall Support

Free ClickBank Mall offers free, unlimited and Fast Technical support, forum support, Email support for all members. You just email admin at or open a support ticket. They also provide full guidance to all members.

Free ClickBank Mall Price

Free ClickBank Mall is totally FREE to signup and register. There is also a paid version. But I recommend that you first sign up as a FREE member.

To join Free ClickBank Mall, you must have a free ClickBank account and use your (ClickBank) login or affiliate name which is referred to as a Nickname.

Sign Up and make money online easily with Free ClickBank Mall.

Then make some money and upgrade to PRO with the Very low lifetime fee of $29.95.

You receive an unconditional money back guarantee for a period of 8 weeks from the date of buying the PR0 version. If not satisfied after this period, you simply will be refunded 100% of your PRO membership fee.

 My Final Opinion of Free ClickBank Mall

Free ClickBank Mall is shopper- and affiliate-friendly. I find it the easiest method to make money online at home free. So don’t hesitate to sign up. If there will any regret it will be for not finding out earlier to become a member long ago. But it’s better late than never.

Free ClickBank Mall at a Glance…

Product Name: Free ClickBank Mall

Visit the ClickBank site                

Check all ClickBank products

Check ebusiness books

Check recurring billing products

Check the most popular products

Price: Free or $29.95 pro
Overall Ranking: 90 over 100


Truly legitimate and genuine opportunty. has been online since 2007 and tens of thousands of members have already joined this program. Don’t be left out!

Thanks for reading my review on CB Top Sites or Free ClickBank Mall. Feel free to leave your opinions and feedback in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

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Editor’s note : this post was originally published on April 29, 2015 and has been partially revised and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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