Review: Jaaxy, the Keyword Research tool in a class of its own?

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This post is going to do a review of Jaaxy, the Keyword Research tool and through its features let you know why it’s really in a class of its own.

Jaaxy tool

Price: Free/$19 a month, $199 a year/$49 a month, $499 a year
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Ranking: 5 over 5

Keyword research is crucial for you to get free (organic) traffic from search engines. Without proper keyword research (and topic research), you are only doing trial and error. Thus, your posts would not be what your target audience is looking for, neither will they reach the number of people searching for them!

In this very comprehensive review (which makes this piece very long but full of useful information, so bear with me to the end) I’m going to give you enough details to help you decide if Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool out there and consequently if you should make it your preferred keyword tool.
Straightaway, you will agree with me that with all those keyword tools out there, it can be tough to decide which one is best for you to find out what keywords to use for you articles or posts, to check the competition, or for your marketing campaigns.

Besides, the keyword field has evolved a lot and therefore the rules of the game have been greatly modified. Consequently most keyword tools either don’t work, or if they do, it is with outdated data (some as old as a year or more!) stored in their databases.

But you and I know that outdated data is as good as no data at all, or maybe, even worse than that. Yet keyword research is the only way to dive into a niche or a market and realize how much potential there is in an idea.

Until 2010, the research process was a very manual one and delivered data that could at best be qualified as useless, or what one reviewer aptly referred to as fluff.

While many keyword research tools produced an amazing amount of data, metrics and #’s, you had to interpret them. But how can you make sense out of totally useless data?

The solution?

Watch out for these five things when buying keyword tools:

1. Is there anything to INSTALL
2. Does it provide PPC guestimates
3. Does it use Alexa principally in determining competition
4. Does it require several searches to accomplish a singular task
5. Does it pull results from ALL search engines


those five points usually indicate the quality of the keyword research tool, that is, whether it is of low or high grade.

Jaaxy Product Overview

Jaaxy likes

Because it is of very high grade, Jaaxy keyword research tool does not show any of those five bad points above. Moreover, as an online application, there is no software to download. Besides, Jaaxy can be used on any PC or Mac computer. Moreover, the data it furnishes is both easy to understand and laser accurate.

So, are you into online marketing? Jaaxy will help you find high traffic keywords with low competition.
Do you deal with search engines? The Jaaxy Keyword research tool will provide you the right keywords to use, super keywords which come from data Jaaxy takes directly from Google and other search engines and mixes them with its own proprietary data.

Are you into article marketing? Or do you use Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to your websites? You’ll love Jaaxy! While with the keyword research tools you are using now it has been taking you hours to find a single keyword, be amazed to see Jaaxy do so in seconds and moreover return hundreds of high quality keywords for every search you perform.

Are you a member of an affiliate network such as Wealthy Affiliate? Then combine Jaaxy with these affiliate resources to obtain a huge leverage with your online business.

Want to promote Jaaxy as an affiliate on your website? Click the video below to learn how.

Promoting Jaaxy on your website

You may be wondering how come Jaaxy can so easily come up with search and traffic numbers for you.
Simple. By means of wide research through comparative data testing, the creators of Jaaxy were able to find an algorithm that utilizes data from ALL Search Engines (and not just Google as the others do) to reveal search data. No wonder it is far closer to the “real” numbers.

Not only that. Before they add a new feature or a new tool within Jaaxy, the owners ask themselves if it will benefit you instead of just being there for show like most tools out there. In so thinking, they managed to brush aside graphs, do away with fluff, and save you from cracking your brains with meaningless “over analyzing” data.

Now, do you know that you are erroneously led to believe you need a ton of metrics for your online business? But honestly speaking, you need only a few metrics. Any other ones like trends, graphs, website analysis, etc. are secondary and worse, often times only create confusion.

That is why the creators of Jaaxy took their time, spent a lot of money and applied technical resources to come up with a revolutionary research tool that is good at bringing up these pieces of data…and doing it magnificently.

They also produced three versions of the keyword research tool: Jaaxy FREE version, Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise.

Jaaxy 3 price points

Here comes Jaaxy Enterprise

When doing research on your niches, all that should matter to you are only THREE metrics:

• How much competition does the keyword have (The lower, the better)
• How much traffic does the keyword get (The more, the better)
• Does the keyword make sense (To a human being)

Contrary to other keyword research tools, Jaaxy Enterprise can PRECISELY capture the first two metrics. But why not the third? It’s because that’s based on “common sense”, your judgement. Which of these two keywords makes sense: 1) lose weight fast, and 2) lose fast weight? Okay, you got it.

Now, why should you care about only the first two metrics?

Keywords that have low competition and get a good amount of traffic are SEO friendly. Since Jaaxy finds them for you, you can literally take over the search engines simply by creating content or a video using those keywords.
Cool and awesome, isn’t Jaaxy Enterprise? Your answer is as good as mine.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Jaaxy simplifies finding Money Making Keywords for you

The biggest worry of people going into a niche is all the competition they will have to face. This is a pity and comes from what Kyle’s review of Jaaxy refers to as “LACK OF KEYWORD KNOWLEDGE!”

With Jaaxy Enterprise, your fear of keen competition will be transformed into inability to use all of the “NO COMPETITION” niches it will find for you! Yes you heard right. Jaaxy Enterprise will give you so many keywords, so many ideas, and so many niches to create a full time income out of that you would wonder how to use them all.

Now, how about having a good problem instead of a bad one?

While a bad problem paralyzes you, a good one at least leaves you with options. One is that you can create successful campaigns “as and when you wish”.

As I said earlier, seeing is believing. So using the FREE Jaaxy version let’s look at a few quick examples here in “ordinary” niches that I just chose off the head: snoring and bad breath.

Niche Choice #1: Part of Keywords I found for “Snoring”

Snoring keywords

With one very broad search, the FREE Jaaxy version has quickly come up with 15 keywords that will be quite easy to rank for in Google. ONE search, less than 20 seconds! As you see, I have enough “keywords” to start a campaign targeting, for instance, stop snoring products. And should I upgrade, I will obtain way more keywords! Whew!

Now let’s see what I will obtain within the Bad breath niche.

Niche Choice #2: Part of Keywords I found for “Bad breath”

bad breath keywords

And just using the FREE Jaaxy version again, I have found 15 bad breath keywords that will work brilliantly awesome for any campaign.

Ah, it just occurred to me that snoring and bad breath are two embarrassing conditions that people will want tablets, treatments, remedies, cures, aids, solutions, products and ways to fight against. Jaaxy suggested all those! So, I could just hop over to the ClickBank platform, find the most popular products for these two ailments and produce a 1 minute video to target people on YouTube.

That’s how simple and powerful Jaaxy is! And remember, as you move from the FREE to the Pro, Jaaxy puts more keyword research power at your disposal, so imagine what you can do when you purchase the Enterprise version!

Once again, here are the three Jaaxy price points:

1. FREE version: for 30 keyword searches
2. Pro version: $19/month or $199 one year
3. Enterprise version: $49/month or $499 one year.

Since Secure Your FutureWith Us believes in FREE trials, I will encourage you to give the FREE Jaaxy version a trial. Then upgrade only when you realize how profitable Jaaxy can be for your online business.

But you may not need to go that far as these two examples are enough proof of the efficiency of the Jaaxy keyword research tool. In two searches and in far less than ONE MINUTE I have got enough keywords to drive two brand new campaigns in niches I haven’t even prepared for. You would agree that this sort of research would take HOURS manually and using other tools, if you could even capture this sort of data at all!

Kyle, the co-owner of Jaaxy Owns Close to 500 Domains and This is why …

Kyle B 1436330710_resized

500 domains, I guess that made your eyes to widen and you had to stifle a scream about such an “over indulgence” in the domain market. But don’t blame Kyle, Jaaxy Enterprise is to blame. It indicated to Kyle that there are UNCOUNTABLE domains out there.

Yes, every search you perform in Jaaxy Enteprise will also reveal which Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) are available for the search term. It gives you about 90 domains at a time. You understand now why Kyle has bought a lot of these awesome freakin’ domains, .com EMD’s that people are selling for $1,000’s within reselling services.

Below is what Kyle obtained with just ONE search out for the keyword “old age pension”.

jaaxy domain availability

You see, you could buy all these prime time .com domains available up, build a small site on them, and because Google ranks very high still (even after the latest Panda update targeting EMD’s) domains that have the keyword in them, you could basically buy up the first ranking in Google.

Let’s do the maths: $10 for a domain for a year. 1,000s of clicks. Don’t you find this a no brainer and a complete business model that Jaaxy Enteprise opens up for its users?

Explanation of the main Jaaxy keyword data points

Jaaxy keyword data points

(N.B.: The main two search metrics I mentioned earlier are indicated with red arrows.)

Monthly Searches: This figure shows how many people are searching for the term each month. The higher the monthly searches, the better because it shows that there’s more interest in the keyword.

So the Monthly Searches designates traffic, the estimated traffic, and if you can get a top 3 search result in the Google rankings, you can be assured of a good deal of Monthly Searches that is outlined (up to 60%). Yet know that traffic is not the alpha and omega. So, sometimes it is a good idea to check competition metrics before traffic ones. You agree that if you can’t get a good ranking, traffic is totally useless.

An example: having 10 first page for keywords that get 100 searches per day is better than having 2nd page rankings under keywords that return 1,000′s of searches per day. The reason is simple: people hardly look at the 2nd page of search results!

Estimated Traffic: This result shows how much traffic you can expect if you rank on page 1 of Google. As you may know there are 10 spots on page one, and whether a person clicks your site or not depends on the title, meta, and other factors. Again, a higher number is preferred.

QSR: The “Quoted Search Result” metric is basically the keyword put into quotes on Google and shown the EXACT number of competing pages. In other words, the QSR is the number of websites with this exact keyword phrase on their sites.

This is your competition. So the lower the figure, the better since you will have less competition.
Jaaxy finds and delivers the exact competition to you within the tool. When doing keyword research, you should target keywords with less than 400 QSR, which means less than 400 competing pages in Google. Wonderful if it’s less than 400! The best QSR you can have theoretically is 0 which means NO competing pages. In the above image, the search term “best keyword research tool 2010” is a dream keyword because it only has 41 competing pages in Google. This keyword would be easy to rank.

KQI: This is a broad look at all factors related to the keyword. “Keyword Quality Index” is a set of visuals that allow you to scan a list of keywords and quickly find the ones that are more likely to be better keywords. KQI is based on traffic volume, competition, and estimated ranking results…and is a powerful and quick way to interpret keyword lists.

The KQI keywords with green dots beside them are those which are 400 or less. They’re good keywords to target (high chances of ranking). Should you write an article/post on one of the “green dot” keywords above, you could well land on the first page of Google and benefit from all that search traffic. Yellow marked keywords are just average, meaning they are neither good nor bad. But keywords displaying red dots should be avoided as they may take much longer to rank, if they will rank at all for all the stiff competition you’re going to face out there.

Using these keyword metrics alone, you can also put together awesome keyword lists that will get ranked in Google with ease. Traffic and competition…and maybe a little KQI are all that is necessary to find keywords that you may need.

More explanation of Keyword Data and Keyword Lists

Complete Jaaxy keyword data points

After explaining the Monthly Searches (1), Estimated traffic (2), QSR (3), and KQI (4), let me use the above interesting image from another website to expound a bit on SEO Power (5), Domain availability (6), To do (7), Save selected (8), and Related keywords (9).

Let’s take a look at what Jaaxy shows, and how one can use it to get traffic to one’s website.

SEO Power: Part of the contributing factor to the KQI, SEO power is an indication of how easily an SEO optimized post/article will rank. Often, longer or phrase keywords will have a higher power than shorter or one-word keywords because they are more specific and have less competition.

Domain Availability: I have already touched on this metric which tells you which domains are available for a specific keyword. We also saw that Exact Match Domains still rank well despite recent Google updates. This Jaaxy data is wonderful if you are a wholesale buyer of domains, or if you create lots of niche websites, or create websites for other people. With Jaaxy you’re saved the headache of opening up a domain registrar in another tab to check domain availability.

To Do: Here you add something to your To-Do List.

Save Selected: Saving selected keywords is a great way to compile keyword lists. High traffic, low competition keywords are in great demand for online marketing. So, you can create lists to offer as bonuses to your website visitors, or even use them to create a niche website. Jaaxy permits you to create a new list or save to an existing one.

Related Keywords: What are other people searching which are related to your keyword? Jaaxy tells you that. You can click them to dig into the keywords.

Once again, here are my rules of thumb when checking for keywords:

• Check for QSR of 400 or less. The lesser the better.
• Look for monthly searches of at least 50 and over.
• Make sure the keyword MAKES sense!

In the screenshot above, at least 8 keywords meet these criteria. Now, what can you do with them?

First option: If your website deals with keywords, you can use those 8 keywords for writing articles/posts. You could also prepare videos using those keywords and post them on YouTube to sell Jaaxy, for example.

Second option: You could create a pay-per-click campaign where you just choose a number of similar keywords above, write an ad on it, and link it to a page on your site to promote Jaaxy.

But that’s not all…

Let’s have a look inside Jaaxy

A look inide Jaaxy

Jaaxy offers you many features that other keyword tools do not have. Here’s another list of them and what they do:

Keyword Data: You will have more keywords than you know what to do with. Getting good keywords means you’ll know which topics get the most traffic and which ones you will rank for most easily. You can also sell keyword lists, or use them for your PPC campaigns.

A site rank tool: In this part of Jaaxy, you enter a keyword and any URL to see how well it’s ranking in the search engines. This is ideal for analyzing competing sites. All you need is their URL and a keyword to find out how they’re ranking. You will then be able to use this information for your own blogs/websites and be able to measure your position.

Checking your site rank and keeping records of it will let you know if changes to your site worked as expected or not.

Jaaxy’s SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages) allows you to analyze your competition by clicking competition when you do a keyword search. 10 sites for that keyword will show up, as well as the data related to their ranking page like Google Page Rank, meta data, backlinks, word count, keyword density, and a few other things. Data like this is a goldmine of how to properly optimize your page for search engines. Besides, it will give you more keyword ideas as well as enable you to decide if the keyword you chose is worth your efforts.

The SERP details can be a bit tedious to interpret but it’s a labour of love. Comparing the top ranking sites and finding out what they’re doing to rank can enable you mimic their strategies to squeeze your way onto page one of Google.

For example: do all the top ranking pages have over 1,000 words? If yes, that’s something to copy. Do they have the keyword in the title? You must put yours there too. Does keyword density vary greatly? You may safely ignore this.

Search History: Did you forget to save some great data you found? Use this feature to look back into your search history so that you can get back that useful information.
Update: Jaaxy Enterprise was recently released and they’ve updated the training.

Affiliate programs associated with your keyword searches: For any keyword you carry out a search for, the Jaaxy keyword research tool will automatically propose corresponding affiliate programs. You will also be told how much commission % you will get and therefore be able to judge the most suitable program to sign up to and promote. This saves you the headache of doing Google searches and figuring out which affiliate program to choose, if there is any available at all.

Jaaxy searches some popular affiliate networks like Clickbank, LinkShare, and Commission Junction to check for affiliate programs/offers related to your niche. However it does not venture out into the other networks. To find these, you will have to type “my niche” and “affiliate program” into a search engine and get them.

Possibility to check the competition: Another of Jaaxy’s function is to enable you know what makes your competition tick, in other words, how they acquire rankings.

You can find out who is ranking for your desired keywords, and what they are ranking with. You can even get an insight into what’s not ranking. You can also check a list of popular web 2.0 properties and article directories that rank well in SERPs like YouTube, Vimeo, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc.

Short, with Jaaxy, you can track data for any site (ie spy on your competition), and see who’s ranking ahead of you. You simply type in a keyword and a domain and Jaaxy gives you the page/rank location.

Quantity of Backlinks and keyword desity: Are you interested in backlinks and what sort of backlinks your competition has? Will it help you? Seriously, backlinks don’t necessarily make a difference. The number of backlinks, if they are quality ones, means a lot, but sheer backlink volume does not mean a thing anymore.

And neither does density…you can get ranked with a 0% “exact” keyword density. (See image below)
Sometimes top ranked sites have very few backlinks, sometimes many. I read somewhere that a top site had a ton of backlinks but zero density. This made the writer believe that Google truly can determine REAL content from fake, and quality from bad.

Jaaxy check the competition

This is because Google have completely changed their backlink “value” within their Panda algorithm and have also decreased its importance. While formerly it used to be weighted much higher (some claim upwards of 80%), this value carries a much lower ranking percentage now.

In the early 2000’s, to get good rankings, meta tags were all you really needed. So, you simply added the required keywords within your title, keyword, and description meta tags and presto! you got rankings! All that is over now!

Do you want to know what the “top rankers” are doing? To have a good handling of their tactics, checking these few metrics will allow you to “snoop” their data.

Word Count: knowing the number of words on a page will enable you to quickly gauge the length appropriate for rank.

PageRank: This quickly lets you know which PR sites you are up against for a given keyword. As with backlinks, PR 0 sites with quality content can sometimes easily outrank PR 7 sites.

Conclusion: The core of any ranking in the search engines is quality content. Therefore if you create quality content, you can get ranked high in any search engine, especially if you meet the Traffic and QSR metrics I talked about earlier.

And? You may be wondering if Jaaxy will still respond when search engines change the way they rank websites. Don’t worry! This section of Jaaxy is evolutionary. So when that happens, the creators of the tool will also change their listings to help their users stay current with interpreting the proper data.

Some upcoming updates could relate to social activity. So, be on the lookout!

Want MORE ideas?

Here comes Jaaxy’s brainstorming section for MORE keywords and MORE niches

Jaaxy brainstorming tab

The creators of Jaaxy, being content creators themselves, know that ideas can sometimes be hard to come by. That is why they added a brainstorming section to Jaaxy to simplify the idea treasure-trove.

Jaaxy’s brainstorming tab serves you popular trending subjects from Google, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa, best sellers, and Twitter Trends. This list of popular topics being searched on those sites is excellent for uncovering hot markets early and taking advantage of them.

For example, a reviewer claimed that they used Google trends to discover the 17 day diet idea which brought them 6 figures in a year. Powerful, huh? With Jaxxy keyword research tool, you can analyze all the popular trends from 1 page without necessarily going to each place separately.

Yes, it’s awesome to sift through ready-to-use ideas, all in one place. You don’t need to scour the Internet for niche ideas when your own dry up. With Jaaxy not a single day will go by without you finding a brand new “golden nugget” idea that you dig down into and reveal a ton of awesome keywords.
Moreover, Jaaxy makes it very easy for you to add any of the ideas to a “queue” where you can then search them right within the keyword research tab.

This tool is web based so you can access it from anywhere there’s Internet connection, including your phone.

The Bad:

None that I can think of to make you bare your teeth in anger.

Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research tool that doesn’t need to be installed onto your computer and can be used by all skill levels of online marketers. It is meant for anybody dealing with keywords: article marketers, keyword list builders and sellers, PPC campaigners, niche website builders, website creators, website owners looking for organic traffic, online marketers, people who deal with search engines or search engine optimization, affiliate marketers, sites which need to check on their competition, people looking for money making keywords, prime time domain buyers, content creators, YouTube video makers, and even more.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Jaaxy comes with 4 video trainings:


Jaaxy keyword research and management


Jaaxy website research and analysis


Jaaxy niche research refinement


Jaaxy, the affiliate program walkthrough

Jaaxy support

There is a contact us page.

Jaaxy Price

With the three price points Jaaxy offers, there’s a plan to fit any budget, from someone just starting out, to someone that understands the importance of keyword research, to the power user.

Jaaxy Starter = Free
Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year
Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 per year

N.B.: If you don’t like to waste time and want the ultimate brilliance, I would kindly ask you to go for the Jaaxy Enterprise option. But should be a little hesitant and would want to “see before you believe”, then try the free version. Although limited, it will give you a good idea of what Jaaxy can do for you. However, if you are just starting out and on a limited budget, Jaaxy Pro is indicated for you. It still rocks, will save you hours per day off of your keyword research and still has most of the functions within Enterprise. Only it just isn’t nearly as “quick”.

Choose the Jaaxy That Suits YOU Here!

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

Having come this far, you would agree with me that Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is in a class of its own since there is no other which has its ease of use, speed and data accuracy. I highly recommend Jaaxy for your keyword research and other keyword applications.

Whew…this blog post turned out to be long! The importance of the matter makes it worthwhile.
Hope you have enjoyed this and if you have any questions about Jaaxy, feel free to post them below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate profile and I’d be more than happy to help you out. Thanks and bye for now.

Jaaxy at a Glance…
Name: Jaaxy
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Price: FREE/$19 a month, $199 a year/$49 a month, $499 a year
Overall Scam Rank: 5 over 5



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