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Review: My Story with CBStarter, the N° 1 Money Maker


CBStarter is my new venture.

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So if you’re here, I’d become welcome you to my new venture.

Of course, this site you’re reading is my OWN website!

I use it to promote what’s known as affiliate marketing or online marketing or Internet marketing. These three expressions mean the same thing.

What this means is that I get paid for ‘selling’ products on the Internet.

Oh, oh, oh, I know what you’re thinking. I thought the same thing when I first learnt about this stuff. You’re thinking that never in a million years would you be able to sell online. Just as I did, please don’t go yet, I entreat you to read on. You might just find yourself happily following on in my footsteps. And thank your stars for doing so.

Now, Just what do I sell?

If you’re curious – let me say it’s not ebay. Neither are they physical (that is, tangible) products.
You’re not good at selling to people? Don’t worry. Selling my type of product does not require any sort of contact at all with customers.

What I am selling are Information Products. They’re in the form of ebooks.

Let me give you Examples

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Just take a minute and have a look at the ClickBank Marketplace

You saw many products, didn’t you? In fact, thousands. Yes. This is because ClickBank is the world’s largest provider of ‘digital’ products which are ebook and software.

Let me give you just 6 examples:

– Superior Singing Method
– Master The Perfect Golf Swing
– Survive the end days
– The Migraine & Headache Solution!
– Venus factor
– Dog Training In 15 Minutes A Day!

You getting the idea?

These are all how-to books which are in such great demand by the general public that you will find your bank account filling with money.

Such books are offered by authors (known on the Clickbank platform as vendors) who are looking for people, like me and you, to help sell them in return for a commission on the sale.

This is called ‘affiliate marketing’ that’s why I told you earlier on that I am into affiliate marketing, or short, I am an affiliate.

(You have no doubt seen something similar with Amazon where their affiliates receive commissions as pitifully low as 5%. But here at ClickBank affiliates are getting about 50% on average and very often 75%!

How about that? Handsome, huhn?

What does my job as an affiliate consist of?

As an affiliate my ‘great job’ is simply to ‘get the word out’ about the product (No, don’t laugh your head off, I’ll explain how in just a moment).

I do this promoting a special URL (called affiliate link) which is unique assigned me by the Clickbank site. Here is an example of a promotional link unique for this product. This means that when a customer visits the book site via my link and makes a purchase I get credited for it and therefore has a commission credited to my account.

You getting the picture?

How I started

For a starter, just click on the following link to see a product I am actually selling. Click here.

Can you believe that I created that page as an absolute beginner, that is, with no previous technical experience?

Yes, I did and here’s how I did it.

First, I signed up with ClickBank as an affiliate. It’s absolutely free and will remain so forever with no catches whatsoever. And it takes a few minutes too.

Immediately I get an affiliate nickname (the name I chose to sign in to the platform) and this allows me to ‘promote’ any of Clickbank’s products (over 10,000).

Next, I purchased a suitable name (known as a domain name) for my website from NameCheap. As its name suggests, this is very cheap – exactly $10.89 a whole year. That is less than $1 a month. Affordable, ain’t it?

The next step is to order the ClickBank Starter Package. This is specially designed to help newbies or affiliates who do not have their own websites. The package support team then set up my website on their servers (in other words they ‘host’ my site) with instructions on how to create the content.

It’s as simple as ABC. My website is actually a blog. This means that creating a page is just like making a post on a blog. This is a task that millions of people carry out every day.

Now once my site was created I needed to get traffic of course. That’s the people who will be visiting my website. That’s a huge topic of its own with umpteen ways of getting traffic. We could spend an entire life talking about it and never finish. But one of the major ways is by having your site appear in the search engines, the major one being Google which ranks sites. Fortunately there are automated devices in the blog which help achieve this.

But for advice on getting more traffic (more traffic means more visitors and more visitors means more sales) – and for getting all the help I need in anything else – the package includes access to a private forum where a team of Internet Marketing experts advise and answer all my questions. Cool, right?

Wouldn’t this cost a fortune?

I understand your fear. A system this good must cost a lot.

Before I come to that, be warned.

The Internet Marketing field is filled with crazy promises known as spam such as promises to make you rich in a week if you shell out $499 on the latest hyped-up course.

Do not fall for their claims. They are as false as catching smoke in your fingers.

Thankfully the ClickBank Starter Package – which includes the hosting and set up of my blog together with 24/7 access to the Private Forum costs me a mere 26 cents a day!

Besides, I am billed monthly and I have the power to cancel any time I want. And there’s a 60 day refund guarantee too. What can be more reassuring than that?

Here’s an idea for you

Now there’s one reassuring thing about the ClickBank Starter Package.

Just like any other ebook sold on Clickbank, you can actually purchase this product at ClickBank.
The wonderful thing about this purchase is that it makes you affiliate and so you can get commission for selling it to others. What about that?

And that’s recurring commission – meaning, you can get it month after month. If you don’t want this, what else will you want?

Now, you might be wondering where on earth you could find customers for the package?

The same way you found this. Well, anyone who is looking for some extra earnings (and who isn’t?) but has no experience of online marketing would be a suitable candidate IF they realised that it’s an inexpensive business, requires no prior knowledge and all the help you need is available from the seller.
Which I believe all the above has demonstrated.

That’s why I go around telling relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues, workmates, and even perfect strangers like you.

I can tell them about it in my emails, on Twitter or on Facebook.

I merely point to this very page.

And tell them to sign up for the ClickBank Starter Package here You see that’s my affiliate link which I showed you earlier on.

If you purchase via that I will get commission and you will get a link. And then when others purchase from your link you will also get commission.

You see what’s happening to the light bulb in your head at this point? It’s going on. Can you see it? Good

Here’s what’s going on

You should be thinking “Why can’t I do exactly the same as this guy”?

That’s right. You can. Yes, you definitely can!

Just sign up and let people know that you have a new sideline – you are into online marketing. Call it affiliate marketing or online marketing, if you want.

You can tell them how easy it is, that all the technical stuff is set up for them, etc.
And the best way to do this?

You can copy this very page, give it a bit of your personal touch and put it on your site like I did!!
Then point to it with for example a simple Twitter message.

“Hey guys – this is what I’m now into ..”followed by the post URL.

Now when I say ‘copy’ then obviously you would change my affiliate link and all references to my site to yours. This way you get the commission.

And if you don’t want the Almighty Google to punish you for duplicate content, I also hope would not blindly copy this page but adapt it to include your own personal observations. Nothing succeeds better than a genuine write-up of how you obtained or achieved a particular goal.

So don’t follow the hyped-up sales pages all too common in the online marketing field.

Just stick to the facts, stress the ease of setup with no prior knowledge, the inexpensive monthly fee, the 60 day guarantee, the 24/7 assistance from the experts at the Private Forum and so on.

And soon you will be hopefully seeing recurring commissions in your ClickBank account. Then you can fire me a message and say thank you for telling me about this.

Here is the link once again Go ahead and secure your future.

Don’t hesitate to check these links too for free ebooks:

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If you have any comments on this post, just go down to the box below and leave them there. Thanks for visiting.

Your personal guide for securing your future online.

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