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Reviewing Lularoe Reviews

Today we are reviewing Lularoe reviews! Sounds confusing? Yes, but it really is not. Just continue reading to find out why.

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We have been watching this multi-level company for a while now and have been checking out all of the reviews that have been hitting the internet so we thought we would do a review of the reviews, so to speak.

The title makes more sense now, right?

There have been many reviews written on this company and not all of them are all roses so prepare yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly!

First, let’s go over the history of this business and get acquainted with it and then we can take a look at what people are saying.

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What is Lularoe?

Lularoe is a clothing outlet that is exclusively sold by consultants in their multi-level marketing company.

They now have 45 different brands of clothing and are well established in the clothing niche.

The company was founded by Deanne Brady along with her husband Mark Stidham in 2013. Their base of operations is in Corona, California.

What does the name mean?

This is an interesting tidbit. They named the company in part after their three granddaughters. Lu stands for Lucy, La stands for Lola, and Roe stands for Monroe.

The company runs its business through its multi-level marketing plan and boasted sales of 1 billion with 80.000 distributors worldwide.

They started with just maxi skirts but soon expanded into designing their own clothing line and soon became a big player in the leggings market.

They sell their clothing wholesale to their distributors who in turn sell them to their customers at retail.

This is not a company for the beginner unless they are well funded as the company wants its distributors to carry around $20.000 in inventory at any given time.

They compensate their distributors in two ways, by the profits from sales between the wholesale price and the retail price, and they also give commissions from distributors’ sales in their downline. This profit for the downline sales averages about $85.00 per distributor annually.

Their Products

Their products are all clothing and much of it is made exclusively by the company with patterns consisting of around 5000 at a time. Once they sell out they are usually done with that particular pattern so this makes the clothes very exclusive.

So this is a basic introduction to this multi-level company and how it works so now we can move on to the reviews but first, we must touch on the legal issues that have cropped up on this company in the last 3 years.

Legal mess

It seems that many different lawsuits have been filed against this company, starting back in 2017 when a class action lawsuit was filed by the customers of this company claiming faulty billing software that was overcharging people.

The distributors also claimed the products were not made to acceptable quality and were ripping and tearing right out of the boxes.

This was the beginning of some hard years ahead legally and the Better Business Bureau, due to complaints, dropped this company’s rating to an F.

More legal issues

The above was in January of 2017, by October of that same year another class-action suit was filed claiming the company was practicing all kinds of shady business practices and even claimed they were a pyramid scheme.

This suit is for 1 billion, yes, billion dollars and claims some pretty serious allegations of conduct by the company.

Even more legal issues

Then along came January of 2018 and one of its biggest charities, National Down Syndrome Society, severed ties with the company over one of its distributors mocking the disabled during a live stream sales meeting with customers watching.

December of 2018 rolled around and guess what, another lawsuit was filed. This one was filed by the company’s chief clothing supplier for the nonpayment of goods received.

They claimed the company had not been paying its bills and owed them in excess of 49 million dollars.

And of course, because of over 300 new complaints, this company got another F rating from the BBB.

And even more legal trouble

The hammer really fell in January of 2019 when the Washinton State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Lularoe claiming they have been pumping recruitment over product sales and are nothing but an illegal pyramid scheme and pretty much soiling any kind of chance of this company rebounding anytime soon.

The Reviews

When we started this article it was going to be all about the online reviews of this company but without going into too much detailed work researching we can see what we will be finding and we were right, we found nothing but bad review after bad review.

We found people saying they were told to sell their personal items, borrow money and even sell breast milk in order to help the company by buying more inventory.

We found reviews claiming the founders were hiding money in shell companies and telling lies to the distributors about when they will get paid, all the while financing a very lucrative and extravagant lifestyle.

Our take on Lularoe

We are thinking that you probably do not need to read any farther to know what we are going to say here.

Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction of this company!

Because every single element of this business reaks of corruption we have to give this company a huge thumbs down and we will even go as far as to say it is very much a pyramid scheme and should be avoided at all costs.

There are many legit MLM businesses available that you can make good money working but this is not one of them.

I hope this article has enlightened you on Lularoe and we want to wish you the best in your marketing endeavors!

Stay tuned for more MLM marketing reviews and be sure to share us around social media so we can get the word out on these companies, the goods, the bad, and the ugly!

Happy Marketing!

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16 thoughts on “Reviewing Lularoe Reviews”

  1. I wonder how they got this much distributors if all they could have as reviews are just bunches of piled up legal issues. this is really interesting to see. Thank you so much for sharing this. I actually like the fact that I can just get my head cleared off by staying clear off this platform. thanks so much . Lularoe is a no go area for me.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      I’m always pleased to see you comment on a blog post here.

      How Lularoe managed to have this much distributors? I don’t really know but I think it’s due to clever advertising. Isn’t it said that you can fool some of the people some timesbut you can’t fool all the people all the time. So I guess at a time, people who believed in Lularoe discovered something ugly. Then the legal issues piled up.

      The story of Lularoe is not any different from that of many other MLM companies.Yes, stay clear off

      this platform.

      Thank you too for your contribution to this discussion.


  2. Wow, what a horrible mess of a company. This has to be one of the worst track records of any company that I’ve ever come across. Therefore you are providing a really important public service by getting this information out to the public. Needless to say, I will be steering well clear of this company and thank you very much for sharing.

    • Hi,

      I don’t think I made Lularoe look like such a horrible mess of a company. But with so many legal issues against them, why can’t one have this opinion about them.

      One of the worst track records of any company that you’ve ever come across? Are you sure you haven’t seen any worst? Thanks for complimenting me for providing a really important public service by getting this information out to the public. It’s my duty as a blogger to warn my readers about what’s not good.

      Yes, please steer well clear of this company and thank you too very much for commenting.


  3. Hello Akoli, this is a very good job here to review the reviews of this platform. Thing is I thought I would be seeing reviews from platforms like BBB. Well the insightful review you have given on lularoe is enough for me to know that it is not an MLM scheme for me or for anyone at all to try at all. I am sure there are some people who are doing this who do not know about the bad side of it. I should share this post. Nice work!

    • Hello Henderson,

      I’m happy to have done a very good job here by reviewing the reviews of this Lularoe platform.

      If you find my review so insightful for you to know that this MLM scheme is not for you or for anyone for that matter, then I have succeeded in doing my work as a blogger.

      Yes, many people go into a business without knowing the bad side of it. Do you think somebody will knowingly go into a business to lose money? They went in to make a profit. Only they didn’t have the insight to read reviews about the product.

      Thanks for the desire to share this post and I hope it is done.

      Thanks for your contribution.


  4. I have never heard of Lularoe before but wow it is pricey to join them! Wow what a mess! How can they stay in business if they owe people that much money and plus they got F on BBB. That is a red flag to me. I am sure there are some good MLM companies with excellent products or services out there but I have yet to come across one. Thank you so much for your review. Will share your post to all my friends.

    • Hi Nuttannee,

      Oh, so you have never heard of Lularoe before now? Sure, it’s pricey to join them!

      Yes, they are a mess. Such companies manage to stay in business by taking on more members who dish out the large amounts. And this, despite the fact thatthey owe people so much money. Isn’t it surprising that all this is happening despite their getting F on BBB?

      Sure, that is a red flag to anybody. But the problem is that many people don’t see all these negative reviews.

      Of course, there are some good MLM companies with excellent products or services out there but you have to dig deep to find one.

      Thank you so much for your comment on my review. Thanks too for sharing with your friends.


  5. Hello Akoli, I am running as fast as I can from this business and any one that seems like it anywhere. They have a really nice idea and I am pleased its a really simple one they are in which happens to be clothing. I have seen a similar business with great prospect but having so many lawsuits isn’t a good thing and tarnishes the outlook of any business. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    • Hello Benson,

      You make me laugh so much by wishing to run as fast as you can from this business and any one that seems like it anywhere. But in fact, you’re right by wanting to get as far away from them as possible.

      Yes, on the surface the business model looks fine. Clothing isn’t something bad at all to get into. But what spoils everything for them are all the lawsuits. Sure, that isn’t a good thing and destroys the image of a company.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and for appreciating my post.


  6. Hello Akoli;  Lularoe is one of those companies that has less regard for other people’s well-being if this is their style of operation. The clothing line can be very lucrative if properly managed. But in doing business a number of folks think about themselves and their take-home profit more than anything else.

     If one has to own $20.000.00 in order to distribute its products no wonder it is an MLM company! Why the distributors each one never uses 20.000.00 to start a company Personally?


    • Hello Dorcas, 

      Yes, we can say that Lularoe has less regard
      for other people’s well-being given their style of operation. Sure, clothing line business is like food business. We wear clothes everyday just as we eat everyday. Therefore, as you observed, it “can be very lucrative if properly managed.” But when you go into this business with folks who think only about their interests, then they are setting you up for failure.

      The initial outlay for the business is too. Why don’t they allow people to start with wht they have and then grow? I hate such businesses.

      Thanks for your contribution. I appreciate.


  7. Oh, I have to say that at a point I got somehow confused about what I was about to read. Going on, I understood hat it was all about. Apparently, lularoe has been here for a while but in those many years, there has been so much controversy. I think for anyone who is sensible, that should be enough to tell that this is a business not to be ventured into. I am happy you did this review. Better to be warned before making the mistake.

    Thanks J

    • Hi John,

      Yes, I knew that at a point people reading the review will get confused. That’s why I warned them right from the beginning. But then I let people know all will be clear as one went on.

      Honestly, the lularoe site is so well made that it gives no clue at all about all the controversy brewing about it. It takes reviews like these for people to keep off these companies.

      Yes, forewarned is forearmed.


  8. Thank you for this article, I’ve learnt a few things for sure.

    Losing weight is hard work and I hope this article can reach more and help more people.

    • Hi Jenny Lochlan,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m happy you had learnt a few things.

      Yes, it’s not easy to lose weight but it can be done with determination.


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