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Rodan and Fields Review

Today we will be doing a Rodan And Fields review.

Rodan and Fields is a company that is number 18 on the list of top-earning multi-level companies in the world. It boasts sales of 1.5 billion dollars annually.


When looking at this MLM company, we look for the quality and strength of their products.  We also consider the ability to make money working their programs and the reputation the company has. We also want to make sure that they are not a pyramid scheme and that they treat their distributors they call consultants fairly and stand behind them.

Now, watch this video:



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The company

Rodan and Fields were founded in 2007 by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fileds.

Their headquarters are in San Fransisco, California and they are distributed in the United Staes, Canada, and Australia. Diane Dietz is their president and CEO and Amnon Rodan is their chairman.

They market cosmetics and personal care products.

The company was first launched in 1995 with sales in department stores then sold in 1996 to Lauder Companies.

In 2007 Rodan and Fields re-acquired the company and took it out of the department stores and relaunched it as a multi-level marketing company.

Their products are sold by what they call independent consultants with the majority of them being women.


The Products



Rodan and Fields sell sunscreens, creams, moisturizers, toners, cleansers, and exfoliators.

They sell the idea that their products will revitalize your skin and make you look younger and healthy.

The company offers a number of products. Some examples are:

  • 5-day Retinal daily Anti-aging System
  • Makeup
  • PM Night Renewing Capsules
  • Active Hydration Serum
  • Lash Boost
  • Soothe Skincare Regimen

These products are available through their independent consultants. Therefore we were troubled by being able to also find them for sale on Amazon. This is definitely a red flag for us.

We were also troubled by the high prices of the products.

The company boasts its products are used by professional beauty experts and are even award-winning. We could not find any specifics on this claim.


Rodan and Fields compensation plan

You can become a member of the team and be an independent consultant by buying a member kit which starts at $45.00

Consultants recruit customers and new consultants by phone, social media and in-person meetings.

Rodan and Fields offer many in house training tools and materials to help the consultants sell their products. They also offer all kinds of support through other consultants.

The company website claims they offer not only a general compensation for sales of its products but also has incentives filled with trips, seminars, gifts, and rewards.

They have a PDF on their website that overviews the rewards for sales goals that include:

  • Retail profits
  • Consultant commissions
  • Personal team commissions
  • Generation commissions
  • Performance bonuses

Another PDF lists the 2018 income disclosure statement which lists their consultant’s annual income as the following:

Their top 1 percent of consultants have an annual income of $29,056. Their top 10 percent of consultants’ annual income is $4,955. And their top 50 percent of consultants earn $598 annually.

These numbers are by far nowhere near a business venture to take seriously for building a future as the products are not exclusive. They are available all over online. Besides, the amount a consultant would need to sell to make a living working this program is huge. But the commissions are very small.

The PDF goes on to disclose the income intake versus the payout to consultants. Unfortunately the numbers scream pyramid scheme as all of the money stays on the top of the list.


Pros and Cons of being a Rodan and Fields consultant

The only pros we can find would be if you want to put some time in getting your own products for free. This may be an opportunity for you. But keep in mind that the number of products you will need to sell to cover your own personal use would be very high.

The cons are many and we looked up hundreds of negative reviews through Consumer Reports. They included everything from poor customer service to false claims of the performance of their products.

Other cons include:

  • High priced products
  • Losey commissions paid
  • Products that are also available online
  • Problems with refunds to unsatisfied customers
  • Constant rebilling of orders canceled or never ordered
  • No refund policy to consultants
  • A very large amount of complaints and negative reviews across the board
  • Huge turnover in customer service staff
  • No compensation for recruiting or sponsoring new people
  • 47 percent of all consultants make no money annually


Our Take on Rodan and Fields

After doing our research on this company, what conclusion did we come to?

We can in no way, shape or form recommend this multi-level marketing program for anyone seriously looking for a way to start your own business.

At best it would be OK for those who want to get their products for free. But with the high prices of their products versus the annual incomes, their consultants making even this would be a stretch.

There are many better opportunities out there for making an honest full time living in the MLM world. Therefore we recommend avoiding this one at all costs.

We have to give this program a huge thumbs down!!

We hope this review has helped you in understanding this multi-level marketing company.

Be sure to check out our other reviews on our reviews tab.

We post a new review daily and do our best to give you accurate and honest reviews of every multi-level company we review. So be sure to check back everyday.

Please share us on your social media so we can get the word out on this company and help others to understand what they are all about. Hopefully we can save them from a bad experience in their MLM adventures.

Happy marketing!


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10 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Review”

  1. Hey! I have actually heard a lot of bad things about rodan and fields, that is really helpful that you detailed this product and their program so honestly and extensively. A lot of people seem to be marketing this product without really being honest about it, so I do appreciate that. 

    • Hey Sonia,

      Oh, so you have actually heard a lot of bad things about rodan and fields? But there may be many out that who had never heard about it. That’s why I wrote this detailed review. If many people are marketing this product without really being honest about it, it’s because they are desperate for downlines and commissions. This has happened to all of us. Fortunately some of us are not longer such gullible people. 

  2. Holy cow!  This is definitely a company to run away from.  I can’t even imagine being a consultant for them at yet having the same products on Amazon.  How would you compete with that?  Frankly, even their top 1% are making a pretty minimal wage and I can only imagine how much they had to sell or how huge their down-lines are.  I can totally see how this would be a pyramid scheme and I wouldn’t even waste my time selling enough to get my own products for free.  Thank you so much for debunking this company!

    • Yes, holy cow! I can’t agree with you better that this definitely is a company to run away from. How on earth can an mlm company offer its products to its consultants and then on Amazon too? I don’t know how you would compete with that. If their top 1% are making a pretty minimal wage, then what is the sense getting into it? Sure, there’s no need at all wasting one’s time on this business.

      It was my pleasure reviewing this company!

  3. A thorough and honest review, which is what’s needed when it comes to high-end beauty and skincare products. The marketplace is awash with many different products all making similar claims. It can be difficult to find a product to get behind with confidence.

    I watched the video from start to finish and I thought the person doing it was so honest, open and brave for putting herself in front of the camera the way she did. Unfortunately the figures don’t back up the quality of the product, which is a shame and probably just down to price. To command the higher price in this industry I would imagine you would need to be one of the household names to back it up. That said, if you used the products yourself, regularly and could also sell some to subsidise your outlay, that might be the way to look at it.

    • Hello Twack Romero,

      Thanks for finding my review thorough and honest. I’m tickled. Yesn I agree with you, one needs such reviews in the high-end beauty and skincare products. And you really nailed the reason for it: “The marketplace is awash with
      many different products all making similar claims.” This justly does not facilates one’s task when it comes to chosing a product to trust.

      To make it here of course you would need a strong marketing plan, a solid list and a big downline. Otherwise the rest will be a lot of heartaches. Using the products yourself could be a solution, but only if you did so in latge quantities. Maybe you’d need a large family to do that!

  4. Hello Akoli, this is a very good review here on this platform that you have reviewed. I have never heard of it but it seems like the product offered works. The business model though doesn’t cut it because making a profit from it is close to impossible. I like the fact that you can point this out. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Henderson,

      I’m always tickled when a reader praises my review. If you have never heard of Rodan and Fields, maybe it’s because it’s not one of those very popular ones. Sure, the product works. It’s often the business model which poses problem. In this case, one would have a very hard time making a profit from it. I had to point this out, since the aim of the review is to help people decide to do it or leave it.

      Thank you too for commenting.

  5. Oh, this is a very good review and I really like the fact that you can give this awesome information on rodans and fields. It was a friend that told me about it because he is thinking of joining in. Now that I know that it is not a business that I should venture into, I will just better stay away. I like this post. Thank you very much.

    • Hello John,

      Thanks for your high opinion of my review. This is how you readers encourage me to do more. I had to let people know what this company is so that they can form their own opinions. Now, you can warn your friend about it as matters don’t look too good here. Yes, just stay away from it. 

      I appreciate your valuable contribution to this discussion. Thank you for it.


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