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Scams Scares

You’ve worked hard and saved for your retirement. As it gets near, you wonder if it could meet your future needs. Then comes someone and proposes something which sounds like an answer to your prayer.  Should you reach for it? Not until you’ve read this piece.

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The Illustrated Oxford Dictionary says the word “scam” is a US slang word meaning a trick or swindle; a fraud.

The same dictionary defines:

a. Trick as: 1. an action or scheme undertaken to fool, outwit or deceive. 2. a mischievous, or discreditable act. 3. cheat; treat deceitfully so as to deprive (were tricked into agreeing; were tricked out of their savings)

b. Swindle as 1. cheat (a person) of money, possessions, etc. 2. a person or thing represented as what it is not. 3. a fraudulent scheme.

c. Fraud as 1. criminal deception. 2. a dishonest artifice or trick. 3. a person or thing not fulfilling what is claimed or expected of him, her, or it.

Let’s look at these elements constituting a scam:

1. An action or scheme undertaken to fool, outwit or deceive

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for all. Unfortunately it has done so also for lugubrious individuals who will not hesitate to propose you things online purposely to rob you of your hard-earned money, not to mention your quietude. So as you are online trying to better your life know that others are there to impoverish you.

2. A mischievous or discreditable act

How else to describe the actions of people who are using the wonderful medium of the internet to grab money out of other people’s hands?

3. Cheat; treat deceitfully so as to deprive (were tricked into agreeing; were tricked out of their savings)

Yes, some people online will let you believe that they have the solution to your problems and get you to agree to cooperate with them, while all they want is your money put aside for difficult times.

4. Cheat (a person) of money, possessions, etc.

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The online thieves will not only take away your money but they will also steal your identity (passwords, credit cards, confidential business information, bank account details, commission details, etc.)

5. A person or thing represented as what it is not

Beware wolves come in sheepskin. They will paint themselves as gurus capable of making you succeed online like magic and sell you empty businesses supposed to make you a lot of money easily and in no time at all.

6. A fraudulent scheme

Yes, scammers are sly, deceitful, evil, criminal, and pretentious, all in the bid to make unlawful or unfair gains. They are people to be shunned, individuals you should not allow to come even within your shadow.

7. Criminal deception

Of course, the best place for these people is in prison where they should be left to rot away.

8. A dishonest artifice or trick

An artifice is a clever trick or device or any skilful trickery. This alone is dangerous for your financial, mental and physical health. Add dishonest to it and you understand why scams and scammers should be vigorously exposed.

9. A person or thing not fulfilling what is claimed or expected of him, her, or it

Yes, scammers will propose you businesses meant to bring you heaven and earth. But know that they cannot even deliver the earth on which you are already, let alone add heaven.

I will deepen these notions in a series of posts. So be sure to check the site often. Meanwhile, is there anything you want to add to this discussion? It could be an experience of your own on scam, an idea not treated here or inadequately handled. Joy will be mine to read them in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile and I will engage with you on this all important subject which has ruined some people and unfortunately enriched others, but not for long: ill gotten gains seldom prosper/ill gotten ill spent.

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