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Scentsy vs Partylife

Do you know that Scentsy is a competitor of Partylife? Now, how do they compare in their details, managers, position among the top 100 MLMs, products, number of countries where they do business, business models, annual sales, pros and cons, legal issues, and our views of them?

Scentsy products to signify Scentsy vs Partylife
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Partylife products to signify Scentsy vs Partylife
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That’s what we’re going to see using the 10 factors we draw on to write our MLM reviews.

That said, let’s dive in to see the first one.

Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


Scentsy was founded in 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a privately traded company.

Their headquarters can now be found in Meridian, Idaho.


It all began in 1909 when a Cape Cod school teacher put together a candle recipe that led to the eventual formation of Partylite. That formula is still used to this day.

So Partylite was founded in 1976. It is a subdivision of Blyth, Inc, and Company out of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The company now belongs to the Carlyle Group and it has over 1700 active employees and over 45000 sales consultants.

Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


This company was founded by Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kara and Colette created a wickless candle, and they soon caught the attention of the Thompsons. Not long after, they were bought out by the same in 2004 and the company was relocated to its present headquarters.

Now headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, Heidi and Orville Thompson are the CEOs of the company.


Partylite was founded by Robert B. Goergen Sr, who acts as the current CEO of the company.

Martin Kohler serves as the current president of the company. He has behind him 6 years of running the parent company’s European division, the most important one.

Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


The company is number 44 on the list of top MLM companies listed by Forbes magazine.


They however feature at number 83 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world.

Products and/or services offered


What we all know is that wickless candles, which Scentsy deals in, have become the norm. The company has the best pricing and awesome scents around. In addition they propose a variety of other products for sale which come in the same quality as their candles. They are backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Put all that together and what you have is a winner!

All Scentsy products are sold directly from distributors. The company, which is a member of the Direct Selling Association, reportedly has 950,000 of them worldwide.

But all is not a bed of roses for Scentsy. Like other MLM companies, it is not immune to rumours.

In effect, stories began to circulate that their wax was dangerous to breathe, especially by babies.

The company has however had this myth discounted.


The product line of this company has the triple merit of the best of quality, choice, and cost. Companies like Target and Walmart offering lower quality products are not in the same league as Partylife’s products and can therefore not so much as compete with them.

On the other hand, the more expensive lines like Yankee Candles and the likes are really not any better quality. So their higher prices keep them from affecting Partylite’s sales.

The two situations make Partylife a cost-competitive company, something which is good for the company’s distributors.

Three noteworthy things about Partylife’s candles are that they are made from food-grade wax; their pure cotton wicks do not produce any toxins; and they are billed as clean burn.

The company also believes in being cruelty-free!

As if that was not good enough, Partylite also offers an excellent line of flameless fragrance products. Moreover they trade in essential oils that are second to none. They also produce some of the most pleasant fragrances we have ever known.

In checking out their Home Styling tab, we fell on a whole line of home decor products. They are both stylish and really inviting.

Partylife also promotes a product line called Bebalanced. It is worth checking out!

You can order the products from the company’s catalog or through their distributors. This makes them exclusive and we love that!

It’s free to become their preferred customer.

To do so, you simply head to their website and fill out their form.

Once done, you have the right to rewards to the value of 15% of all purchases.

Finally, you also get monthly offers as well as sneak peeks of new collections and upcoming sales.

Number of countries in which the companies do business


Scentsy do business in North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.


Partylite however is sold in 24 countries.

Business model / Compensation plan


In terms of the business model, we think this company stands alone in their niche.

They have in place a simple plan which pays 25 percent commissions on sales of their products exclusively through their distributors. This means that they do make their products available to the public only through their distributors. Consequently you simply cannot find them anywhere else.

No retail sales are allowed!

In regards to building your company, Scentsy is also set up the same as many of the most popular MLM business plans.

That is, you can recruit new members who will be placed in your downline. You will then be able to receive a percentage of their sales along with 25 percent of yours.

As distributor, you will have access to seminars and an online training center. You will also have your very own personal website and one on one consultant support.

What else you receive are a team page, live events, an online work station, monthly newsletters, and many others.

In terms of their business plan, Scentsy are unparalleled. They have a very interesting concept on how to keep their distributors satisfied. This, while making things as easy as possible for them to reach a successful level in the business.

A $99.00 starter kit with $10.00 shipping and local taxes is all you need to spend to get started with Scentsy.

Then you will be mentored under the distributor who recruited you.

All that sounds good, but what worries us are many reports of distributors making very little to no money at all.

Other disturbing complaints claim that the company targets the wives of military men. In effect, these people are easy to recruit because they are not able to maintain regular career jobs because their husbands are constantly moved around.

We feel that these complaints make sense. This is because of the lack of experience and commitment of the average person looking to venture for the first time into a MLM career. This would be a perfect setup for failure.

After a bit of research, we found these numbers are about average, sitting right around 95 percent. This is not difficult to explain. It takes a certain type of person to both sell and recruit through any MLM company.

Most first time distributors simply will not be able to raise the amount of business plus recruits necessary to make this work. Frustrated by the lack of success and seeing no light on the horizon, they get discouraged and walk away before they could ever get to the point of making money.

In other words, they really are not motivated to making it work at all costs. Yet that is really the mindset you need to succeed in MLM.

We have to accept that this type of business setting is not for everyone. That being said, those who excel in it are able to become top sellers and make huge profits with a MLM company like Scentsy.

With them you have a proven quality company, a great product, and exclusive distributorship. The rest is up to your resourcefulness and ingenuity.


This company however adopts the standard multi-level marketing model most used in the MLM business circles.

You can become their consultant simply by purchasing one of the following three kits:

    1. The $49.00 kit. Designed for immediate profits, it has one decor piece and all the tools you will need to get started.
    2. The $99.00 quick start kit. This includes all of the above in addition to special quick-start tools.
    3. Delux starter kit. It is for those who want to do a large presentation and have a whole assortment on hand. The kit comes with no upfront charges if you hold a minimum $350.00 party

If you need details of these kits, please head to the company website.

Unfortunately all the details of Partylife’s compensation plan is hard to find. That information is rather reserved for people who sign up. However one can get an idea by doing Google search to read reviews from people who work there.

All in all, what we have found are many satisfied distributors. Besides, there is a whole lot of happy customers that will happily recommend this company’s products over any other available on the market.

Annual sales


Scentsy boast an annual income of over 450 million dollars.


They report an annual income of 0.273 billion dollars.

Pros and cons


The pros

  • Exclusive product distribution
  • Quality products that are 100 percent backed by the company
  • Good commission rates
  • Company training station
  • Tools for building your business
  • E-newsletters
  • Personal website
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • One time start-up fee
  • Team events
  • Member of the Direct Sellers Association

The cons

  • Small success numbers


The pros

  • Established company with a strong parent corporation behind them.
  • Great products
  • Great compensation plan
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Exclusive customer base
  • Exclusive products
  • Eco-friendly products

The cons

  • Home shows required for sales (Not for everyone)

Bans / Complaints / Legal issues

Nothing else to report than what we have already said above.

Our view of / take on the company


It is true that the success numbers are small. But for the right person—and there should be many of such out there—this is no doubt a great business to get involved with!

There are three secrets to success here. One, if you can sell one-on-one in a party setting; two, if you like to be a people person; and three, if you can be creative in your selling and recruiting.

Are you this person?

Then you sure can make a good living with this company.

And on the company side?

They have available the number of tools and support you need. By now you know there is the product to go along. You also get the solid backing of a solid company for both the products and the distributors. And you can enjoy exclusivity in the marketing of the product!

As you see, all the ingredients for you to be a success are put at your disposal!

We can’t do anything else but give this company a big thumbs up. And, of course, we encourage people with the right kind of skills to jump on the bandwagon and start their businesses now!


This is another company we really like.

This is in addition to their product selections which are made in house and sold exclusively through their distributors. They are also reasonably priced and safe.

One recommendable side of Partylife is that they put the emphasis on their products and the sales over recruitment of new distributors. This shows them as a bona fide multi-level marketing company that puts its distributors first.

This is what we look for in a good MLM company. So we give them a big thumbs up. Of course, we recommend them, especially to people who like having parties and making money too. The party side of the business is not to be ignored. You sure have to like to throw home parties. It is really that important to understand in order to excel very well with this company.


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  1. Well, here is the question that might be on the mind of many – can you do this online instead of having parties at home?  I think I have seen Scentsy being sold online – but in your review, you said Partylite requires home parties.  So, any idea of how this is being done these days?  Not sure how long it is going to be before we can all be out visiting people in the homes.  Another thing you were talking about was exclusive product distribution in Scentsy. So, how does that work?  Do they only have a few people in each area or how do they guarantee or ensure exclusivity?  Any ideas of how these types of companies will be handling selling products with so many limits on how many people we can get together with?  These are such crazy times and it seems like everything is changing daily. Wondering about your thoughts on this topci.

    • Hi Janice,

      The company prefers that their distributors have parties at home, but I don’t see what can prevent someone from going online, just as an online work can be done offline. I don’t think one can run out of people to invite home for parties. Even if you live in a small village, there will be other small villages around. The exclusive product distribution in Scentsy is between the company and its distributors. That is, the products are not sold elsewhere else. It doesn’t mean the company gives people exclusivity to sell in a particular area. I hope I have been of help to you. Thank you for your very helpful comment.

  2. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these article has been of great quality to me, your choice of word’s and writing skills are so amazing,  I also really want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these website, thanks for the info

    • Hello Skuchmane,

      It was my pleasure sharing this content with you. I thank you also for commenting on it. I hope you will come back here again another time.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. sincerely, it took me time to be able to choose among these companies as they are equally cool to work with.

    However, I think the SCENTSY will just be the exact company for my kind because I’ve the marketing skills it requires to make it real big in the company. Thanks!

    • Hello there,

      Thank you for appreciating my review. I’m not surprised that it took you time to be able to choose which company to work with. But I’m happy that finally you chose SCENTSY because of your marketing skills. Thanks for your contribution.

  4. Hello there, thank you fir this very detailed, and informative post. I understand that for a post as comprehensive as this a lot of very conscious, calculated and deliberate effort have been put in bringing this together, I must say this is what I have been looking for, my friend told me of scentsy and partylife mlm, and I kust say that this post has answered my questions on tgeae MLM company and has helped me reached a decision.

    thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Jomata,

      It was my pleasure sharing this post with you. I’m happy that my post enabled you to find what you have been looking for. And I’m all the more tickled that this post has answered your questions on the MLM company and has helped you reach a decision. Thanks to you too for commenting.


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