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Site Comments At Wealthy Affiliate

Site Comments. That’s an important feature for your website I’m going to take you through today. This is only available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Below is a screenshot of my dashboard at Wealthy Affiliate today.


My dashboard at Wealthy Affiliate showing my photo, dashboard elements and happenings of the day
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When I click on Websites to the left, below is where I come to conerning Site Comments At Wealthy Affiliate:


Elements under Websites of my wealthy affiliate dashboard
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Clicking on Site Comments, enables me to come to the page below. This is where I can request comments on my websites. I can also offer comments and get credits (1 credit per comment given) to pay for comments on my website. (You need 2 credits to ask for a comment).

Under the circles, you see your pending comments (I have zero at the moment), comments received (I have 16), Credit balance (I have zero because 18% of my comments have been labelled as spam).

No joking at Wealthy Affiliate here!). You see my Comment Approval rating is 82%. I have no credits because I have used up all the 22 for 11 comments on my website this week. I gained these by commenting on 22 websites! The top contributors are also showed. Helping others is rewarded here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Doesn’t this show how powerful Site Comments At Wealthy Affiliate is?


My site comments page showing comments offered, received and other comment matters
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Now, when I click on Request Comments, I can also offer comments:

Wealthy Affiliate Request Comments section showing also Offer Comments link
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Scrolling down the page makes me review my Comments Job History. This shows me comments that I have recieved on this website.


Wealthy Affiliate comment job history shwoing comments I have reveiced on my website
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Below is where I come to when I click on Earn Credits tab.

This also shows the Request Comments and Offer Comments button.

It also displays Comments History. This time on comments I have offered on other websites.

This is a feature I love very much at Site Comments At Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy affiliate Earn Credits page showing buttons for requesting and offering comments as well as history of the comments I have offered
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Scrolling down the page shows my comments history much more clearly.


Image showing History of the comments I have offered on websites
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My Settings tab shows both my comments Comments Profiles and My Interests.


Wealthy Affiliate Comments Profiles registered with Gravatar for use with comments on websites
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The My Interests enables the site to serve me websites matching my interests to comment on.


Wealthy Affiliate My Interests showing which types of websites I would like to comment on
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Now, let’s take a pictorial tour of Site Comments at Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments Tour showing the starting point
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Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments Tour Page 2
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Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments Page 3
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Wealthty Affiliate Site Comments Page 4
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Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments Page 5
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In consideration of all the preceding, is this not some awesome place to be at for affiliate marketing and website building?

So, click here to join me at Wealthy Affiliate now! Or, read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Surely, you have something to say about Site Comments At Wealthy Affiliate. Kindly scroll down and do it now! Thank you.



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