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Video webinar for Software creates money sucking videos...
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Software creates money sucking videos…

This is how to make money with videos, even if you have no experience in video creation

Video webinar for Software creates money sucking videos...
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JVZoo Product of the Day

VidCuratorFX is a desktop software for either Mac and Windows that helps you create amazing slideshow type videos automatically.

Simply enter a keyword and the software will find quality images and video clips online and curate them into a video.

You can add background music, effects, image filters, record you own voice over, add text, add watermark and create an into outro slide.

You can also simply enter a keyword and tell it how many videos you want and it will create as many videos as you want, all automatically!

See it for yourself:

With VidCuratorFX you can quickly and easily:

[+] Create a video by simply entering a keyword, all automatically

[+] Create 100s of videos, all at once, automatically add your text, music and effects.

[+] Upload ALL the videos automatically to youtube and vimeo.

[+] Add transitions, image filters, text, watermark, intro/outro slides, choose from music library, record your voice over and more.

[+] 100% customisable. Edit your video as you like.

[+] Import your own images and video clips into your video.

[+] Save and open the project later.

[+] Create video for mobile, for apps or for desktop quality.

[+] Newbie friendly and easy to use.

and much more.

Download it here:

Have a great day,
Your JVZoo Team

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That is it.

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2 thoughts on “Software creates money sucking videos…”


    Worldwide.Technology, especially artificial intelligence
    has made our lives really easy. From the general apps to
    Alexa in our houses technology has seeped in even without
    us realizing when this happened. Here is a quick view of
    the future where AI will have significant role in each phase
    of our lives.

    • Hi Khadim,

      Yes, technology is now a worldwide phenomenon. It will be hatd to find even a remote corner of the world where some form of technology, such as a mobile phone, does not exist.

      Of course, artificial intelligence has made our lives really easy but not only so. I live in a Frech-speaking country. The Chinese-made mobile phones sold here are programmed to recognize and suggest words as you type. Should you type in English, the machine changes the words to what it thinks is the French word you’re looking for. It’s makes me crazy!

      But since AI will be playing more and more significant roles in each phase of our lives, I’m sure solutions will be found to those programs so that the machines would understand us better.

      Thank you for your visit and comment.



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