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Spiritually bypassing my emotions and needs

My issue is spiritual bypassing, especially in romantic relationships. Whenever I feel upset with my partner or my emotional needs go unmet in a relationship, I tend to talk myself out of it because it is “just my ego” or my painbody or whatever and I try to maintain my self image of the balanced and forgiving person who doesn´t need anything worldly (exaggerating, of course). I have a hard time recognising my needs for what they are and not beating myself up for “not being spiritual enough” to rise above it. I might add that I had been raised evangelical / fundamentalist Christian… even though I left this behind, I still find traces of the selfcensorship within me. Result is that I accumulate non-processed emotions within me to the point where I lash out or the relationship slowly erodes.

Does anyone else have or have had this issue? How do you / did you cope?

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