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Still Struggling With That Online Business Idea?

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of starting a business online but up to now you haven’t yet decided to really begin it (Procrastination is the thief of time, you remember?)

Rock, Ball, Struggle, Push, Man, Hill to show Still Struggling With That Online Business Idea?
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Or perhaps you have begun but going nowhere (Going round in circles or beating about the bush is what they call it). In either case the situation is not what you’ve been dreaming about.

Let me ask you a question, or rather, two questions, since we are dealing with two situations here: What is the main reason why you haven’t yet started an online business? Or, What, above all else, is blocking you from succeeding online?

Let’s look at some of the factors which hold people back from starting a business on the web or which limit their success:

Lack of money

Maybe you don’t earn enough to invest in a web-based business or you’ve spent all your savings on one and don’t see how you can continue ‘throwing money out the window’. In either case your problem really has nothing to do with money. It’s your approach which is killing you. For, do you know that there are great businesses that you can start with $0? (Check Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank, CBProAds, CBSurge, CBTopSites )

Lack of business experience

You know you need some experience before delving into any profession, business not being any different. Why not believe so, when all those job advertisements and interviews drum up the idea of previous work experience? But tell me, whoever started their very first job with prior work experience? This means experience has to be acquired. You would never score a goal sitting on the bench. You must get in the game! Training is the ingredient you need. Get a FREE quality training HERE.

Fear of failure

Have you ever heard of visualization and affirmation? Visualization means forming and holding pictures in your mind. It is a fact in sports that mental practice and attitude is as important as the game itself. And affirmation is another way to program the subconscious mind. Unfortunately this “self-talk” often is negative and reinforces negative self-image beliefs. If you entertain failure, failure is what you are going to get. The secret is to hold images of success in your mind and imagining yourself in success situations. A site to help you in this regard is Official Website of the Secret.

No time to devote to a business

Commuting to and from work and committing to your 9-5 job consumes all the free time you have, so there is no time you can devote to that business you’ve been dreaming about or nurturing slowly. Really? Earl Nightingale, an authority in the field of human potential and self-improvement said if you would commit just one hour a day to doing something you would become expert in it in less than three years. Are you really sure you can’t find an hour a day in your life to devote to a business?

Lack of computer skills

Maybe you’ve never really gotten down to learning that ‘damn thing’. It’s high time you did. An article I read recently on the digital divide says that many people still refuse (!) to get online although the cost of getting online is decreasing and internet speeds are increasing. The author therefore sees the main challenge as the need to explain the relevance of the internet to these people. For if these ‘refuseniks’ are not encouraged to get connected they would be left far behind and miss out on many opportunities, especially in their careers.

Lack of enthusiasm

There is a direct link between interest in anything and success in it. If you are not keen on doing business how on earth are you going to commit to it? You remember, how you used to rush to a task dear to your heart? That’s the way to treat your online business if you want it to take you to great heights. Don’t wince. All you have to commit to it is one hour a day. It was Winston Churchill who said “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Limiting self-image

Self-image is the picture you hold in your mind about yourself. This image is built from what your parents, siblings, neighbours, friends, co-workers said about and to you in the past or now say about you. Past experiences and comparisons you make between yourself and others also contribute to this image. The law of visualization says you are what you think about. In the same way you can change yourself just by imagining yourself in circumstances that you wish for yourself. So, begin changing those limits, testing them, pushing at them. Experiment.

Bad experience

Talk of bad experience with all of that scam out there and all of us would have something to say. But as a proverb says: you wouldn’t refuse to sleep because of fear of death. Bad experience? Ask any successful person and they have loads of stories about them. Why did they succeed despite those ‘terrible’ experiences? They simply kept on. Life is a series of ups and downs and if you think yours as a straight road without any bumps, then you might as well forget about success in any life endeavour.

Lack of knowledge or education

It is true that the less you know about something the more intimidating or difficult it is to deal with. But how can you make sure that business becomes inviting and enjoyable for you? By learning more about business as possible, your confidence and your competence will automatically grow. But that will not be enough. You need to associate with people doing the same business you wish to do. Being with people who are as good as or better than you at something can only be to your advantage. The Wealthy Affiliate training and Community will assure you both.

Lack of information

With the age of the New Technology of Information and of Communication, any information you want is just a mouse click away. So in addition to the libraries, various business bodies and the internet, getting information on any business should not be a problem.

Fear of venturing into new things

Some people are afraid to go into what they have never done before. True, it is disquieting going into a new territory but everything you have done in life, you have had to start afresh. You learnt to sit, you learnt to crawl, you learnt to take faltering steps, then to walk. You learnt to babble, to say a few words and then to talk. But we find our adult habits so comfortable that daring out becomes a problem for us. Yet, as we see, venturing into new things is a part of life.


Scams are the scourge of online businesses. The internet is maybe the most beautiful thing to have happened to business, bringing a home-based business and entrepreneurial explosion. By enabling even modest people start their own businesses in their spare time, the internet not only gave them the opportunity to earn extra income at home but also enabled them to develop new and varied skills, greater self-confidence and useful contacts. Some online entrepreneurs even grew their spare time business into a full-time one and became their own bosses offering jobs to many. This opened the eyes of others to the great business potential of the internet. Unfortunately bad-intentioned people also jumped in to criminally cash in from the windfall. Your duty is to learn to avoid scams.

Etc., etc.

If other factors kept you from going into the online business or succeeding in it, kindly talk about them in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Now, how can you get ahead?

The secret to starting anything in life is starting. Know that you would never score a goal sitting on the bench; you simply have to get in the game! Listen to John Glenn, Jr., Astronaut, U.S. Senator: “People are afraid of the future, the unknown. If a man faces up to it, and takes the dare of the future, he can have some control over his destiny. That’s an exciting idea to me. Better than waiting with everybody else to see what’s going to happen.”

And the secret to succeeding in what you have begun is continuing, while looking for ways to do it better. Didn’t Michael Jordan say he succeeded because he failed many times? And Vince Lombardi, a Former Coach Green Bay Packers says “In effect, the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to commitment to excellence, regardless of the field of endeavour.”

In fact, you can overcome the difficulties of beginning or continuing an online business by doing just a few things…in fact, just 3.

The THREE Building Blocks to Having a Successful Business Online

Although many ways exist to create success online, only these three factors characterise people who succeed online:

Factor N° 1: They Get Help

When you were a child your parents or guardians helped you to sit, crawl, toddle, walk, etc. When you went to school your teacher helped you to master your lessons. When you went into training there was a supervisor who guided your first steps in the professional world. And when you started working your superior again guided you to success. As in professional life, so in business.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can get a lot of help from the co-founders and from other community members to succeed.

Factor N° 2: They Have a Website, Their Very Own

As water is necessary for life, so is a website for an online business. You can live a few days without water, so can you succeed online for sometime without your very own website. But beyond a certain period a person deprived of water dehydrates and death inevitably comes. Your online business may not die without a website but your success will be limited.

Fortunately building a professional website these days is not only very easy, but also it takes a few minutes to have your very own up and running online. Best of all, you can get a website free at Wealthy Affiliate.

Factor N° 3: They Learn Regularly & Practice Thoroughly

It is not for nothing that we are advised to be an up-to-date, well-read, well-informed expert in our ‘specialty,’ present and future. This entails having or getting formal education in the field, learning regularly in it (reading the current literature in the field, books by experts in the domain, trade magazines and journals published for that field, and some general business information). These studies must be capped with practice, the only way for one to be perfect in any field.

Now that you know what holds you back from succeeding online and what propels you forward, why don’t you contact Wealthy Affiliate to take action today?


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    • Hi Fredrik, Thanks for stopping over. Yes, I have the feeling too that my posts are a bit long. This is good for people who like to read but negative for most blog visitors who will prefer pieces under 700 words. Happy travelling with WA!

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