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Summarily list of 22 reasons why people read blogs

Blogs have become the place where many people go to for information. They are as different as the people who read them. Why do they read them? Here are 22 reasons.

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Now, to why do people read blogs.

Let’s take a very cursory look at each of the 22 reasons why people read blogs.

1. To connect with others

A blog reader who wants to connect or interact with a blogger or other blog readers visits the blog, and leaves a comment for the blogger and/or types a word on the fellow readers’ comments.


2. To seek information in a convenient way


Readers who want to find out the latest developments in a domain know that it is just a Google search and a click away. From the comfort of the armchairs in their homes, they can have access to the best and most recent information. This makes a blog a convenient source of information.


3. To feel sociable and human


The third reason why people read blogs can be sub-divided into 3:

a) To have touching life stories

Stories of love, deception, success, failure, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, etc.…are the reasons why inspirational stories are very popular with blog readers.

b) To know others are just like them


When people read the stories above, they help them realise that they are not alone in a particular jam.

c) To feel normal


When people read stories about real people coping with messy situations, it makes them feel that nothing is wrong with them for going through such situations.

4. To have that personal touch                   

The fact that there’s a real human being behind the blog who shares their ups and downs, tips or life hacks, and to whom they can throw whatever question they feel like asking and get a personalized answer, give blogs that personal touch people crave so much in this age of widening chasm between individuals.


5. To have an alternative to traditional media


Blogs represent a sort of citizen media. So people disenchanted with the old media resort to blogs to fill that gap as they see them as more credible sources of information.

6. To get how-to’s or tips

By simply keying in your search term on the web from anywhere, good old Google will indicate sources on the web for the answer. This explains the popularity of such blogs as WikiHow, Yahoo! Answers, Wikipedia, etc.

7. To satisfy their curiosity

The eagerness or interestedness to know and learn as well as the unusual, strange or interesting are to people what a bright light is to the moth.


8. To have guidance or seek an opinion


Blog writers are more likely to share a variety of opinions and viewpoints freely of any editorial constraint, leaving the readers to arrive at their own conclusion.

9. To learn from other’s experience, expertise or piece of advice


Since we no longer have the benefit of community living where stories, expertise and experiences are shared in close proximity, people come to blogs to seek that kind of thing.

10. To escape the humdrum life

A blog that entertains or amuses is a great way to make a person take a break from their normal activities, switch on their computer or go to their navigator to escape the daily grind.

11. To have fun or personal fulfilment

Some blog readers enjoy reading blogs because the blog’s ambiance is enjoyable. When a blog is fun to read, amusing, when the content creator offers something enjoyable to readers, they keep coming back for more.

12. To get affiliation


When a blog is organized around a particular topic, like a sporting team, a political candidate, a place like a town or country, social, etc. readers also visit it for the opportunity to become a member and belong to the group.

13. To get the breaking news

What makes the popularity of Reddits? It’s the fad. The latest news. Scandals are especially always a matter for discussion.

14. To have the latest news


For some owners, the blog is a way to inform their fans, followers, clients, customers, and citizens about their activities and keep them up to date about the latest developments.

15. To read reviews

To help buyers beat frauds and scams, all kinds of reviews are written by blogs. By referring to the balanced and honest view of a product, people who often trust the blogs can do transactions online without much apprehension.


16. To engage in discussions


All sorts of forums and social media exist online to help people engage in discussions and even debate.

17. To have answer to a specific inquiry


When I have a specific inquiry about affiliate marketing business, I don’t use Google. The answers are too impersonal. I go to the Wealthy Affiliate community I belong to and where there is a large pool of competences for the exact answer I need.

18. To improve themselves

The millions of blogs in the world are run by people in many fields where they have expert knowledge that they share. People therefore go there to learn tricks to improve or cultivate their minds, themselves and their bodies.

19. To enjoy good writing

Good writing in the blogosphere is writing that is succinct because readers don’t have the time to read long pieces, the one that turns an ordinary subject into something interesting, useful and/or amusing, the type that you enjoy coming back to for more.

20. To have authenticity

Readers love blogs as opposed to magazines or opinion articles in newspapers and magazines as they know that most bloggers, as independent entities, write not to impress an editor, or necessarily be controversial simply to boost sales. Real, honest writing is what draws them to blogs.

21. To have aspiration and/or inspiration

Whether it’s a book suggestion, a little known fact, a new craft technique, life’s FAQs, an incredible tale of bravery, a particular practice, people love that influence blogs exert on them arousing feelings, ideas, impulses, etc, that stimulate their creativity, ideas, etc.

Now, let’s go to the last of the summarily list why people read blogs.

22. For Reflection

Blogs sometimes couch out pieces which make readers think carefully or ponder over them or over something else, such as their acts, life, etc.

Final word

And you, did you find among the 22 reason(s) why you read this and/or other blogs? If no, what makes you read blogs? Let us know in the comment box below.


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