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Summarily List of 85+ reasons to start a blog – Part B

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And 85+ Others I Discovered – B


I will split them into altruistic, personal, and business.


 B. The Altruistic Motives


Some people started their blogs with an unselfish generosity to, or concern for, other people’s interests.


I found 7 reasons in this regard.


  1. To offer people free articlesTo help people make online shopping decisions


  1. To inspire others


7. To help people make online shopping decisions


8. To help others


For example, a site like Zen Habits has helped change the lives of people by helping them relax, de-clutter and chill out.


  1. To contribute to charity and the community


For example, Jeff Goins donates 10% of sales from his course, Tribe Writers, to charity. And as part of celebration of his 32nd birthday, Pat Flynn raised $26,251 from his blog readers spread over 24 countries, and added $25,000 of his own money, to build 2 schools in Ghana.


10. To connect with like-minded people


11. To influence public opinion or policy


That was the case of a story you’ll love of two girls, aged 9 and 13, living respectively in Scotland and Brazil. The blog of the first girl exposed poor learning conditions in her school and attracted almost 8 million readers in four months. The second, which was inspired by the first, attracted over 200,000 readers in less than four weeks.

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We will now go to part C to see a list of the individual needs and the corollaries of those needs why other people decided to blog or continued to do so.


Meanwhile, do you know of any other reasons altruistic reasons why you or people created a blog? You’re warmly welcome to tell us in the box below. Thank you.



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