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Summarily List of 85+ reasons to start a blog – Part C

And 85+ Others I Discovered – C


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C. At the Personal Level


Click here to read the whole article 4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – C


Some people write blogs to satisfy their individual needs and the corollaries of those needs.


  1. It makes you meet new people online and make friends


  1. It makes you network with new people, especially other bloggers


  1. To add to your insufficient income


  1. To lose your worries about your paycheck


  1. To lose your worries in retirement or about going on retirement


  1. To clear off your debt


Image of a blogger writing in a journal
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Some successful bloggers have recounted how being burdened by debt brought them to blogging to wipe out their financial worries. This is the case of Amanda and others.


  1. To save, invest, buy a house or land


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19. To have freedom…

These are some of the things building a successful blog allows you the independence to do:

  • …to work from anywhere
  • …to fix flexible working hours
  • …to work at your own pace
  • …to travel around the world
  • …to dedicate more time for yourself
  • …to spend more time with your family


  1. To ally talents and hobbies


I have covered this in the blog post Exercise Your Talents and Hobbies Blogging on my first blog.


  1. To quit unemployment or underemployment


Find inspirational stories here


  1. To lose your worries about the economy


  1. To restore your self-esteem


  1. To make household savings


  1. To trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business)


  1. To avoid being stuck in a dead-end job


  1. To avoid being passed over for wage increases or promotions


  1. To have job security


  1. To avoid embarrassment about talking about your job


  1. To avoid your worry about the future in general


  1. To satisfy your desire to do better, what steps to take


  1. To remake your life

John Paul Aguiar's "The Money Dummy Blog" logo
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John Paul Aguiar was on kidney transplant and social dole outs when he became a blogger. Another was laid off on suffering a casualty in the mine. Jon Morrow of smartblogger quit his job in April of 2006 after he was hit by a car going 85 miles an hour and having a disease like SMA  which paralysed him from the neck down. So he can’t use his fingers; he blogs speaking his texts into a microphone.


33. To overcome your frustration at seeing others get ahead faster than you do


34. To express your thoughts and share your passions


35. To have fun and be creative


Many people  created a blog simply for fun.


It is in this way that some of the top and most interesting blogs were begun just for fun and to give the blogger a creative outlet (See 40 below).


  1. It makes you an authority in your industry

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “authority blogs.”


37. To unleash your creative side


38. To build an online portfolio (Self-promotion as an expert)


A lit bulb on a brown table top to signify inspiration
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This inspiring piece by Leanne Regalla provides an in-depth examination of how 49 creative people use blogging to promote their art.

39. To get published


When Theresa Ragan was rejected by traditional publishers for over 100 times over 19 years, she self-published.

Hugh Howey and James Altucher are two other authors who self-published their ways to bestseller stardom, thanks to their large blog audiences.

Hugh MacLeod draws on the backs of business cards, one of which he posts everyday on his blog. He’s inspired hundreds of thousands of artists and helped them live their dreams.


40. To stay in touch with others


41. To create a record


42. It makes you knowledgeable…


…as it makes you learn new things

…as it gives you new experiences

… as it can make you acquire valuable new skills

  • … to become an expert at something (Self-branding)
  • …to become authority in your niche


Statues of three sitting monkeys with ears, mouth and ears covered to signify innocence
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Darren Rowse of Problogger said he didn’t know anything about blogging back in 2002 when he began. But today his blog is an authority in the niche.


These ways the blogger learns new things all the time about their areas of interest.

See successful blogging and posting frequency.


43. To take up a challenge…


  • to interact with readers and the community
  • …to discover self

…to think clearly and deeply

  • …to turn jumbled ideas into a coherent whole
  • …to make you have confidence in yourself

• …to be very observant

  • …to be regular


44. It builds you an audience


45. To change your life


46. It lands you speaking engagement


Cover of the book Choose Yourself by James Altucher
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In his book, Choose Yourself James Altucher talks about how he landed well over 100 speaking engagements in 9 years thanks to his blog and books. These brought him over $1 million and made him impact hundreds of thousands of lives.


47. It gets you consulting deals

The fame Neil Patel built through his blog made him land juicy consulting deals with big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ebay, NBC, GM, HP, TechCrunch and Viacom. For some of the consulting deals, Neil was paid as high as $5,000 per hour!


48. It brings you freelance writing gigs

This is the case of Carol Tice. This Seattle-based freelance writer has built a thriving 6-figure freelance writing career, while teaching others.

The same is true of Bamidele Onibalusi, a Nigerian, resident in Nigeria, who makes thousands of dollars monthly freelance writing.


  1. It can validate your expertise…

• …to replace your resume


That’s what Seth Godin thinks. “If you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all,” he says.

  • to be your new tool to be hired


A woman standing upright while 4 hands hold up papers with CV written on them
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To see how a blog can make your resume stand out from the pack, click this inspiring story. It concerns a blogger whose blog brought her a dream job brought her by an employer on a silver platter.


A recruiter called another blogger, Dan, out of the blue to offer him a very good position at a great firm.


50. It can make you happy


51. To ease your suffering


This may be what 17-year-old Alice suffering from cancer sought to do with Alice’s Bucket List.


52. To document your life


The Great Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe, of Things Fall Apart fame put it succinctly in an interview with The Paris Review: “…I was introduced to the danger of not having your own stories. There is that great proverb — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. I had to be that historian… so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions.”


53. It makes you stand out


In Why Blog? Should I Start a Blog? 34 Reasons You Should,   blogger Abdullahi writes “only 1 percent of Internet users produce the content online. The remaining 99 percent? They just consume.”


An egyptian mummie
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54. It can immortalize you


55. It will make you live a more intentional life


56. It will make you adopt healthier life habits


57. It will help you develop a reflex for meaningful details


58. It will make you more tolerant of others’ opinions


59. It will make you known and you’ll be happy to be so


60. It will allow you to make recommendations


61. It gives you quite a rush with positive comments


62. To build authority as a springboard to other goals


One of the sub reasons of N° 42.


63. To boost your success on social networks

In 18 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog Today (and Some Massive Success Stories), Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin argues that while many people think that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are excellent for raising the profile of a blog, the opposite is rather true.


64. To create content constantly


65. It will enable you share content on social media


66. It will embolden you


67. It will make you find your authentic voice


68. To escape the pressures of corporate life


Businesspeople working around a table in a large room to signify corporate pressure
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This is thecase of Joshua Fields Millburn and Susie Romans


69. To tell a story your very own way


70. It enables you to document and review your online journey


For example, I have written a similar blog post why do people blog  and 85 reasons why people blog before. But what I wrote then pales a lot in comparison to this. A few years from now I may again have to update this.


71. It enables you to create your own PR tool


72. It can reduce stress


This one is from Abdullahi in 18 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog Today (and Some Massive Success Stories)


With so many personal reasons to blog, you surely found yours, didn’t you? So see how Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Course can help you turn your passion into a business.


Ready but not sure where to begin? Just check Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Course and see how it can make you begin successfully in affiliate marketing.


Or, are you ready to start a FREE blog right now? Then go to SiteRubix to create a beautiful WordPress website (or even 2 if you wish) for your blogs.


We will now go to part D to see a list of commercial activity reasons why other people decided to blog or continued to do so.


Meanwhile, do you have any other individual needs and the corollaries of those needs why people create blogs? You’re warmly welcome to do in the box below. Thank you.



Your personal guide to securing your future online



Interested in reading the whole article? Click 4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – C



Click here to go to part D

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