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Summarily List of 85+ reasons to start a blog – Part D

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And 85+ Others I Discovered – D & Conclu


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Some people created their blogs to carry out a commercial activity.


This is where I found the second highest number of motivations for starting a blog or continuing to do so: 17.


D. Businesswise

73. It makes you rank in search engines

74. It gives you more exposure

75. To advertise, market or promote your company

Since a large part of consumers is online now, people and entrepreneurs see gaining visibility on the web as a fantastic way to advertise their company to grow their subscriber base and leads and ultimately rake in revenue.

Through blogs businesses get reviews to enable them test the waters prior to marketing their product.


76. To build your online brand

  1. To transform your brand

78. To boost your offline business

A 2010 study (prnewswire) or smallbusinesssem by the Kelsey Group concluded that 97% of all consumers depend on online media to shop locally. Intelius in another online study discovered that 78% of consumers find it important to look up information about businesses online before interacting with them.

79. To build your professional network

80. To achieve financial success

81. To have an Internet home based business

  1. It can give you a business you can sell out profitably tomorrow
  1. To benefit from large tax deductions


N.B.: Not paying your taxes or paying inadequate taxes could get you into serious trouble with the IRS. You even risk a term of imprisonment. Paying too much tax is also not good for your business. So get an expert to handle this task for you.


84. It will make you master of New Information and Communication Technologies

85. To attract an audience

86. To give your company a “soul”

An example is Richard Branson’s blog.

87. It can be helpful for your existing websites to make sales

88. It can grow your other bricks and mortar business

89. To build rapport and engagement





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Remarks and Suggestions



Whether for altruistic, personal or business reasons, many are the motives for starting a blog.


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And you, do you know any other reason why people blog? Kindly leave your comments in the box below.




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Would you like to read the whole article? Click 4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – D

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