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Summary list of 90 Reasons Why 90 percent of Online Businesses Fail – Part VII

• Website issues                      


Location. Location. Location. That’s the advice given landed businesses. For those who work online it is of course Website. Website. Website.

Just like location, a website has its own peculiar problems. In this last part of the series, I am going to look over 21 of them which have the capacity to destroy your online business if not checked.

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Reason #70: No, or inadequate, presence online 

Maybe you hired professionals to build your website for you or perhaps you created it yourself. What many new online businesses neglect to do next is make accounts for their businesses on Facebook, Twitter and other leading social media platforms. This is surprising when we know that is where your target market spends most of their time.

Reason #71: No good design 

Your website is the first impression of your business to potential customers who visit it. If the design is sloppy, they will doubt the professionalism of your company. On the other hand, if your website is an overly designed, memory-intensive one filled with background music and tiny text, its flashiness will frustrate visitors.

Reason #72: No contact information on the first page

If your presence on the internet is necessary, your contact information (such as your phone number, e-mail and address) is also. This detail should be clearly visible on the first pag

Reason #73: No essentials on an eCommerce site 

Have the following on your site:

  • – A clearly designed product catalog, also boldly show your promotions
  • – An online shopping cart system
  • – A downloadable content
  • – For corporate or events sites, a clear company calendar with upcoming events

Besides, your eCommerce site must be secure, functional, have great search, adapt to mobile devices, and load very quickly.

Reason #74: Presence of garish or common clip art

Avoid garish or common clip art on your website if you don’t want it to appear unprofessional and outdated.

Reason #75: Tiny text in an attempt to create a minimalist look

This must be avoided as they can often not be read on some smaller displays.

Reason #76: Unduly extravagant Flash introductions with background music

For a browser who is in hurry, or a customer seeking only basic information about your company, extravagant flash introductions become frustrating as they load slowly and also slow down older computers.

Reason #77: Poor frequency of updates

Supposing a visitor comes to your site and sees that the last update was made ages ago, how do you think they will feel about the professionalism of your business?

Reason #78: No enhancement of the user’s experience  

Visitors to your website these days expect to have a certain degree of interaction with it.

Companies wishing to succeed online therefore have the following features on their website to enhance the user’s experience:

  • A wise use of multimedia
  • Real-time tech support
  • RSS feeds
  • Social networking integration via Facebook or Twitter, etc.
Reason #79: Adjusting your website’s design to have a clean one

Many online business owners failed because they just chose a website theme which appealed to them. What they hadn’t borne in mind is that website designs must reflect their businesses. In this wise, educational sites for example, must not look like show business ones.

Reason #80: Finishing Touches

Now your website is built but there are still some final things to consider, especially:

  • Consult articles or contact web designers about the proper way to phrase search terms to increase hits from major search engines if your website is not already search engine optimized.
Reason #81: Wrong reasons for building websites


Why did you build a website? Was it to solve your own problems or those of your visitors?

Successful web entrepreneurs build websites to solve the visitor’s problems. Period.

Reason #82: Bad Location, Internet Presence and Marketing

A bad location is self-explanatory if your business relies on location for foot traffic. Just as dangerous, however, is internet presence. These days, your location on the internet and your social media presence can be just as important as your company’s physical presence in a shopping district.

Reason #83: Lack of a marketing plan = No website traffic


Have you heard the saying ‘If you build it, they won’t come — until they hear about it’? It’s true: potential customers will not find you automatically just because you have a web presence.

A marketing plan is the way to accomplish these. It must be well thought out and implemented even before the launching of your site.

Reason #84: No Metrics


An online business offers you more ways to measure the dynamics and performance of your business than any other kind. Yet, it beats imagination why many dotcoms fail to collect and track this data; and even more surprising, why they usually ignore a proper interpretation of it.

Reason #85: Metrics are not the Almighty solutions


It is not because metrics are important that you should base all your decisions on the numbers. This almost always leads to “analysis paralysis”. What are needed to succeed with metrics are contrarian thinking, creativity, and imagination.

Reason #86: Poor Product Photography


Online shoppers cannot physically inspect the products you sell, so they will need a strong visual representation of those products to help them understand it, want it, and buy it.

Reason #87: Lack of traffic or programs


Many online businesspeople are only online to make money, so they spend little or nothing on traffic or programs, which is a big mistake.

Reason #88: Lack of proper User Interface Design


“A great user interface is so seamless that we don’t even think about it … But a poor user interface tends to make us frustrated, impatient, even angry – And we inherently remember that negative experience for a longer time,” Justin Mifsud.

The reaction of the visitor to the interface come from subconscious processes and you only have about 5—7 seconds to capture their attention.

Reason #89: Lack of quality content


Website visitors have the choice between eagerly consuming quality content and coming back for more or clicking themselves out of poorly written ones.

Reason #90: Lack of quality E-Commerce Backbone/Software


Poor quality e-commerce backbone will affect usability, not only for you but also for your customers. Why not when the products will be poorly laid out, the discounting feature and search engine optimization features missing and the PCI code non-compliant.

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