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Summary List of Affiliate Marketing, Best Way to Make Money Online

We will see Affiliate marketing as the best way to make money online through:

  • Definition of affiliate marketing
  • Parties involved in affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • The different types of affiliate marketing programs
  • Why you should work as an affiliate marketer
  • Types of products to promote
  • Some major affiliate networks
  • Some major online merchants with In-house affiliate programs
  • Tips on becoming a successful affiliate marketer
  • How to promote in affiliate marketing
  • Scale up your business
  • Outsource tasks
  • How you get paid
  • Marketing systems for dummies
  • Best affiliate training program

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What is affiliate marketing?

It is the promotion of other people’s (or company’s) products and earning a commission on the purchase made by each visitor or customer you bring, mainly through your affiliate link.

What are the parties involved in affiliate marketing?

There are four parties involved in affiliate marketing:

i. Merchant

ii. Network

iii. Affiliate

iv. Customer

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

i. You take a look at an affiliate network, like it and sign up as an affiliate

ii. You check the platform and a product appeals to you and you sign up to promote it.

iii. You receive a unique affiliate code from the seller as text links, hop links, banners and/or affiliate links, etc. that you copy and place on your website.

iv. When any visitors from the traffic you drive to this link like what they see, they click on the link which redirects them to the product site and if they purchase a product or subscribe to a service you as the referrer get a commission.

What are the different types of Affiliate Programs available to you?

The types of affiliate programs from which you can make money are:

i. Cost-per-action

ii. Pay-per-call

iii. Pay per Click

iv. Pay-per-install.

v. Pay-per-lead *

vi. Pay-per-sale •

* There are two types: in one, you get paid just for sending visitors to the target site, and with the other, you only get paid if the customer actually takes the action wished by the merchant, such as signing up for a service.

• One of the most profitable affiliate marketing techniques and the most common, you get a certain percentage of the sale when the referral you made to the product makes a purchase.

Why should you work as an Affiliate Marketer?

i. Fast growing sector

ii. Earns you good money

iii. Free to join

iv. Cost effective:

  1. Working on the internet is cheap
  2. You have no production costs as the product is already developed by the seller
  3. You don’t need a physical business premise
  4. You don’t have to hire employees
  5. You don’t have to commute to work
  6. You don’t need working clothes

v. Global Marketing

vi. Seller takes care of everything:

a. Storage

b. Packing

c. Shipping

d. Customer support

vii. Passive income

viii. Work from home at your convenience

ix. Profitable for bloggers and webmasters

What Types of Products Should You Promote?

The first rule is to follow your passions.

If you have a strong enthusiasm for affiliate marketing, you can promote affiliate marketing products like:

i. website creation

ii. Web hosting

iii. Webinars

iv. keyword research tools

v. various types of software

vi. online affiliate training course

vii. paid subscription services and

viii. other virtual products

You may try unique niches: instead of exercise equipment for all, you may promote exercise equipment for senior citizens.

Here are some of the Major Affiliate Networks for you to join

Some of the more popular affiliate marketing networks are:

i. ClickBank

ii. LinkShare

iii. Share-A-Sale and

iv. Commission Junction.

And also some Major Online Merchants with In-house Affiliate Programs

Some of the big ones are:

i. Amazon

ii. eBay

Others are:

iii. Canadian Tire

iv. Walmart and

v. Other popular retailers.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

i. Conduct Market Research

ii. Choose the Right Merchant

iii. Promote only a Handful of Good Products

iv. You Need Traffic, the More the Better

v. Use Other Product Promotion Strategies

vi. How to Figure out what are Working and What Are Not

vii. Use Other Helpful Tools

viii. Stay Up-To-Date with New Methods and Techniques

Which Methods Can You Use to Promote in Affiliate Marketing?

i. Build a List

ii. Create a Niche Site

iii. Get Freebies for Your Customers

iv. Produce More Quality Content

v. Use Social Media

vi. Write Honest Product Reviews

Scale Up Your Business

i. Post articles on your site

ii. Post reviews on your site

iii. Optimize your site

iv. Scale up your business by building more email lists by doling out freebies

v. Create a social media storm

vi. Build more niche sites

vii. Organize contests, etc.

You don’t have to do Everything Yourself, You Can Outsource Some Tasks

Affiliate marketing enables you to outsource tasks like:

i. Advertising

ii. Content creation

iii. Video creation, etc.

Some of the best places to hire freelancers for asset creation are Elance, oDesk and For off-shore outsourcing, check out and

How are you paid in Affiliate Marketing?

The popular payment methods for paying affiliates are:

i. Wire transfer

ii. Checks

iii. Money orders

iv. PayPal

N.B.: Many affiliate networks use their own payment tools.

Affiliate marketing systems for dummies

Do you want done for you affiliate marketing system? These are the ones I use:

a. CBPassive Income

b. CBProAds

c. CBSurge

d. CBTopSites

e. CBStarter

f. Affilorama

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program

All of the things said above can help you succeed in affiliate marketing. But everybody knows the difference between the way a trained and an untrained person work. The same is true of affiliate marketing.

Fortunately an affiliate marketing course exists that has given the best affiliate marketing training or course to 100,000’s of people making money online. Check it here now.

Do you have anything to add to the list or some other comments to make about this post? Then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Thanks.


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