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Summary of 7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success – Intro & step I

Introduction: Steps to Successful Affiliate Marketing

The easy-to-follow 7 steps to successful affiliate marketing we’re going to learn are:

1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about

2. Join the best affiliate networks and high paying affiliate programs

3. Build a website

4. Formulate a USP

5. Create a viral product

6. Produce and distribute content

7. Implement an email marketing system

A graph signifying Summary of 7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success - Intro & step I
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Among the many internet marketing methods available to you to make some money online from home is affiliate marketing.

Some of the main reasons to embrace affiliate marketing are:   


• It is the quickest and easiest way to make money online

• You can start with zero to little money

• You can choose from a variety of programs to join

• You get generous commissions (20 – 90% of the selling price)

• You get paid as you produce results

• You can choose when to get paid

• You can work at your own pace

• There is no limit as to how much you can earn

Step One: Choose a Niche you’re Passionate About

First and foremost, identify a subject that really interests you.

Fortunately finding a subject matter or a topic that excites you isn’t complicated.

Then you move on to choose your market.

This choice will depend on the following factors:

• Your knowledge of the market

• Your interest in the market

• The outlook for the market

• The size of the demand of the market

• The keenness of the competition in the market

Graphically stated: Low Supply + High Demand = Profitable Market

But how do you choose a profitable market?

You can use many online tools to help you in this regard.

First, Identify Your Audience

Start by focusing not on what product to sell but on the audience. You must first identify who they are.

Second, Determine Demand

Just go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and type in your chosen subject. The results will display the keywords your audience is using to research products, services, solutions, and information related to your niche market.

Note the monthly search volume. The higher the search volume, the bigger the market. As a rule of thumb, anything over 1,000 exact match searches a month is worth your while.

Third, Determine Supply

Determine the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

So, run a search of the sub-topic at

Look at the number of web pages that appear, on the top area of the results page. If you get 1,000,000 searches per month for 2,000,000 websites catering to it, then the supply outweighs the demand and your chances of succeeding are dim.

But if you get 1,000,000 searches per month and 2,000 websites, then you have hit gold!

Better still, Kill two Birds with One Stone


Jaaxy keyword research platform can simplify the task for you. The most important metrics the tool gives you are:

• Avg (the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month): The higher the avg the better, because this shows that many people are interested in the subject.

• Traffic (visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines): Here also the higher the traffic the better, since that will mean more eyeballs on your offer.

• QSR (Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword): The lower the figure, the better. The maximum figure to consider is 300 but 100 is best.

• KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, yellow is OK, red is poor). You’d see that this closely matches the QSR. The higher the QSR, the poorer the KQI.

Four, Research Industry Trends

It is crucial to know where the niche market is heading. For this, nothing beats Google Trends. For a long term business, enter a market that is growing or at least the one which is relatively stable.

Five, Decide to Enter the Niche Market

If on a search page there is a ton of highly targeted ads at the top and in the right side bar, and on multiple pages, and with the top brands fixed in the 3 premium spots, that market may probably be tough to break into. You’d come up against well-established brands.

Your Turn

It’s possible I haven’t covered everything here. If there’s something missing you’d want to add, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.



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