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Summary of 7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success – Step III

Step Three: Build a Website

Just as offline businesses have brick and mortar stores, your affiliate marketing business must also have a website.

If you had your own website, this would be just one place where you post all your affiliate links. This is also where you lead all your prospects. Everything will be centralized and easy to manage.  

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The Essentials of a Website

You will need two things:

1. A domain name; and

2. A web hosting service.

Your Domain Name


The domain name is all that comes after the https://www. of your website URL but without the domain extension such as .com.

For example, this site’s URL has secureyourfuturewithus as its domain name.

Choosing a domain name


The following points are important when choosing a domain name for your website:

• The domain name should be relevant to the field you are engaged in

• The domain name should be easy to remember

• The domain name should be catchy

• The domain name should have the very popular .com domain extension. Should your chosen one be taken, settle for “.net,” “.info,” or “.org”, or other variations.

Your domain name should be registered just like your brick and mortar business. I use NameCheap for this purpose. A good alternative is Wealthy Affiliate.

Go to the site to check the incredible offer of $0.88 for your first year and other unbeatable services.

Web Hosting Service


Your next move would be to turn to a web hosting service provider.

I created this site using the SiteRubix system at Wealthy Affiliate. You can even go there to build your own 2 beautiful WordPress websites free. It takes only a couple of clicks and less than a minute.

I also get my hosting there. Besides, I learn secrets to affiliate marketing success and get many other perks, all for $49 per month or $359 a year.

If you cannot afford a paid service, you can get a powerful HTML editor for free from or But know that serious bloggers do not use free platforms.

What should a good Web Hosting Service Offer you?


Basically, you should be looking these from your web hosting service provider:

• Storage space

• Bandwidth limit

• Excellent technical support

This is what I get from Wealthy Affiliate

  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting (the most dependable in the WordPress World!)
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Live & Interactive Help (Live, 24/7/365 Chat)
  • and many others too.

Autoresponder Service


You will also need an autoresponder service for your email marketing.

The money, they say, is in the list.

What’s a “Mailing list?”

A mailing list is the list of email addresses you collected at your site to convert them into leads.

And what makes email marketing possible is your autoresponder service.

I use only Aweber, which is also recommended by many in the industry. You can take your 30-day FREE trial now.

Other highly recommended autoresponders are Mailchimp, ConstantContact, and GetResponse.

Your Turn

It’s possible I haven’t covered everything here. If there’s something missing you’d want to add, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.


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