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Summary of all about keywords – Part I: Introduction to keywords

This summary of the introduction to all about keywords will be divided into ten posts:

  • Part I: Introduction to keywords
  • Part II: Getting content ideas from keywords
  • Part III: Understanding keywords and how to use them for selling
  • Part IV: Creating reviews with targeted keywords
  • Part V: Delivering product information using customer-search keywords
  • Part VI: Using Jaaxy-related researched keywords to show and tell
  • Part VII: From keywords to video on YouTube
  • Part VIII: Traffic-sucking diamond ultra-keywords giveaway
  • Part IX: Traffic à gogo low hanging fruit keywords
  • Part X: Getting real creative with keywords

KEYWORDS written on wooden cubes to show Summary of all about keywords - Part I: Introduction to keywords
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Now, let’s look at the first one: Introduction to keywords.

It is the shortest and deals essentially with the topic:

What is a KEYWORD?

A keyword is simply a word or a group of words that people use to search online for what they need information about.

Maybe you landed here by typing the phrase “what is a keyword” or something similar into your search bar. Then when you hit the “enter” key, the search engine proposed this and you clicked and came here.

What does this mean for you as an internet marketer?

As an internet marketer, you have to employ these specific keywords or their synonyms in your targeted marketing offer. This is because your success will depend on the relevance of the keywords you use, your understanding of your audience, and the relevance of your offer.

This series of posts will not only teach you how to find quality keywords that can get you great rankings but also help you to understand the “logic” behind keyword selection.

What do you think about keyword? How do you use them in your life?

Just scroll down to the comments box and let us know. We will soon get back to you. Thanks.


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