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Summary of All About Keywords – Part III: Understanding keywords and how to use them for selling

Mastery of keywords = lots of traffic.

But don’t put more emphasis on the EXACT keyword phrases to the detriment of the actual content.

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This is “keyword stuffing”…creating content that only targets keywords for rankings.

Content should be written primarily for your visitors, and not for keyword purposes.

Know that over focusing on keywords can ruin your site; Google will punish you if you stuff your site or content with keywords; every page you write has keywords; and robots won’t convert nor will your site if your only focus is on keywords.

Click this link to watch the video “Understanding the importance of keywords”.

Task 1: Do some research on the “selling” keywords

Here is an example of a “target audience” that can be leveraged using and the “Alphabet Soup Technique”.

Click this link to watch the video “Alphabet soup technique – Using Google instant to find keywords”. 

This audience is people searching in Google for “how to sell” particular products.

Alphabet soup technique example in Google
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Now, let us see the same in the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

Alphabet soup technique example in Jaaxy
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Some examples of variations of this phrase are:

  • how to sell
  • how to make money selling
  • how to promote
  • how to earn money selling
  • how to sell online

Use the Alphabet Soup technique on these phrases and on your existing “themes” or ideas and you will come up with lots of keyword topics you can write about.

Now to your first task: coming up with 10 keywords related to “selling” or “making money” online using the above techniques.

Task 2: Write an Article Targeting a new Keyword

Create a page or a post on your website targeting that keyword.

Place your keyword naturally within the following places in your content:

(1) In the page/post title, preferably towards the beginning
(2) Within the first paragraph, preferably in the first 92 words

Don’t forget also to place them:

(3) In at least one sub-heading

(4) In an anchor text

(5) Towards the end of the piece

In your content, endeavor to SHOW people something, and not TELL them about it. Show them how they can go about selling something online and where they can get good training on how to “sell” stuff online.

One last piece of advice: be thorough, be helpful, and keep your content targeted to the “theme”.

Task 3: Sign-up for a Free Jaaxy Account

Jaaxy is made for “power” affiliates. For it can do many more tasks than just finding keywords. E.g. you can use Jaaxy to see where your site or pages/posts rank in Google under given keywords.

What is your understanding of keywords and how do you use them for selling? Just scroll down to the comments box and let us know. Thanks.

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