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Today’s article will be a Sunhope review.

Listed at number 23 out of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world, this company reports an annual income of $940 million.


Sun Hope image of a man in suit with words 'Life sin't aboutfinding yourself but life is about creating yourself' for SunHope
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Sun Hope Indonesia is a business extension of Sun Hope International, a business founded in Los Angeles, California in 1978.

There are so many different divisions of this company and information when translated can get a bit jumbled. So this review may have some of the different areas mixed together. And we apologize for this should it happen.

Sun Hope have been around quite a while. And we will take a good look at who they are and what they do. We will also see what kind of product line they have and what they offer in the MLM world.

And at the end of this review, we will give our opinion of this company.

We went to the following website: and started our research. This led to many different pages and websites along with some outside review websites. And the following is what we could find out about Sun Hope.

Let’s start with the company’s history!


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The company


Sun Hope company building
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Sun Hope International, the parent company of Sun Hope Indonesia, was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Sun Chi Chen in Los Angeles, California in 1978 and immediately took off.

It quickly spread to China, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It is now headquartered in Tianjin, China.

Now managed by Mr. Chen’s daughter Nancy, the company has grown to be one of the largest MLM companies in China. It boasts many awards, including one of the best 20 MLM companies in the world.

Sun Hope Indonesia was founded in 1997 by Mr. Andreas Jull Hermanus during a very dire time financially for Indonesia. Then this company offered new hope for those seeking work.

Sun Hope has established The Sunhope Charity Foundation that works around the world through its Public Welfare division helping primary schools with their needs. A great charity indeed!


The products


Sun Hope products
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The company’s products are award-winning and are of the top quality standards of the country and meet all GMP and BPOM requirements. These, along with being awarded Halal Certificates from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America.

Based on the health and wellness niche, the company offers 7 different product categories.

  • Mega Formula
  • Green Vibrance
  • Power Mix
  • Sun Hope Vi
  • Sun Hope Gracelina
  • sun Hope Gamasea

The company is heavy on preventive medicines. Their goal is to make their customers as healthy as possible so they can enjoy life to its fullest.

The best way to get an idea of all what is offered under each of these categories and to view their personal consultation form that is offered to their customers, it is best to visit their website at


The business model



We had a very hard time getting information on their compensation plan and their business model but we liked what we did find.

They seem to use a standard model with product sales first, then recruitment second. And the company pays out on several different sources but it is a single level MLM plan.

Sales are one-on-one and their sales force is over 440,000 strong.

Currently, they have 440 paid employees.

There are retreats and bonuses that are included for their top sales makers. But we could not find any information on how much it would cost to join Sun Hope International.

We did find information that stated training is provided. And also that the company takes care of its distributors and treats them like they are members of the management family. A pretty big compliment!

They have established what they call Sunhope Elite Academy in 2008. It specifically trains their distributors worldwide using a professional sales training plan. That teaches new recruits how to succeed in multi-level marketing sales.

We did find the following video but it is not in English. Feel free to watch it and try to translate it.

Click to view the video

It looks to us like they are launching a new business plan for 2019.


The pros

  • Well respected company
  • One of the top 20 MLM companies in the world
  • Established company with a proven track record
  • Great compensation plan
  • Training provided

The cons

  • Need to translate much of their website
  • No available info on their business model
  • Not much information on their compensation plan

Our view


We like what we could find about this company and we wish we could have found more on them.

It is unfortunate that we could not get a better look at their business model. And also that we had major problems getting the text to translate into English. So we really cannot say either way what we think about that part of the company.

We will not give them a thumbs up due to a lack of available information. On the other hand, we also cannot give them a thumbs down simply because of their outstanding reputation both as a multi-level marketing business and as having outstanding and well-respected products.

This one is going to have to be left in the hands of you, our readers to determine if this company is a viable MLM investment. We wish we could have been of more help in your decision.

We hope our Sun Hope review helps you in your quest to find a good MLM company to invest in. We are disappointed that we could not find you more information to help you decide on this company.

Be sure to check out our many multi-level marketing reviews posted under our reviews tab at the top of this page. And if you have any additional information you would like to share about this company, please do so in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

Please give us a social share and until next time, happy marketing!


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