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You’re are a/an:   Florist Advertiser Publisher The Startup Webmasters SEO Agency Local SEO Client Real Estate (Agent) E-Commerce SEO Client Online Business (Blogger, ……… Online Service Business (….. SAAS ("Software as a Service") Multi-location businesses Heavy Equipment Rental All-inclusive Getaway The Competing Brand Mom and Pop shop The Contractor…

How well do you know me and my business?

[caption id="attachment_13" align="alignnone" width="229"] Akoli busy blogging[/caption] You friends and colleagues on my personal social media accounts and at WA are familiar with me to some extent. However, how well do you know me and about my business? I am a teacher, translator, blogger and affiliate marketer. For the last…

Must Have WordPress Plugin for Internet Marketers…

This plugin is a MUST HAVE for any Internet marketer or anybody that uses WordPress... JVZoo Product of the Day It's the hottest selling product on JVZoo this week and for a very good reason: It works and it works well! This plugin lets you control all the links you…

32 Things I Wished I Knew When I Started Working Online (Intro & Part I)

Introduction Every year many people eagerly step into the arena, sprinting with glee for that glamorous title of a successful online worker to live that lifestyle or dream life. Sadly, only a small percentage makes it past their dream, with the vast majority getting a knockout or losing on…

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